Senior Backend Engineer Job in Kenya

Senior Backend Engineer

The role

We are looking for very Senior Backend Engineers as we continue to expand our Acquisition Sales Product Group. Working on applications related to our Sales and onboarding, this is where we build our Know-your-customer (KYC) checks and manage our 10’000 plus Sales Agents that use our internal CRMs.

Wider teams include Repayment for they are responsible for providing our customers the best possible experience of the financial services we offer.

Retention, who look after our repeat business and Portfolio management looks at the tools and software we use to measure our business


  • As an engineer in the group you will work as a collaborator, more senior members will coach and contribute emphasizing high-quality output observability and monitoring as well as automated testing in all environments, including production. Our teams use infrastructure as code demonstrating the unique nature of some of our work. Our Engineers are empowered to choose how to implement software (within high-level architectural constraints) to meet the needs of our customers.
  • We have a data-driven approach to the incremental improvements of our products and a focus on excellence.
  • We foster autonomy inside the teams while keeping some standards across the company. We use predominantly C# written against the latest .NET stack, and favor microservices hosted on Azure using Kubernetes for all new implementations. We are constantly iterating towards a completely decoupled, event-driven architecture across our entire software portfolio.


  • Our roles are fully remote, within the following time zone (UTC -1 / UTC+3). Our engineers work remotely from locations such as the UK, Europe, and Africa.
  • We have a mix of legacy services and greenfield microservices, so if you love the challenge of improving a legacy codebase while working on new projects, and if working remotely full-time appeals, this might be a job for you.
  • we expect that you would be comfortable working as part of a team that owns the entire software stack, including the supporting infrastructure, throughout the entire software lifecycle from inception, through production and right the way to decommissioning under a DevOps culture.
  • If you also value the constraints that continuous delivery places upon engineering processes and embrace testing and observability as first-order concerns in the development of software, you probably have what it takes to join one of the teams and help shape our future.

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Apply before or on 31st Jan 2024