Chief Pilot Job in Nairobi - Kenya Airways

Chief Pilot

Job Purpose

Ensure a high performing team of Pilots through development and implementation of operational standards, professional development and leadership for a safe, legal and efficient operation of KQ aircraft that meet the operational requirements of the airline.

Development and implementation of training policies to achieve high standards and best practice.

Principal Accountabilities (KEY Performance areas):

Accountability (Responsibility)

  • Efficient management of relevant aircraft fleet and its flight crew in accordance with laid down company procedures and regulations
  • Evaluate and analyze Flight operations Company procedures against ICAO, KCARS and IOSA recommended procedures for compliance.
  • Develop operational procedures and standards to achieve higher minima than regulatory requirements.
  • Through regular standardization meetings, Co-ordinate with Fleet Managers, In-flight services, Operations Control and flight ops efficiency and performance in the development, maintenance, and review of flight operations procedures and standards so as to achieve a higher minima than regulatory requirements.
  • Coordinate with the Head of Flight Training in reviewing reports on pilot’s performance and determining comprehensiveness and integrity of the training program.
  • Coordinate the updating and accuracy of information of fleet notices and all Flight operations AOC documentation.
  • Coordinate with the Flight Safety Manager to ensure safety margins during operations are not compromised.
  • Liaise with regulatory authorities, original equipment manufacturers and other operationally relevant external entities.
  • Discussing operational and personal problems with pilots to improve morale and efficiency.
  • Representing the company in advisory capacity during contract negotiations with pilots’ union.
  • In conjunction with supply chain negotiating and analyzing all Flight Operations handling contracts.
  • Assisting Human resources in recruiting, supervising and appraising flight personnel.
  • Ensure corrective and preventative actions identified by quality& safety audits; investigations or other internal reporting mechanisms are undertaken within the agreed time frame.
  • Implement routine monitoring for safety, security and quality control activities to ensure ongoing compliance and conformity with all regulatory requirements, organization standards and local procedures.
  • Ensure and maintain a healthy, safe and secure working environment in compliance with the relevant industry, regulatory and legislative requirements, company procedures, regulatory authorities and requirements of customer airlines.
  • In conjunction with the Director of Operations, Chief People Officer and the Head of KQ Academy, develop, implement and monitor the training Schedules and programmes in close consultation with the Chief Fleet Instructor, Fleet Managers and Flight Operations managers to ensure that training needs are adequately budgeted for, planned, monitored, delivered and evaluated.
  • Analyse and prioritize Fleets training programmes based on the functional needs to ensure they are aligned to the identified need.
  • Implement Fleets Training programme to enhance staff performance and ensure compliance with KCAA requirements.
  • Supervise the activities of the trainers and examiners to ensure their optimal utilization and output.
  • Monitor and evaluate Fleets Training Programmes using questionnaires, discussions with respective controlling officers and LOSA.
  • In liaison with Director of Operations, monitor and control functional and Fleets training budget for efficient and effective cost management.
  • In consultation with Director of Operations, evaluate the sourcing of external facilities and trainers as and when required to ensure adherence to quality standards and ROI.
  • In consultation with Chief Fleet Instructors and Fleet Managers, design and maintain standards for certification in various Flight Operations disciplines to certify competency levels and regulatory requirements.
  • In conjunction with Director of Operations, Chief People Officer and Head of Training Education and Development evaluate the impact of Fleets training programmes annually and measure the success of the training programmes, the change in behaviours and improvement in staff performance and avail statistics for planning and budgeting for training.
  • Plan, Review and update annual training calendars in close collaboration with the user so as to incorporate programmes within the work schedules.
  • Conduct training as listed in the Training Manual and any other training as and when necessary for users to help address specific work issues.
  • Develop capacity of trainers to enhance their performance and Career development and to keep up with changing technology.
  • In consultation with Director of Operations, Chief People Officer, and Head of KQ Academy Source and maintain with Resource materials for reference and training, including the Training Manual and ensure they are duly updated.
  • Ensure business needs and legal statutory minimum requirements are met.
  • Ensure training needs are efficiently and effectively delivered.
  • Ensure training meets quality management requirements for flight Operations

Knowledge, Skills and experience

  • Current airline transport pilot license with the appropriate and current ratings for at least one of the aircraft in Kenya Airways operations
  • Has acquired not less than 3 years related pilot supervisory experience within Kenya Airways
  • Demonstrates to KCAA thorough knowledge with respect to the content of the operations manual, the air operator’s certificate and Operations Specifications, the provision of the regulations and standards necessary to carry out his/her duties and responsibilities to ensure safety.
  • Three years’ experience as Pilot-in-Command in commercial air transport operations.

How to Apply

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