Fundraising Consultant Job in Kenya

Company: The Natural Resources Alliance of Kenya (KeNRA)

Title: Fundraising Consultant,

Industry: NGO,

Location: Nairobi,

Gross Salary: Competitive,

The Natural Resources Alliance of Kenya (KeNRA), hereinafter referred to as the “Organization,” is an alliance of various actors who have a common goal to promote sustainable development, and the involvement of communities in natural resources management. Our organization consolidates and coordinates community efforts in advocating for practices and policies that promote equitable access, control, and sustainable use of Natural Resources. Therefore, at KeNRA we envision a society that conserves, controls, benefits, and enjoys equitable access to natural resources. 


The Organization has been actively working with various communities in Kenya and the region for the last 10 years and has achieved a significant impact in building the agency of common citizens to participate in resource governance. In order to sustain and expand our programs, we require a dedicated fundraising consultant to support us in diversifying and increasing our funding sources. We are therefore seeking the services of a skilled and experienced fundraising consultant to assist us in developing and implementing effective fundraising strategies.


The primary objectives of this consultancy are as follows:

  • To conduct a comprehensive assessment of the Organization’s current fundraising activities, including donor relations, grant applications, events, and online campaigns.
  • To develop a tailored fundraising strategy that aligns with the Organization’s mission, goals, and values.
  • To identify and recommend potential funding sources, including foundations, corporate partners, individual donors, and government grants.
  • To provide guidance and support in the preparation and submission of grant proposals, as well as donor stewardship and relationship management.
  • To train and build the capacity of the Organization’s staff and board members in fundraising best practices.
  • To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the fundraising activities and make necessary adjustments to optimize results.

Scope of Work

The scope of work for the fundraising consultant includes, but is not limited to:

  • Conducting an initial assessment of the Organization’s fundraising activities, including a review of existing data and strategies.
  • Developing a comprehensive fundraising plan with clear goals, timelines, and performance indicators.
  • Identifying and researching potential donors, including foundations, corporations, government agencies, and individuals.
  • Providing guidance and support in the preparation of grant applications, including writing and editing proposals, budgets, and supporting documents.
  • Offering training sessions and workshops for the Organization’s staff and board members on fundraising best practices.
  • Regularly reporting on the progress of fundraising activities and making recommendations for improvements.
  • Collaborating with the Organization’s team to ensure effective implementation of the fundraising plan.


The ideal candidate for this consultancy should possess the following qualifications and experience:

  • Proven experience in fundraising for non-profit organizations, with a track record of successful grant applications and donor cultivation.
  • Strong knowledge of various fundraising techniques, including major gifts, grant writing, online campaigns, and donor stewardship.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Familiarity with the non-profit sector and an understanding of the Organization’s mission and values.


The duration of this consultancy is expected to be 2 months, starting from the 1st Oct 2023.


The fundraising consultant is expected to deliver the following key outputs:

  • A comprehensive fundraising plan.
  • List of potential funding sources with detailed profiles.
  • Completed grant proposals and grant tracking documents.
  • Training materials and documentation of training sessions.
  • Regular progress reports.


The fundraising consultant will report to the operations director, who will oversee the progress of the consultancy.


The budget for this consultancy will be negotiated based on the qualifications and experience of the selected consultant. It will include the consultant’s fees, travel expenses (if applicable), and any other related costs.

How To Apply 


Interested candidates are invited to submit their proposals, including a detailed resume, a cover letter outlining their relevant experience, and a sample of a successful grant proposal they have written. Proposals should be submitted by 20th September 2023 to
Selection Process
The selection process will involve a review of submitted proposals, interviews with shortlisted candidates, and reference checks.
All information shared during the application and selection process will be treated as confidential.
Contact Information
For inquiries or additional information, please contact Deadline for Applications

The deadline for submitting applications is 20th September 2023.