Some of the Most Prestigious Jobs in Kenya

Some of the Most Prestigious Jobs in Kenya

A high-paying salary is important to many people. It enables you to afford basic needs such as food and rent and have a surplus to spend on luxuries such as travel. Some of Kenya's most prestigious, higher-paying industries include medicine, finance, and piloting, but the list doesn't end there.

Carry on reading to learn more about some of the most prestigious jobs in Kenya and how to acquire them.


Qualifications are essential in most professional lines of work. They give employers a solid understanding of what you can do and your professional knowledge. Kenya is home to KNQA (Kenya National Qualifications Authority), which helps coordinate and harmonise various levels of education, all while creating a database of qualifications in the country. Various educational barriers exist in Kenya, such as a lack of funding, a shortage of classroom space, and a lack of learning materials; however, the KNOA aims to shape the future of Kenya and provide its people with greater professional opportunities.

Jobs with some of the highest prestige.

Medical Doctor

o get into the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery programme, you’ll need to have a BC in Chemistry, Biology, Physics/Mathematics, and English/Kiswahili.


An applicant must hold a law degree from a recognised university, be an advocate of the High Court of Kenya, or possess an equivalent qualification in a common-law jurisdiction.


The minimum requirement for the degree program is a high school (KCSE) minimum grade of C+. A C+ is also required in English and one humanities subject.

Chief Executive Officer

No special requirements are needed to become a CEO. CEOs typically work their way up in a company over a prolonged period.

Chief Financial Officer

Most CFOs will have an educational background in finance, business, economics or management, and a recognised ACCA Qualification.


You’ll need a Commercial Pilot License (CPLA). Commercial pilots start by training as private pilots, this is where they learn flying basics before progressing into bigger and more complicated planes.

University Professor / Lecturer

To be a Senior Lecturer or a University Professor, applicants must have a PhD degree in the relevant discipline from a recognised university.

Marketing Director

Like other fields, many Marketing Directors have worked their way up, but many businesses and organisations seek a relevant degree in Marketing, Communications, or Business Management.

Civil Engineer

You’ll need a bachelor's degree in a relevant field, a Diploma in Technical Education (KTTC), and two years of experience in training.

IT Jobs in high demand worldwide

IT is a highly sought-after market with many pathways to explore. Some of the most in-demand IT jobs include Software Engineer, Data Engineer, UX Designer, Data Scientist, and Cloud Engineer. Full Stack Developers are also paid incredibly well, with salaries starting at £55,000 in the UK. Developers are there to deploy and maintain everything from websites to SaaS software. Many developers are self-taught - for example, there are many readily accessible tutorials online on video game development for beginners. You might dream of building the next King of Africa slot in the casino world or making the next biggest eCommerce store. There are many opportunities to explore, both inside and outside of Kenya. The question is, which career is most appealing to you?

Other highly sought after jobs

Other prestigious jobs in Kenya include Bank Managers, Chief Financial Officers, Surgeons, and College Professors. These courses also include medicine, nursing, and engineering, as parents believe these courses signal prestige and respect within their community.