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Marketing Executive

Supervisor: Head Finance and Administration
Duty Station: Jumuia Hospitals Huruma
Main Purpose Of The Job
To improve the patient flow and revenue of the hospital by effectively market the hospital services

·         Handling sales and marketing team of the assigned units
·         Supervising the team members
·         Consolidate team’s report and present to Hospital administrator weekly and monthly
·         Monitor the day-to-day operations of the sales & marketing team so that business and sales practices are conducted with great professionalism and integrity and comply with the Code of Conduct, company policies and ethical standards, and local, regional and national law, regulations and guidelines
·         Have to focus on three major segments – Referral, Corporate and Outreach
·         Set specific targets and action plans for each category. Design a marketing strategy that will deliver measurable time bound results and should be approved by Hospital administrator
·         Review and rework on strategies and action plans as and when required
·         Must be aware of competitors and strategies, action plans must be devised in a way to have competive Advantage
·         Always thrive for new business partners and maintain cordial relationship with existing business partners
·         There must be two types of targets – Volume and Revenue – and it should be plotted for all three major segments
·         Have frequent meeting with team members to achieve targets
·         Training and motivating the overall sales and marketing team
·         Design and implement a sales training curriculum to support the strategy, including new hire training, product and disease state information, selling skills and other skill development programs, and compliance training related to promotional practices.
·         Always be proactive
·         Discuss opportunities and threats with Hospital administrator as when required
·         Responsible for brand promotion through media, PR, communication, outdoor campaign and other activities
·         Have to effectively position Jumuia Hospitals as preferred healthcare services provider of the western region of Kenya
·         Conceptualize new initiatives for increasing sales and top of mind recall amongst potential patients/customers and to leverage the Brand
Identify new markets; new engagements, new specialties and ways to drive future business
·         Manage the profitability of the unit by ensuring marketing spends are commensurate with the turnover achieved
·         Develop and manage the fiscal budget related to sales activities. Develop and execute plans within allocated budget. Ensure expenses remain within budgetary guidelines
·         Focus on Digital marketing, Social media and other means
·         Ensure outstanding are collected in time (Insurance & Corporate clients)
·         Any other responsibilities assigned by hospital administrator from time to time
Referral Marketing:
·         Bringing more consultants (specialists and super specialists) into the system
·         Make leading practitioners in and around our neighborhood to have their consultation or to refer or to do surgeries / procedures in our hospitals
·         Partnering with healthcare institutions and other referrals centers for business generations and developments – conduct periodical camps, market our facilities which they does not have etc
·         Organizing CME programs and other gatherings to promote our facilities to consultants
Corporate Marketing:
·         Partnering with institutions and Insurance companies for business generations and developments
·         Institution includes private sectors, government sectors, schools, banks etc
·         Implementation of marketing strategies like health awareness lectures, health screening camps, health shows, value added services and efforts to position the brand, as the preferred healthcare services provider.
·         Participating in the CSR activities of our customers, by the way of organizing health camps and other activities.
·         Partner with the corporate marketing teams and sales team to develop the sales strategy for the hospital in order to achieve the revenue targets
·         Directly responsible for the growth of credit business
Outreach Marketing:
·         Conceptualize and implement various direct sales initiatives to reach customers directly
·         Develop good rapport with church leaders, community leaders, self help groups
·         Gaining knowledge about people gathering in mass like market day, funeral and so on
·         At least Secondary School Education (KCSE).
·         Degree in Marketing
·         Degree in administration
Competencies/Abilities/Skills Required
·         Liaise with various categories of people
·         Strong negotiation skills
·         Analytical, technical and logical approach to problem solving
·         Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills
·         Strong report writing and presentation skills
·         Self-motivated and quick to take initiative
·         Must have worked in a similar position for at least three years

