Programme Manager Job in Nairobi, Kenya

Job Title: Programme Manager

Location: Nairobi

Field visits to: Periodic travel to field sites including in Baringo, Kirinyaga, Nyeri, Muranga, Kiambu, Transzoia, Bomet, Meru, Machakos and Nakuru

Reports to: Programme Director

Purpose of the role: Our client is looking for a Programme Manager who will be responsible for implementation, monitoring and reporting of the programme activities in line with Programme goals, objectives and targets, and in alignment to the respective partner organization requirements.

He/She will develop and be responsible for projects workplans, projects monitoring, evaluation and learning systems and ensure quality, authenticity, and timeliness of documentation to meet programme standards


Provide overall Programme Leadership and Coordination in order to ensure effective Programme implementation.

·  Develop and review programme/projects workplans.

·  Coordinate and implement field activities in line with programme/project workplans.

·  Identify and coordinate the provision of materials, supplies, equipment, facilities requirements for effective implementation of programme activities.

·  Ensure consistency in approaches and quality across the various programme sites.

·  Maintain data and information record-keeping systems and accurate documentation regarding programme activities.

·  Develop and maintain a good channel of communication with stakeholders such as county governments, farmers and local leadership structures throughout the program areas.

·  Monitor program data regularly with programme teams and utilize the data to plan, modify programme activities, approaches and develop lessons learned.

·  Document lessons learned and contribute to the development of case studies and lessons learned.

·  Provide the information for company website and social media platforms.

Establishment of five collection centres and aggregation centres as a means to facilitate direct transactions with individual and group farmers and ensure that products are duly received, processed, aggregated and transport to the required programme sites.

·  Support the identification and leasing of five stores in key producing zones of Kiamutugu in Kirinyaga, Muranga, Nyeri, Meru, and Kiambu counties.

·  Support the customization and equipping of each store and aggregation Centre to ensure the convenient and efficient procurement of product from farmers and that cash is paid upon receipt.

·  Support the procurement and installation of appropriate and efficient de-husking machines that will be availed to farmers in each centre.

·  Ensure the delivery of product to the appropriate collection and aggregation centres to and that this product is duly received, processed, aggregated and transported to the required sites.

·  Leverage the support of community leadership and technical structures and ensure the participation of local agricultural officers to mobilize farmers, deliver training, and follow up support.

·  Oversee the implementation of all programme activities ensuring the collection of data, records, forms and impact verification documents.

Building the Capacity of 8,500 Small Holder Farmers of which 35% will be female in the agronomy practices of the macadamia nut to ensure maximization of yield and farmer income.

·  Oversee the recruitment, training and supervision of 20 field officers on mobilization, curriculum delivery and reporting for farmer capacity building.

·  Oversee the mobilization and registration of 8,500 smallholder farmers comprising 2,300 in our current supply chain and the 6,200 of the expected newly registered farmers.

·  Oversee and coordinate delivery of capacity building training and support to small holder farmers.

·  The course will include: Group organization, governance, banking, financial literacy, Pest and soil management, Harvesting, Post-harvest handling, Environmental mitigation & monitoring plan, Crop diversification techniques and best management practices.

·  Oversee the development of training curriculum based on identified needs including training manual, materials and handouts ensuring training quality and efficiency.

·  Oversee the preparation of training plans, methodology and budget of delivering the assignment.

·  Oversee the development of the training program and schedule in collaboration with the Programme Manager, Field Officers, Farmer communities and other stakeholders.

·  Oversee the design and administration of pre and post training questionnaires to all recruited farmers.

·  Oversee the comprehensive management of training data and records including the training list, certifications and attendance forms.

·  Oversee the preparation and timely submission of monthly training reports and summaries in the prescribed formats.

To elevate macadamia nut productivity, increasing yields and farmer income from Kshs 156m (31m from women) to 225m (56m from women) in the first year, 232m (70m from women) in the second year and 291m (93m from women) in the third year.

·  Oversee the setting up of an operational propagation unit for macadamia seedlings with capacity to propagate approximately 46,000 tree seedlings per year.

·  Oversee the development and management of a seedlings distribution plan to the farmers and ensure its implementation.

·  Oversee Recruitment and registration of 6,201 new farmers from the following 10 counties that are conducive with macadamia production.

·         Baringo 400

·         Kirinyaga 1,250

·         Nyeri 1,250

·         Muranga 800

·         Kiambu 400

·         Transzoia 100

·         Bomet 100

·         Meru 1,250

·         Machakos 400

·         Nakuru 251

·  Oversee farmer group formation and strengthening in order to enhance mass purchasing of sufficient quantities.

·  Prepare monthly and quarterly reports on progress towards capacity building within the following schedule:

·         2,500 farmers by December 31st 2023

·         2,500 farmers by June 30th 2024

·         2,500 farmers by December 30th 2024

·         1,000 farmers by July 30th 2025

·  Oversee the formation of farmer linkages with relevant service providers for NHIF, financial services, soils testing, cooperative formation, technology products, farm inputs, seedlings, among others.

·  Manage a database of service providers linked to farmers and the services they provide in the project.

Develop and manage the monitoring, evaluation and learning systems and tools in order to measure and report on Programme Implementation and Results

·  Develop and manage data templates for all required indicators related to traceability, farmer training and capacity building, investments, purchasing, and exports.

·  Train staff including field officers on the proper completion and verification of all data forms and other types of indicator verification.

·  Develop timelines for completion of data collection and ensure effective communication amongst all staff members.

·  Continually assess data requirements such as indicator definitions to ensure compliance.

·  Develop audit procedures and conduct bi-annual audits of field activities.

·  Establish a learning practice including farmer surveys and focus groups to assess learning questions and better assess impact

·  Receive forms and other types of verification and review and ensure their completeness and accuracy.

·  Summarize and analyze data according to the required programme reporting formats and reporting requirements for respective donor and investor.


·  Bachelor degree in area of Project Management, Agriculture, Agricultural Economics and related areas

·  A Master Degree in related areas would be an added advantage

·  At least four years of experience managing projects that involve food security, farmer mobilization, and community development is required.

·  Knowledge in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning including the development and implementation of M, E&L tools and systems is required.

·  Knowledge of the opportunities and challenges by famers in rural communities in Kenya is preferred.

·  Prior programme coordination experience is preferred.

·  Experience in Private Sector is an advantage

·  Experience managing field team is preferred.

·  Additional training in Project Management and/or Monitoring and Evaluation is an added advantage.

If you are up to the challenge, possess the necessary qualifications and experience, kindly send your detailed CV quoting the job title on the email subject “Programme Manager” to: