Navigation & Infrastructure Engineer Job in Kenya

Navigation & Infrastructure Engineer

Brief Description        

  • Together, decode, interpret, and provide aeronautical and flight planning information to ensure safe and efficient operation of all Kenya Airways flights.

Detailed Description        

  • Gather, decode, interpret, provide, and advise aeronautical information to ensure sufficient information for the safe operation of all flights.
  • Verify and recommend for approval user charges invoices in our route network to ensure correct billing and appropriate follow-up on undercharges/ overcharges.
  • Conduct quality audits, inspections and survey of destinations, alternates, and routes, so as to maintain corporate quality safety and security.
  • Study and communicate new and future industry developments in regard to navigation and infrastructure and their impact on the company to ensure competence and compliance in good time of Current and future air navigation systems.
  • Continuously review routes in the flight planning system.
  • Generate, verify, and provide FMC Navigation and Terrain (EGPWS) databases for each AIRAC cycle for all aircraft for scheduled and non-scheduled flights.
  • Ensure the flight planning database is updated with the current navigation costs and aircraft navigation and communication specifications for the entire route network.
  • Ensure implementation of safety, security, and emergency standards at all times.
  • Ensure and maintain a healthy, safe, and secure working environment in compliance with the relevant industry, regulatory and legislative requirements, company procedures, regulatory authorities, and requirements of customer airlines.

Job Requirements        

  • Bachelor’s degree in the following Engineering courses – Mechanical, Electrical, Communications, Computer 


  • Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or Physics


  • Bachelor of Business Management (Aviation Option) and a Certificate in Dispatch


  • CPL/ATC/Flight Dispatch with at least 3 years relevant experience.
  • Aircraft Performance Specific Certificate, Aircraft Performance Software Certificate andDiploma in IT are desirable.

Additional Details        

  • Updated AIPs and AICs as per the calendar updates.
  • Accurate and up to date aeronautical information especially NOTAMs.
  • Timely provision of current and accurate databases.
  • Timely verification and approvals of user charges.
  • Timely update of unit rates and aircraft weights.

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