Electrical Technician Job in Kenya

Electrical Technician

Main Responsibilities 

Maintaining the plant in a clean and safe condition at all times.

Perform emergency procedures in order to protect personnel and equipment in case of damage failure of safety deficiencies.

Utilize all tools in such a manner so as to maximize their useful operating life.

Account for all parts materials, and supplies used in the performance of work.

Perform other jobs that your supervisor may require you to do.

Responsible for economical and safe operations and maintenance of the plant.

To comply with all safety regulations including isolation, lockout, and tagout.

Responsible for maintaining the machines and auxiliary equipment in good working conditions.

Be able to identify the components of the engines such as Injection pumps, cylinders, turning gears, engine stop levers, emergency stop for the engine, electric emergency stop for the engine, and others.

Be able to identify the electric panels corresponding to each existing piece of equipment in the plant and repair these panels, substitute components of the panels such as contacts, transformers, and fuses.

Identify defects.

Be able to identify the existing equipment in the MV and HV room as well as the existing equipment in the (KV Substation).

Be able to use equipment for electric measurements such as digital and analog Multi meters, Frequency meters, Electric Capacity meters, DC sources, Oscilloscopes, and others.

Be able to execute readings of pressure and temperature indicators such as manometers, thermometers, and digital panels and to measure with their specific measuring equipment.

Be able to start and stop lubricating oil and HFO separators and take alarm readings from the separator panel without supervision.

Be able to identify the computers of the control panel, the alarms, and the trips of all the existing systems of the engines and their auxiliary equipment as well as the identification of the components of each system.

Be able to read and create graphs of abnormalities and tendencies of the equipment and components of the engines.


BSc. Degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering with 2 years of experience in the operation and maintenance of the plant.

Experience in medium-speed diesel engines will be an added advantage.

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