Regional Coordinator
Supervisor: Director Programmes
Duty Station: Meru
Main Purpose Of The Job
The position is responsible for facilitating the implementation of NCCK’s Regional programmes and general secretariat activities. The person will be responsible for regional resource mobilization, coordination, implementation, management, administration, monitoring and evaluation. He/She will also be responsible for ensuring regional documentation, sharing of experiences and lessons that enhance regional impact and provide accountability to head office, partners and other stakeholders
Regional Leadership
·          Coordinates all Council’s work in the region
·         Facilitates partnerships and networks between the Council and the Membership, communities, the government and other stakeholders within the region
·         Serves as secretary to the Regional Committee and Regional Conference
·         Represent NCCK in meetings, forums, seminar and conferences that are related to the Council’s work.
·         Develop strategic links and collaboration with other local, national and international organizations to deliver common goals relating to campaigns in areas of common interest.
·         Establish and Maintain good public relations, networking and collaboration with other like-minded organizations.
Programme Management
·         Based on the Council’s Programme thematic areas, develop regional programmes and projects that will facilitate NCCK regional and county level initiatives and interventions.
·         Design, plan and facilitate the implementation of strategies, agendas and campaigns that support regional programmes initiatives and activities.
·         Work closely with the Programme Managers, Senior Programme Officers and Programme Officers to facilitate and implement regional projects/programmes.
·         Is responsible for feedback and accountability of programmes and/or projects at the regional level.
·         Coordinate the development and implementation of budgets, and ensure monitoring and controls, for the regional activities.
·         Facilitate the production of quality, accurate and timely programme reports and documents as per agreements, requirements and schedules/work-plans.
Resource Mobilization and Fundraising
·         In line with the corporate plan and the national resource mobilisation strategy, facilitate the development of a regional resource mobilization plan.
·         Ensure availability of accurate regional data and information to support the development of concept papers and funding proposals.
·         Proactively scout for new funding avenues, identify funding sources and establish strategies to approach funding agencies that support similar projects in the region.
·         Execute the regional plans for resource mobilization and fundraising including the identification of resource requirements, opportunities for fundraising and development of concept papers and proposals for submission.
·         Mobilize and raise adequate funds to meet 50% of the regional budget target
·         Facilitate collection and documentation of the impact of regional initiatives namely success, transformational and most significant stories and evidence of change to support fundraising and shared learning.
Research, Advocacy and Capacity Building
·         Facilitate research and study on specific contextual issues affecting the lives of people in the region, identify regional advocacy issues and make available useful information for the effective advocacy.
·         Build the capacity of member churches on the advocacy issues, facilitate and lead the regional advocacy initiatives.
·         Support programs to undertake research on policy matters, build case studies, and assist in conducting operations research to inform programme work and agendas.
·         Draft talking points, speeches, statements and memoranda on the organization’s position on the identified regional advocacy issues to promote evidence-based advocacy.
·         Prepare and disseminate information on outcomes of programs and other relevant results so as to promote evidence-based policymaking and programming.
·         Facilitates Council’s capacity building work among membership by analyzing specific needs and organizing relevant capacity building programs.
Regional Financial Management
·         Prepares and administers regional budgets
·         Responsible for Regional Finances
·         Responsible for regional budget monitoring
·         Ensure financial accountability to head office
Monitoring, Evaluation, Documentation, Learning and Reporting
·         Facilitate and ensure that baselines data whether desk review of empirical data needed by program staff for proposal development is timely submitted.
·         Undertake Monitoring of projects being implemented in the region in line with the Monitoring and Evaluation policy and the project’s specific monitoring plan using the provided tools.
·         Ensure that all the requisite monitoring and evaluation tools and templates are used appropriately.
·         Ensure that all Council activities in the region are documented using the provided tools and templates.
·         Ensure that lessons learning is institutionalized and lessons, best practices, challenges are documented and shared with respective officers in a timely manner.
·         Oversee the preparation and dissemination of reports of activities and projects so that these are done in a timely manner as laid down in the policy.
·         Facilitate the posting of activity reports on the web-based reporting system.
·         Read and review the reports and documentation arising from the regional operations to ensure they are of adequate quality in content and language.
·         Ensure timely submission of reports arising from regional operations.
Management of Staff
·         Responsible for supervision and management of staff in the region
·         Provide leadership, mentorship and capacity building to staff.
·         Maintain an effective, committed, and motivated staff team and ensure that staff issues are addressed in a timely manner.
·         Handle grievances and disciplinary issues in timely manner.
·         Undertake performance appraisal/evaluation of regional staff.
·         Carry out any other duties and responsibilities which may be assigned by the Programme Managers and Director from time to time.
·         Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences from a recognized University. Graduate qualifications in studies related to governance and social services will be an added advantage.
·         Three years post qualification experience in social science related work in recognized organizations.
·         Five years’ experience in project management.
·         Experience in partnership building, capacity building, networking and advocacy.
·         Fluency in English language and working knowledge of Kiswahili is crucial.
Competencies/Abilities/Skills Required
·         “Leadership ability” as a quality/characteristic/attribute that is valued, and in fact, most list it as a requirement.
·         Knowledge of Programme Thematic Areas in Kenya.
·         Excellent analytical, communication and writing skills.
·         Excellent facilitation training skills and in using participatory learner centred methods.
·         Ability to manage programmes, set priorities and plan for the successful implementation of programmes.
·         Excellent IT skills (Microsoft Excel and Word essential).
·         Skills in resource mobilization
·         Proven management capabilities
·         Working experience with churches and communities
·         Ability to multitask

