Marketing Assistant Job in Kenya

Marketing Assistant

About the Role:

The purpose of this role is to execute brand strategy across multiple platforms to:

Increase brand awareness and visibility among our target market

Promote positive brand perception and association while maintaining brand integrity

Grow market share and profitability to meet market demand

Drive great customer experience

Required skills and competencies:

Proficiency in Canva, Slidebean, and Hubspot Marketing

Creativity and problem-solving abilities

Adaptability to changes in the market or industry

Key Responsibilities

Social media management: Using Canva to create visually appealing graphics for social media posts, scheduling posts using Hubspot, and monitoring and engaging with the audience on various platforms.

Content creation: Using Canva and Slidebean to design marketing materials such as blog posts, articles, social media content, email newsletters, and other promotional materials.

Market research: Gathering and analyzing data on competitors, industry trends, and customer preferences using Hubspot’s research tools to inform marketing strategies.

Website management: Regularly updating and maintaining the company website, including creating and publishing new content using Hubspot, ensuring smooth navigation, and optimizing SEO.

Email marketing: Planning, creating, and executing email marketing campaigns using Hubspot, including managing mailing lists and analyzing campaign performance.

Event planning: Organizing and coordinating marketing events using Hubspot’s event management tools, such as webinars, trade shows, or workshops, to promote Synnefa’s products and services.

Analytics and reporting: Collecting data on marketing campaigns using Hubspot, analyzing their performance, generating reports, and providing insights for future strategy improvements.

Design support: Assisting with the design and production of marketing materials using Canva and Slidebean, including brochures, presentations, and graphics for digital channels.

Administrative tasks: Supporting the marketing department with day-to-day tasks such as managing calendars, scheduling meetings, and organizing files and documentation using Hubspot and Slack for communication and collaboration.

Public relations: Assisting with PR efforts using Hubspot, such as monitoring media coverage, maintaining press lists, and drafting press releases.

Required skills and competencies:

Planning and Coordination skills: Able to prioritize & manage tasks resources to meet set deadlines and achieve organizational goals

Communication skills: Receive and process information from different organization’s stakeholders and give the appropriate feedback accordingly for faster decision-making and action within and without the company

Stakeholder Management: Capable of maintaining good and amicable relationships with the people and organizations that have most impact at the organization and its business

Interpersonal skills: – Able to interact and relate well with different organization’s stakeholders within and outside the company.

Articulate in speech: – Able to clearly and effectively pass verbal information to different organization’s stakeholders within and without the company.

Brand Management: ability to manage the organization’s brand to build strong consumer awareness positive brand associations and imagery that contributes to brand trial, usage and ultimately loyalty

Attention to detail: Able to research, receive and review information relevant to the organization and its business in order to facilitate informed decision-making.

Analytical skill: Organize and collect data in order to establish trends for effective decision making.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in Sales and Marketing

1-2 years of Marketing experience and 1 year of Brand management

Member of MSK/CIM will be an added advantage

Certificates in Hubspot Marketing will be added advantage.

How to Apply