IT Internship in Kenya - Cytonn Investments

IT intern

The IT intern is responsible for the implementation, enhancement, and troubleshooting of the Cytonn network infrastructure. The ideal candidate should demonstrate strong technical skills with routing and firewall operations while maintaining a mind-set for high security. Maintenance and implementation of WAN technologies will be routine.

Applicants who are highly motivated, organized and capable to work with distributed teams, while also able to manage projects independently are highly encouraged to apply.

Key Responsibilities

Design, execution, and review of IT policies, plans, and procedures in the company.

Ensure timely preparation of weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports in accordance with the organization’s policies.

Ensure efficient management of organization IT assets and operations compliance with all statutory requirements.

Recommend acquisition of the latest software and IT infrastructure to facilitate the upgrade of the organization’s internal and external customer interfaces for reliable service delivery

Responsible for implementation, maintenance, and repair of the company’s network infrastructure and information system.

Responsible for Software maintenance and hardware repair.

Provide end-user support

Responsible for Server management, data, and group security policies.

Responsible for the installation, operation, and maintenance of computer systems and other technologies, such as communication systems.

Configuring hardware and software

Setting up peripherals such as printers or routers

Source, configure, and maintain computers (both Mac and PC); performing diagnosis and troubleshooting

Work at a help desk, answering calls and e-mails regarding the computer network or communication systems.

Responsible for writing reports, tracking inventory, evaluating new technologies, negotiating contracts

Any other duties as maybe assigned from time to time


Must hold a second class honors degree upper division and above in Information Technology / Computer science / Electrical or Computer Engineering or any other related disciplines

A grade of B+ in KCSE and above.

2 or more years’ experience in managing sophisticated computer networks, network architecture and deployment

Deep knowledge of routing protocols and technologies. E.g.: OSPF, BGP, MPLS, VLANs

Experience with provisioning IP transit capacity and building MPLS networks

Experience in designing, deploying, and operating a high quality multi-pop IP network

Covid-19 vaccination certificate

Desired Skills

The engineer will be required to possess the following skill sets

Have extensive knowledge of computer systems and networks

Up-to-date knowledge and understanding of our business model and industry needs, as well as the technical demands.

Should be able to recognize the importance of customer focus.

Should possess excellent communication skills, particularly the ability to communicate with staff who aren’t technically trained.

Have the ability to take on a variety of tasks and pay attention to detail

Must have an analytical and problem-solving ability

Must have the ability to feel comfortable working with different teams and clients across an organization

Good organizational and presentation skills

Must have the ability to prioritize workload.

How to Apply