Facilities & Office Infrastructure Assessment Consultancy Job in Kenya

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Facilities & Office Infrastructure Assessment Consultancy Job in Kenya

Facilities & Office Infrastructure Assessment Consultancy

Project Overview

MSF Eastern Africa seeks to develop an operational center effectively running direct programs in the course of 2024. In addition to its own activities, MSF Eastern Africa Hosts staff from various MSF entities in the movement and provides support to Operations through various initiatives. We have been operating out of lease agreements for over 10 years now. In recent years, we have experienced significant growth and have outgrown our current facilities. A few times we’ve had to relocate with the hope of finding solutions. At the moment, we are leasing several additional spaces in the building to accommodate our growing workforce, but this is becoming increasingly expensive and probably unsustainable. Several other MSF entities have elected to consider other locations for their offices because of space challenges. It would also be better for our informal exchange to be together in one joined up space rather than spread across various floors as we currently are.

Given these challenges, we are considering whether to relocate our operations to a new building, acquire a larger facility or construct one with our specifications. We believe that such a move would not only address our current capacity constraints but also provide an opportunity to optimize our operations, host more MSF entities to ensure close collaboration and most effective mutualization, become a regional hub with COE facilities, and reduce our overall costs.

To help us make this decision, we are seeking the services of a Subject Matter Expert/Consultant. This person will be responsible for assessing our current facilities, analyzing the costs and benefits of relocation, identifying potential new buildings or locations, and providing recommendations on the best course of action. We believe that this project will be critical to our long-term success and look forward to working with a qualified consultant to achieve our objectives.

Project Objectives

The main objectives of this consulting project are to:

  • Assess MSF EA short-term and long-term needs and requirements for our facilities
  • Assess possibilities with other MSF entities based in Nairobi
  • Assess and develop possible solutions/alternatives.
    • Identify possible solutions and assess their feasibility. e.g. stay in the current building with adjustment, renting or buying our own premises, relocation to a new rented space and building our own infrastructures.
    • Analyze the costs and benefits of different options and provide recommendations on the most cost-effective and efficient solution.
    • Identify potential new buildings or locations that would meet the needs of MSF EA and/or other entities who wish to join the project and provide a detailed analysis of each option.
    • Provide a comprehensive report outlining the findings of the assessment and recommendations for next steps. The report shall contain the problem definition, requirements, alternatives, schedule, risks, logistics and budget required to obtain suitable office facilities.

How to Apply

Through this project, we hope to gain a clear understanding of the best course of action for MSF and to make an informed decision. We believe that this will help us optimize our operations, reduce our costs, and improve our overall efficiency. We are committed to achieving these objectives and look forward to working with a qualified consultant to achieve our goals.


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