Human Capital Partner Talent & Performance Management Job in Kenya

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Human Capital Partner Talent & Performance Management Job in Kenya

Human Capital Partner Talent & Performance Management

Job Description

Working closely with the Business, this position is responsible for the organization’s performance management, talent management, succession planning and reward management.

Performance Management

  • Work closely with the Head of HC to implement the OMA Performance Management practice within workday.

  • Ensure development of smart targets in line with corporate strategic plan.
  • Building of a high-performance culture through continuous monitoring, evaluation of    performance and recommendation of various interventions e.g. training, coaching etc.
  • Present accurate and timely management reports pertaining to performance and productivity to help in decision making.
  • Monitor performance and ensure timely management of excellent/nonperformance.
  • Provide guidance to managers and other staff on general performance management

Payroll & Staff loan processing.

  • Ensures that the entire payroll is processed accurately and on time including payment for wages, bonuses, commissions, and other company benefits.
  • Timely remittance of statutory deductions.
  • Performs internal payroll audits and prepares documents for various audits and prepares required government reports and drafts responses to related inquiries.
  • Stays abreast of the ever-changing payroll tax laws and ensure compliance.
  • Calculation and processing of terminal benefits payments.
  • Accurate payroll reporting to meet internal and statutory obligations
  • Prepare and submit monthly reports on staff costs, employee benefit and employee headcount for decision making.

Talent Development

  • Nurturing and retention of HIPPOs – identify of suitable development interventions for high performing employees.
  • HIPO identification & assessment – Identify and assess high performing employees
  • Talent profiling – To identify successors for all Key roles.
  • Development programs – roll out leadership development programs.
  • Leadership profiling brand, competencies] -define Faulu Leadership competencies.
  • Leadership assessment & evaluation – Assessment of current leadership to identify gaps.

Organization Development

  • Development organization change management capabilities and implement and support relevant change management initiatives
  • Develop and enforce mentoring and coaching programs for the employees
  • Coordinate career development programs for staff to improve their competences and performance
  • Guide Staff on career development and advancement in their respective fields.

Pension Administration

  • Member of pension board and employer nominee.
  • Building and maintaining relationships with key internal and external stakeholders including scheme administrators.
  • Maintain proper & accurate pension records
  • Ensure new staff are timely placed on pension scheme upon confirmation
  • Processing of pension claims for exited staff.

Staff loans processing & Administration 

  • Manage the full cycle in processing staff loans
  • Timely feedback to staff in relation to their loan applications.
  • Ensure high level of confidentiality is maintained during the process.
  • Proper tacking of staff loans
  • Administration of Insurance schemes and Welfare benefits

Medical Administration/GLA/GPA/WIBA

  • Liaise with staff insurance providers to ensure staff records are up to date and resolve any staff queries and requests regarding these services.
  • Manage GLA/GPA/WIBA
  • Ensure new staff are timely placed on medical scheme upon confirmation
  • Ensuring exited staff are timely reported to the insurer

Audit and compliance

  • Champion the best practices with HC -Department.
  • Ensure 100% compliance with Faulu policies.
  • Ensure risk register is fully updated and compliant
  • Ensure full closure of open audit items.

Leave Management.

  • Monthly tracking of leave liability
  • Ensure leave planning across the branch network.
  • Creating awareness among the staff on the importance of managing leave liability.
  • Ensure the staff proceed on leave as per their leave plans.
  • Reporting of leave liability


  • In charge of monthly statutory Reports
  • In charge of monthly HC- Group & Faulu reports

5. Bankwide AML, KYC & CFT

  • Monitor, on a continuous basis, all transactions to ensure that unusual and suspicious transactions are reported to the Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO)
  • Implementing and enforcing the board approved AML, KYC & CFT policy in as far as is applicable within his/her area of responsibility
  • Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.



Bachelors Degree (B) (Required), Diploma (Dip): Human Resources Management (Required)

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Closing Date

24 November 2022

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