Resource Mobilization Officer
Reporting to the Programs Director, the incumbent is responsible for providing leadership in the resource mobilization strategy in response to the emerging opportunities and challenges. The incumbent will serve as the resources mobilization focal point for NCCK Programme activities and operations.
Development of a Resource Mobilization Strategy/Policy
·         Facilitate the development of a NCCK Resource Mobilization Strategy that ensures there is a clear, systematic, predictable and well-coordinated approach to soliciting, acquiring, utilization, management and reporting funding from development Partners.
·         Work with each staff responsible for Thematic/Result Areas to identify key funding gaps both in relation to Head Office and Regional Offices;
·         Develop a 5-year funding needs assessment for NCCK
·         Develop a Resource Mobilization Manual that includes standard operating procedures and processes; and define the direction of resource acquisition and utilization.
·         Establish a Framework for Dialogue with Development Partners and local partners
Operationalization of the Strategy/Policy
·         Lead the implementation of the Resource Mobilization strategy developed for NCCK Programmes.
·         Establish and implement strategies and approaches that mobilize local resources
·         Proactively identify funding opportunities, as soon as or ideally before they become public knowledge.
·         Constantly scan the horizon, network and solicit donor intelligence and share information on donor profiles (policies, preferences, geographical focus),
·         Develop and Strengthen Partnerships for Joint Proposal Writing especially with credible organizations in the country.
·         Organize resource mobilization events e.g. Donor Round Tables.
Communications and Information Flow on Resource Mobilization
·         Improved communication and information flow by developing an information by developing an information package outlining NCCK capability statement, structure, focus areas, past experience, case studies, contextual analysis etc. to help address information gaps and improve awareness about its existence and operations.

·         Establish a Knowledge Management System witha repository for donor profiles, proposal templates and NCCK information. Modules on proposal writing could also be included.
·         Increase the Use of NCCK Official Website as a premier vehicle for communicating to external audiences, including potential donors. Give input to the website administrator and provide services and tools to facilitate donor decision-making; including contact details for senior programme staff; develop and implement a standard operating procedure (SOP) for updating, posting and renewing information on the website.
Capacity for Resource Mobilization
·         Build staff capacity on resource mobilization at all levels, including development of tools and skills to aid staff in resource mobilization.
·         Clarify Roles and Responsibilities by clearly articulating and describing the roles and responsibilities for staff in resource mobilization at various levels i.e. national, regional and county.
·         Internally, build a case for Resource Mobilization by sensitizing staff on the proposition for mobilizing resources; and getting key individuals to understand and fully embrace the concept and the roles and responsibilities associated to resource mobilization.
·         Build the capacity within NCCK Secretariat team and strengthen the skills needed to generate additional funding.
Donor Relations
·         Maintain relations with donors and ensure they are informed on important operational Issues.
·         Actively liaise with NCCK service departments, particularly with Finance and Operations to ensure proper allocation to overheads and ensure consistent flow of information to donors.
·         Analyze proposals and finalize negotiations for contributions.
·         Provide appropriate follow-up on all pending matters related to expenditure and monitor the fulfilment of all contractual obligations.
·         Identify/define potential Funding Scenarios from which the program can be redirected (e.g. best, medium, worst cases, etc.)
·         Undertake any other assignment as may be directed by the Management from time to time.
·         Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences or its equivalent from a recognized University
·         Diploma in Project Management is an added advantage
·         Master’s Degree in Social Sciences is an added advantage
·         At least three to five years’ experience in the development sector, preferably in international, development donor assistance programmes, fundraising, resource mobilization, UN system operations
·         Experience in partnership building, capacity building, networking and donor relations
·         Experience in project management.
·         Fluency in English language and working knowledge of Kiswahili is crucial.
Competencies/Abilities/Skills Required
·         Ability to plan and organize work programme; ability to work with minimum supervision under own initiative; tact and ability to work harmoniously with people of different national and cultural backgrounds; demonstrated problem solving skills ability to conceptualize issues, think in abstract terms, and analyze numerical data.
·         Excellent analytical, communication and writing skills.
·         Strong management and leadership skills.
·         Proficiency in Windows, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).
·         Skill in developing sources for data collection; good interpersonal skills; ability to work in a multi-cultural team environment.
·         Knowledge of national and county level context in relation to NCCK thematic/result areas.
·         Ability to work well with others and develop and maintain compatibility among programme staff, consultants, partners and beneficiaries.
·         Strong planning and organizational skills.
·         Working knowledge of churches and church related institutions.
·         Highly motivated team player, with strong interpersonal skills and ability to network and to maintain close and collaborative relations with donor partners.

