Research Station Manager Job in Kenya

Research Station Manager, Kiboko


The Research Station Manager will be responsible for overseeing and managing various aspects of the crop research operations at Kiboko, including planning, organizing, and executing together with CIMMYT scientists and technicians an array of research activities, ensuring the highest compliance with safety, regulatory, and ethics standards, and innovating on the overall efficiency of station operations.

Duties and responsibilities

Farm operations management:

Overall site management, including allocation of land/greenhouse and other resources in consultation with internal stakeholders.

Develop and implement plans and protocols for effectively managing breeding nurseries, including planting, fertilization, pest control, irrigation, harvesting, and storage.

Supervise and participate in day-to-day site operations, including land preparation, planting, data collection, and maintenance of research plots.

Advance planning and forecasting for resource use and requisitions of farm inputs, supplies, and other consumables in a timely manner, in consultation with internal stakeholders. ·        Responsible for optimal use of inputs (labour, fertilizers, agrochemicals, pollination supplies, fuel, etc.)

Ensures maintenance of soil fertility at the research station by following suitable agronomic practices, including soil testing, crop rotation, and green manuring.

Develop standardized data collection procedures in coordination with CIMMYT scientists and ensure accurate and reliable data acquisition.

Promote the use of digital tools, such as mobile data collection devices, bar codes and readers, and data recording in internal databases.

Define and measure operational metrics and key performance indicators for each activity.

Implement a robust quality management system to meet customer needs in an efficient and timely manner.

Keep abreast of emerging trends, technologies, and best practices in crop research, and incorporate them into farm operations, as appropriate.

Team management:

Lead, train and supervise a team of research technicians and farm staff, providing guidance and support to ensure efficient operations.

Responsible for recruiting casual labor on a daily basis, maintaining, validating, and sharing the labor records on a regular basis with the concerned.

Planning and coordinating training activities, including occupational health and safety, to improve the skills and knowledge of the staff.

Foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment, encouraging teamwork, professional development, and knowledge sharing among team members.

Compliance and Safety:

Ensure all operations are in compliance with the relevant regulations, permits, and certifications (local government, environmental, etc.)  as well as CIMMYT’s policies and procedures. ·        Develop, implement, and enforce occupational health and safety (OH&S) protocols to minimize risks to personnel, equipment, and the environment.

Budgeting and Resource Management:

Design and implement proper costing of research operations, such as cost per row, cost per plot, etc

Develop and manage research farm budget, monitor expenditures, and ensure cost-effective and judicious utilization of resources.

Ensure judicious use of petty cash and cash advances as per established finance policies and agreed-upon budgets, and reporting these expenses in a timely manner.

Effectively maintain asset registry, and proactively maintain the assets in a timely manner, and attend to repairs, as and when needed.

Develop long-term facility improvement plans, including identification of capital expenditure (CAPEX) investments.

Ensure proper maintenance of warehouse, with dynamic monitoring of the assets.

Ensure proper maintenance and disposal of farm produce, adhering to the institutional policies and procedures.

Ensures proper protection of the facility assets together with the security staff, and promptly reports on any incidents to the supervisor/s. 

Education, knowledge and experience

Master’s degree in Agriculture or Agronomy or Plant breeding or a related field.

At least 10 years of work experience in farm management, with demonstrated ability to manage large-scale field, greenhouse, and laboratory activities.

Strong knowledge of agronomy, crop physiology, and plant health management.

Good knowledge of farm machinery, irrigation systems, electrical installations, etc. is highly desirable.

How To Apply

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The application deadline is 10 Nov, 2023