Manager, Relationship, Job in Kenya

Job Purpose 

To grow and retain client relationships as per allocated segment/sector portfolio (e.g., Agribusiness, Public Sector; and Africa China Banking). To execute on the segment offering, related toolbox(es), initiatives and activities aimed at optimising both client experience and profitability for the bank.

Key deliverable 

  • Adhere to required compliance, legislative, regulatory, etc. requirements e.g., KYC.
  • Adhere to sound account management principles for optimal credit portfolio management execution (e.g., reduced excesses, unauthorised overdrawn accounts and overdue reviews).
  • Analyse, identify and recommend adaption of operational procedures to minimise risk.
  • Apply discretion to act on client instructions within defined mandate and escalates where applicable (e.g., client requests an EFT transfer to be made, the RM may act on the request if within allocated mandate).
  • Based on a client credit profile, make recommendations on how to structure future lending facilities for clients.
  • Conduct adequate due diligence at deal inception to minimise credit provisions and ensure sustainable bankability of all assets.

  • Conduct ongoing client reviews and ensures effective client service and delivery of own portfolio financial objectives.
  • Continuously source relevant market information and key trends in which clients operate, to enable proactive information sharing with the client and the rest of the team.
  • Correctly inform client of credit application information requirements (e.g. balance sheets, financial statements, management accounts and facilitates timeous submission thereof).
  • Educate customers regarding the value of using self-service channels (e.g., Internet Banking, ATMs and Mobile Banking) to empower customers and minimise ad-hoc service requests.
  • Educate customers with regards to lending application processes (e.g., vehicle finance, home loans, overdraft, credit card, cash, etc.), credit maintenance processes (e.g. annual reviews) and account conduct expectations (e.g., minimum account balances, provision for debit orders and cheque payments, etc.).
  • Ensure a deep understanding of the client requirements through regular value-adding interactions with clients.
  • Ensure that all clients in the portfolio meet the segmentation criteria as per defined parameters.
  • Ensure the necessary indemnities are in place to receive instructions from the specific client via email or telephone.
  • Execute on toolbox(es) requirements as well as the defined segment / sector offering for clients in own portfolio.
  • Explore alternative solutions in the event of declined facilities from Credit where feasible and motivates for arbitration where necessary.
  • Formulate solutions on how to respond to a client’s needs and requirements accordingly (e.g. a client is experiencing a cash flow problem and the jobholder need to perform a full review on available current financial statements, potential payments which are due to the client, etc. and make suggestions on how to accommodate the client over a certain period, until the cash flow problem has been resolved. Determine affordability, refer to Credit if outside of the client’s estimated risk limit).
  • Frequently source feedback from the client on their experience and service levels and address areas of concern, as a matter of priority in collaboration with appropriate business units.
  • Identify and rectify revenue leakage for own portfolio.
  • Identify new business opportunities and expands opportunities across existing client base, in order to achieve defined financial budgets for the allocated portfolio, through optimal growth of assets and liabilities, transactional, margin management and revenue streams in line with agreed targets.
  • Manage and control client exposure and securities held to contain concentration risk within own portfolio.
  • Notify clients timeously of the approval / decline of credit loan facilities.
  • Prepare and submit quality credit applications for evaluation and/or approval by Credit, where required or oversees the preparation of credit applications by the RMA. Conducts credit reviews as and when required.
  • Proactively anticipate negative impact on portfolio influenced by market conditions; natural courses (e.g., drought); changes in legislation; and macroeconomic conditions.
  • Proactively plans and effectively manages timelines for annual credit reviews for the portfolio within the set timelines.
  • Raise, manage and follow up on queries to ensure the client is provided with constant feedback and that queries are resolved within agreed SLAs.  Escalate all SLA failures timeously to minimise client impact, repetition of similar incidents and reputation to the bank.
  • Report on portfolio performance against targets, service, financial, compliance, credit, risk, etc.
  • Responsible for maintaining a healthy link between the Balance Sheet and Income Statement by managing the agreed margins at which facilities are made available to clients in the portfolio.
  • Structure and customise credit loan facility options to suit client requirements whilst effectively communicating the parameters and qualifying criteria of said facilities.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Type of Qualification: Diploma
  • Field of Study: Banking
  • Type of Qualification: Diploma
  • Field of Study: Finance and Accounting

Experience Required

  • Commercial Clients (SA)
  • Business & Commercial Banking
  • 5-7 years
  • The role requires experience in financial services. Understanding of offshore financialEnvironment, experience in offshore product sales is desirable and experience in dealingwith corporate clients in financial services.

Additional Information

Behavioral Competencies:

  • Conveying Self-Confidence
  • Embracing Change
  • Examining Information
  • Inviting Feedback
  • Managing Tasks
  • Providing Insights
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Showing Composure
  • Team Working
  • Thinking Positively
  • Understanding People
  • Upholding Standards

Technical Competencies:

  • Banking Process & Procedures
  • Client Servicing
  • Customer Acceptance & Review (Business Banking)
  • Customer Understanding (Business Banking)
  • Product Knowledge (Business Banking)
  • Risk Identification

How To Apply

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