Laboratory Technician (Senior Business Analyst 2) Job in Kenya

Job Purpose

The role holder is responsible for conducting laboratory tests, analyzing results, maintaining laboratory equipment and ensuring compliance standards for health and safety are adhered to at all times. He/She will collaborate with other healthcare professionals to deliver quality services at the laboratory.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible for carrying out sampling, testing, measuring, recording and analysis of laboratory results following the standard operating procedures.

Prepare specimens and samples, perform laboratory tests in order to deliver reliable and accurate results which can aid in diagnosis and management of diseases.

Keep the laboratory workspace and machines clean and in the required order following strict methodologies.

Operate and maintain laboratory equipment, ensuring proper calibration and functionality and follow up on quarterly maintenance of service contracts.

Referral of samples to external laboratories for specialized tests and follow up of the results as and when required.

Prepares and updates laboratory SOPs, adhering to guidelines as much as scientifically possible.

Keep up to date with technical developments that are aimed at improving efficiency, effectiveness and reliability at the laboratory; and embrace current trends of laboratory practises.

Responsible for taking precautional steps to ensure infection control in line with the prescribed standard operating procedures.

Ensure compliance with safety protocols and regulations, including proper handling and disposal of hazardous materials.

Carry out periodic internal and external quality controls and quality assurance on laboratory performance.

Manage laboratory inventory levels and replenishment and provide regular reports for management’s review.

Participate in in the clinic budget planning and drug procurement engagements.

Prepare periodic reports and analytics as required for clinic management use.

Verification of invoices from external service providers in line with the internal procedures.

Any other duties and responsibilities assigned.


Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences OR Higher National Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences.

Must have a current practising license.

Registered with the Kenya Medical Technologists and Technicians Board (KMLTTB)

Work Experience

At least five (5) years’ experience in a busy modern laboratory.

How To Apply

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