Director, Human Resource and Administration, Job in Kenya - KEBS

Director- Human Resource and Administration

Key Responsibilities/ Duties / Tasks

Managerial / Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Provides strategic leadership and is accountable for formulation and implementation of policies and strategies in Human Resource, Administration, Marketing, Security and Customer Care in order to support KEBS mandate on Standards, Metrology and Conformity Assessment (SMCA);
  • Provides strategic leadership and is accountable for identifying and prioritizing internal/external issues and stakeholders that can affect and are affected by the Business environment and formulating competitive strategies to attract and retain competent staff; safeguard KEBS’ assets and enhance brand equity for the delivery of KEBS mandate;

  • Provides strategic leadership in creating and maintaining linkages and partnerships with National, Regional and International organizations to enhance efficiency in delivery of KEBS mandate and maintain international recognition;
  • Oversees and is accountable for the development and implementation of the corporate strategic human resource plan in accordance with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • Provides strategic leadership in articulating KEBS position on matters of Human Resource, Administration, Marketing, Customer Care and Security, and negotiates on behalf of the organization at National, Regional and International level to enhance the sustainability of KEBS operations;
  • Leads in the formulation of and is accountable for implementation of a comprehensive marketing, communications and public relations strategy that will enhance KEBS image and position nationally, regionally and internationally to realize the KEBS Vision and Mission.
  • Oversees market research, gathering of customer and market insights to inform outreach strategies, increase customer conversions, and generate qualified leads for KEBS Strategic Business Units.
  • Oversees development and implementation of strategies for awareness creation on KEBS brand and services to stakeholders locally, regionally and internationally to enhance the KEBS portfolio;
  • Provides leadership in the creation of customer service strategies that will create a customer centric culture with the aim of improving customer satisfaction;
  • Provides strategic leadership and is accountable for development, implementation and institutionalization of performance management and productivity improvement strategies, policies and procedures that promoted effective service delivery;
  • Oversees the provision and maintenance of a conducive working environment by providing welfare services, assets, maintenance of physical infrastructure for the realization of corporate objectives;
  • Provides strategic leadership and is responsible for the delivery, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and improvement of the directorate’s annual work plans for the realization of KEBS Mandate;
  • Oversees the establishment, implementation, monitoring & evaluation, improvement and maintenance of Management systems adopted by KEBS for purposes of ensuring efficiency, effectiveness and sustained customer satisfaction in the directorate;
  • Provides strategic leadership and is accountable for development and implementation of the directorate‘s business continuity strategies to ensure resilience and sustainability of directorate’s processes and services;
  • Provides strategic leadership and is responsible for the establishment and implementation of directorate’s risk management framework to minimize risks for achievement of organizational objectives;
  • Provides strategic leadership in the development and implementation of the resource mobilization strategies to enhance efficiency in service delivery for financial sustainability;
  • Oversees development and implementation of staff development strategies and polices to ensure maintenance of staff competence through formal training, coaching, mentorship and on-the-job training programs; and
  • Oversees identification and provision of corporate resources both human and physical needs for effective implementation and achievement of strategic objectives.

Operational Responsibilities / Tasks

  • Oversees the development and implementation of work plans, budget, Medium Term Expenditure Framework and procurement plans in the directorate;
  • Provides technical advice to the Managing Director in all matters relating to Human Resource, Administration, Marketing & Customer Care and Security;
  • Provides strategic direction in the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the customer feedback management framework;
  • Oversee the implementation of Access to Information Act;
  • Provides leadership in management of lease agreements, Service Level Agreements, land rates and rents;
  • Oversees valuation of KEBS assets, plant and buildings;
  • Oversees setting of targets, reviews and approves directorate performance targets, monitors implementation and submits performance reports to the Managing Director;
  • Oversees the preparation and submission of Board papers in relation to Directorate to the Managing Director for approval;
  • Provides leadership in implementation of NSC resolutions in relation to the Directorate;
  • Provides technical advice to the Legal Department and acts as an expert witness in courts, tribunals and legal committees on issues related to the directorate;
  • Oversees the development, maintenance and improvement of Directorate’s databases for purposes of safeguarding KEBS physical and information assets;
  • Oversees the implementation of corrective actions arising from internal and external financial and system audits;
  • Approves directorate and corporate expenditures; and
  • Assigns duties and approves leave for the direct reports.

Job Competencies (Knowledge, Experience and Attributes / Skills).

Academic qualifications

  • Master’s degree in business or Management related field
  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource or social sciences with Post Graduate Diploma in Human resource;

Professional Qualifications / Membership to professional bodies

Professional Qualifications

  • Certified Human Resource Professional, Kenya (CHRP-K),
  • Practicing Certificate in Human Resource Management
  • Previous relevant work experience required.
  • At least twelve (12) years relevant work experience out of which five (5) years’ experience must have been in a senior management position.

How to Apply