Head of Sales & Marketing Job in Kenya

Head of Sales & Marketing

Job Description

Main Duties:

To coordinate an effective and efficient Payroll management / Resource allocation by establishing a flexible workforce throughout the division, based on the principles of multi-skilling and multi-Tasking.

To establish an annual budget, marketing plan, and action plans, with measurable objectives to achieve revenue and profit goals outlined in the annual business plan.

To maintain complete and supported records of all sales agreements, contracts, and quotes for the hotel as per Sofitel Luxury Hotel Policies and Procedures.

To have a good understanding of the contribution margins of each product results and work with respective heads of departments to maximize operating results.

To direct, and coordinate sales and inspired meeting team’s activities to secure new and repeat business to achieve and exceed budget.

To track, measure, and analyze the productivity of the sales and inspire the meeting team to achieve and exceed goals.

To maintain a perpetual analysis of key accounts in the Nairobi city market and group movements in the region.

To have a thorough knowledge of the comp set activities in terms of sales and action plans.

To publish an accurate 90-day forecast of hotel room revenues to help the operations department with staffing.

To obtain and maintain an awareness of community, business, political, and social factors that may affect the hotel’s financial objectives.

To ensure that rooms and banquet space inventories are reviewed bi-monthly and strategies are formulated to fill low occupancy periods.

To ensure that utilization of various technologies and software is maximized and that clean data are maintained at all times.

To attend major trade shows and corporate functions to network and promote the hotel.

To entertain and ensure sales and inspired meeting teams entertain potential and actual clients.

To actively participate in daily and weekly revenue meetings to help the hotel reach and exceed the room revenue budget.

To ensure that all sales contracts follow the established Hotel Policies and procedures and are based and sound commercial judgment.

To define and target key accounts and develop effective solicitation with the sales and inspired meeting team.

To review all blocked rooms and meeting spaces every week to ensure that all business is traced for confirmation.

To ensure a high level of exposure for the hotel through direct sales solicitation.

To research and explore new markets and potential accounts for sales and inspire the meeting team to follow up.

To review sales files to ensure correct booking procedures, including history, contract, and room block

To ensure that sales and inspired meeting team project a warm, professional, and welcoming image.

To be demanding and critical when it comes to departmental standards.

To ensure that all Departmental Operations Manuals are prepared and updated annually.

To ensure that an efficient and accurate filing system, both manual as well as electronic is maintained at all times.


Senior hospitality sales experience preferred.

Experience with a competitive outside and inside sales environment.

College degree preferred but not required.

Outgoing, personable, competitive, organized, and self-motivated leader.

Must have a valid driver’s license.

English fluency preferred. 

Does not take “no” as an answer and is not afraid of rejection. 

Professional in speech and dress and has a passion for serving seniors.

Proficient with CRM systems and metrics.

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