Project Officer, CESP, Job in Kenya

Project Officer – CESP


To facilitate sponsor and child transformed relationships by ensuring satisfaction and retention of sponsors through provision of quality and timely communication.

Duties & Responsibilities

Community Engagement Sponsorship Program implementation

  • Facilitate development of CESP project annual operating plan (AOP)
  • Roll out Child Protection Minimum Programming Standards in the AP using approved programming models.
  • Ensure Child protection, participation and safeguarding is integrated in the monthly, semi-annual and annual reporting
  • Ensure integration of RC in CPP&S projects/activities as beneficiaries
  • Ensure Child protection, participation and safeguarding responsive programming with specific consideration of the objectives and indicators
  • Ensure timely implementation of activities and budgets sustained at acceptable level
  • Facilitate implementation of CPP&S program and projects.
  • Support effective integration of Sponsorship operation interventions with other projects in the program.
  • Coordinate integration of Faith and Development Models: CFC, EWV, DNHFLs, SNC, COH, SSF and the facilitation of spiritual nurture of children in the AP
  • Support in the asset mapping against RC
  • Coordinate the implementation of micro projects in the AP.
  • Ensure timely capacity assessment for LI conducted annually and programs initiated to address gaps identified
  • Support roll out of new WV initiatives as guided from time to time.
  • Support implementation of Child protection, participation and safeguarding models at the AP
  • Coordinate capacity building initiatives for faith leaders, churches, FBOs, and other strategic groups within the AP as per WV strategy, policy and guidelines.
  • Coordinate training & refresher courses for CPP&S to ensure informed and CPP&S responsive programming
  • Facilitate coaching and mentoring to the AP sponsorship staff in order to attain better results in the sponsorship performance indictors/Dashboard.
  • Contextualize and adopt the use of approved training materials and methods which respond to local needs.
  • Ensure integration of advocacy and gender, equality and social inclusion (GESI) in all technical projects implemented in an AP.
  • Coordinate integration of Faith & Development modules within the AP programmes and activities.
  • Coordinate Integrated Sponsorship planning and monitoring

Sponsorship Operations

  • Gift Notifications (GNs) are tracked, processed, closed at AP and NO and acknowledgement documentation sent to SO within the standard timeline as per the respective SO requirements.
  • Correspondences (SLs, ILs, queries, ELs etc) are tracked and processed within the standard time.
  • Facilitate production of sponsorship 2.0 products (Child Greeting Video (CGV), Child Special Moment Videos (CSMVs), Community Introductory Videos (YIVs) and Community Annual Photos (YAP)) as per guidelines/standards and timelines
  • Ensure RC level are maintained as per the AP plan
  • Ensure overage RC records are dropped as per standards
  • Facilitate development of MOUs with LIs and timely funding of the LIs
  • Ensure CWB/case management issues are addressed as per standards
  • Facilitate timely implementation of birthday bounce backs and community gifts funding.
  • Facilitate processing of APR and Christmas cards as per guidelines and timelines – ensure business processes are followed accordingly
  • Facilitate capturing of child and family participation and support · Facilitate children birth registration within the AP
  • Facilitate management of RC files
  • Ensure security of sponsor addresses/contacts
  • Facilitate effective management of RC death processes – timely reporting, development of detailed report, dropping of records, verbal autopsy
  • Facilitate effective sponsor/donor visits to the AP – ensure they sign child protection protocol and complete feedback questionnaire
  • Facilitate integration of child protection initiatives and take lead in case management – reporting of cases as per WV standards, follow for actions
  • Follow up RC Case management until closure in collaborations with other technical projects/grants Staff
  • Coordinate with Safe Guarding, Advocacy and Child Participation Officer to Follow up Protection Cases involving RC and their families

Monitoring & Evaluation Accountability and Learning

  • Facilitate DME processes – assessments, AP re/design, baselines, project monitoring/implementation, evaluations, transition processes,
  • Facilitate learning, review and reflection forums and documentation of best practices/change stories
  • Ensure CPP&S responsive reporting with integrated data on participation, prevention and response
  • Generating quality reports – activity reports, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual
  • Management of project management information system (horizon) – DIPs, ITTs, budgets and activity monitoring
  • Ensure timely sharing of SSUI reports for management decision making
  • Coordinate training & refresher courses and conduct regular monitoring to ensure that sponsorship standards and sponsorship business processes are adhered to in the AP/Local Institutions.
  • Seek useful feedback from participants and staff that will improve future capacity building.
  • Build capacity of partners effectively to collect monitoring data on CWB outcomes.

Engagement and networking

  • Effective representation of WVK in meetings including CPP&S stakeholder meetings at county, sub-county and ward levels
  • Effective representation of WVK in Child rights stakeholder meetings at county and sub-county levels.
  • Participate in County forums including AAC, intergovernmental gender platform, CUC among others at the sub county and ward levels as will be appropriate.
  • Facilitate community forums – for planning, joint monitoring Facilitate community forums including those that address CPP&S interventions – for planning, implementation joint monitoring
  • Participation in National/International Child rights days such as DAC, IDZTFGM, IDGC, 16 days of activism as well as other WV sanctioned days including Day of Prayer, World Vision month, etc at county and sub
  • Participation in National/International Child rights days at county and sub-county level.
  • Provide information to inform fund raising initiatives at county and national level
  • Facilitate community members to advocate on child wellbeing issues to relevant stakeholders
  • Support advocacy initiatives in the AP.
  • Coordinate partnership with the Local Church, Pastor’s Fellowship other FBOs in rolling out F & D models and related activities.
  • Mobilize local Advocacy groups using CVA and CPA Models

Team Management

  • Model a high standard of personal Christian leadership, ministry and integrity through lifestyle and work relationships that support spiritual development of the team
  • Grow Supervise and ensure high performing teams including supporting supervisee in Performance Objectives, setting, continuous Performance conversations, Learning and development, mentorship and coaching by creating a high performing culture.


  • Perform any other duty as may be assigned by supervisor or designee from time to time.
  • Participate and contribute in committees and task forces which you may be appointed to
  • Participate and lead devotions as appropriate


  • Bachelor’s degree in social sciences or related fields (Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Psychology, Community development, Education, Community Health, Development Studies or any other related degree from a recognized University).
  • Master’s degree will be an added advantage.
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in community development work which include Child Sponsorship Operations
  • Experience in Project Management including program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and reporting
  • Knowledge of and experience working with the Government and community structures
  • Excellent communication, Networking and advocacy skills
  • Experience in managing sponsorship systems
  • Above average knowledge and experience in videography and photography.
  • Experience in working with and training local partners.
  • Understanding of a systems approach to child protection programming
  • Experience in implementing faith and development models and working with the church leaders
  • Demonstrate skills for relating and working with children.
  • Computer proficiency

additional work experience

  • Must be a committed Christian, able to stand above denominational and cultural diversity
  • Integrity and respect for various groups and individuals.
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision.
  • Photo grapy and videography skills

License, registration, or certification required to perform this position:

1.Valid motorbike riding license 2. Valid Police Clearance Certificate.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

1. Good interpersonal, organizational and management skills 2. The position holder must be a result orientated leader who can manage and satisfy multiple, donor and other stakeholder demands. 3. Excellent understanding of Sponsorship business processes 4. Demonstrated training, facilitation, mobilization and coordination skills at both community and organization level

List additional work experience preferred for this position.

Project Management Skills

How to Apply


Applicant Types Accepted:

Local Applicants Only