Donor Relations Officer Job in Kenya

Donor Relations Officer

Job Purpose:

Support the National Office in the servicing of WVUS donors and partners across all WVUS fundraising channels. The Donor Relations Officer (Donor Liaison) will collaborate with appropriate WVUS Relational Fundraising Channels: (HNW, Influencers, Church, Artists) as part of the Vision Trip & Donor Liaison Program and the appropriate NO Departments (primarily the ND, Senior Leadership Team, ADP managers, Sector Directors/Managers, Finance and Supply Chain) to enhance the donor and partner experience. The incumbent will work with Donor Relations Manager in all aspects of the role with the expectation to create compelling experiences and deliverables that demonstrate WV’s transformational development model, resulting in increased awareness, advocacy, and financial support to World Vision.

Designation: Donor Relations Officer

Grade Level:14

Reporting Line: Program Officer-Donor Relations

Work Location: Nairobi

Duties and Responsibilities:

Ensure WVUS donors and partners to specific fundraising campaigns and channels receive optimal service from all necessary NO departments, which may include the National Director, Senior Leadership Team, Sector Leaders, ADP Managers, Operations, Sponsorship, Communications, Finance and others.

Hosting Donors visiting the National office (NO) physically or on Virtual video links. Establish full support of all relevant NO departments (including ND, Senior Leadership, Program and Sector staff, Sponsorship and Guest Relations) to ensure the success of the Donor Trips and virtual calls.  This includes understanding the WVUS fundraising staff objectives for the trip, donor insights, and the ability to plan strategically with WVUS and the NO to reach these objectives.  At a minimum this will involve:

Multiple meetings (various technologies) with WVUS Staff – including the fundraising staff – to fully understand the trip objectives

Visiting the ADP prior to a trip to meet staff and beneficiaries to prepare for an agenda that “tells the WV story of need, WV intervention and impact on lives” and meets the trip objectives

Plan an agenda that will transform the mind and the hearts of the donors

Engage in conversations and interactions directly with donors.

Preparing appropriate and strategic welcome packets for donors.  These welcome packets should be customized for each individual Vision Trip.

Ensure proper logistics are in place well before the planned Vision Trip dates.  This includes, but is not limited to, accommodations, meals, transportation and security,

Meeting with the WVUS trip host (fund raiser) daily during the trip to debrief and plan the next day.

Debriefing a Vision Trip, with key stakeholders.

Ensure that all financial arrangements for the trip (prior, during, and following) are properly handled and reconciled.

Keeping the WVUS Promise to Donors by researching, planning and providing high quality deliverables that demonstrate program impact at the individual beneficiary level (such as beneficiary impact stories, photos and video footage and custom calls) for projects funded by WVUS donors and partners. These need to tell the story of Transformational Development in a way that is understandable to the US donor and helps move their heart towards deeper involvement and commitment to funding WV ministry.

These “deliverables” will be determined by WVUS and communicated by the WVUS Vision Trip Team.  The NO Donor Liaisons (DL) will collaborate with the WVUS Manager, Donor Liaisons and Donor Relations Manager supervisor to ensure these deliverables are clearly understood and provided by clearly defined due dates

Multiple meetings (various technologies with WVUS Staff to fully understand the story and resource objectives

Meet, plan and collaborate with NO program staff to identify effective impact ideas and recommendations.

Visit multiple ADPs to meet staff and beneficiaries

Research and interview beneficiaries

Prepare appropriate and strategic approach to resource gathering. This includes, but is not limited to, accommodations, meals, and transportation.

Deliver and/or create presentations using stories, videos and photos.

Donor Relations Officer will undergo extensive training by WVUS to ensure understanding of the type and style of deliverables which are expected.  These deliverables are unique to “Donor Campaigns” and are different than other similar categories of deliverables requested by other WVUS departments

Qualifications, Knowledge and Skills

Bachelor degree required with preference in communications, community development, or related field of study required

Five years of relevant work experience preferably in the humanitarian sector

Understanding of transformational development and ability to translate technical language into language that is easily understandable by donors – required

Excellent communication and public relations skills with strong English language capability (written and oral) and ability to clearly communicate complex ideas and principles required

Experience with personal computing, email and general office productivity software (e.g. Microsoft Office Suite) required

Experience hosting in person and virtually or working with US groups of donors or visitors highly preferred

Experience with non-government organization preferred

English writing experience with a news agency, marketing organization, NGO or International organization preferred

Technical experience with video, editing and still photography preferred

High level of cross-cultural interpersonal skill, personal maturity, and proven ability to influence multiple stakeholders required.

Must be available for significant travel time to projects

Skilled in personal computing, email and general office productivity software (e.g. Microsoft Office Suite) and other programs for uploading and downloading information

At least minimal experience with still photography, videography, video editing, and story writing style of communication

Understanding of transformational/community development.

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