Supervisor: Programme Information Communication Officer
Duty Station: Limuru
Main Purpose Of The Job
The incumbent is responsible for the management, development, and day-to-day running of the NCCK Resource Centre by undertaking the following duties:
·         Assist the NCCK Library and Archives users with information requests and provide the necessary advice as required
·         Keeping inventory of the Resource Center’s holdings
·         Report to the supervisor the activities of the Resource Centre
·         Assist in preparing budgets for Resource Center activities
·         Carry out a survey of the Council’s records at the head office and regional offices to document which information is held where
·         Process semi-current records held at the Head Office and other Council Offices and transfer them to the Record Center at the Resource Center
·         Appraise the Council records in order to establish those which have historical and ecumenical research value to be transferred to the Archives for permanent preservation while listing the ones earmarked for destruction
·         Process the appraised records into the established Archives groups maintaining the principle of original order, and as guided by policy and practice
·         Maintain bibliographic databases
·         Assist in the development of the Retention / Disposal Schedule for the NCCK records
·         Assist with the further development, implementation and maintenance a classification system for the current records, ensuring that the established Records and Archives Management policy is complied with
·         Planning and recommending collection development activities e.g. through ordering (purchase) and records transfers for library and archive respectively
·         Assist with retrospective conversion of Council records into digital format and manage the resultant database(s)
·         Carry out any other related duties as instructed by the management from time to time
·         Kenya Certificate of Secondary School Education (KCSE)
·         Diploma in Library and Information Sciences
·         3 years’ experience with demonstrated ability in running a documentation centre
Competencies/Abilities/Skills Required
·         Strong computer skills
·         Competent in Library and Records Management Systems
·         Good organizational skills
·         Strong customer service attitude
·         Strong interpersonal and public relations skills

Credit Control Officer
Supervisor: Head Finance and Administration
Duty Station: Jumuia Hospitals Huruma
Main Purpose Of The Job
The jobholder is accountable for credit management, monitoring and collection of accounts receivables by ensuring that all invoices are raised on time that invoices have the relevant attachments and are dispatched in an appropriate manner. In addition follow up on debts to the hospital and ensure collection.
·         .Vet beneficiaries and interpret insurance benefits and cover limits and advice clinical teams appropriately on documentation and authorization procedures
·         .Vet invoices raised, prepare invoices for dispatch in a timely manner and ensure the recipient acknowledges delivery.
·         .To maintain working papers and a filing system for all debts being followed and seek resolution for disputed invoices.
·         .Debtor’s reconciliation and credit control reports and make proposals where necessary for keeping debtors figure as low as possible.
·         .Any other duties assigned by the Accountant or senior management from time to time
·         At least Secondary School Education (KCSE).
·         Degree in Business related course
·         Diploma in Credit Management
·         CPA K or accounting background is an added advantage
·         Must have worked in a similar position for at least three years
·         Knowledge of major insurances and NHIF medical schemes
Competencies/Abilities/Skills Required
·         Must be computer literate with excellent working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, and accounting software.
·         Good analytical skills, negotiation and interpersonal skills
·         Highly presentable, hardworking and committed
·         Pleasant and positive attitude
·         Self-driven and result oriented with ability to meet targets
·         Excellent communication skills at all levels
·         Good keyboard skills and competence of Word, Excel and Outlook are required
·         High standard of numeracy, accuracy with attention to detail
·         A team player with a flexible approach and a willingness to learn
·         Outgoing and confident personality who is able to operate at all levels
·         A self-starter who is pro-active and can set and achieve goals
·         Strong organizational & time management skills
·         Ability to recognize potential risks to the Hospital that should be escalated
·         Demonstrate knowledge of applicable statutory frameworks.
·         Knowledge of relevant legislation, regulations and procedures

Administrative Secretary

Supervisor: Head Finance and Administration
Duty Station: Jumuia Hospitals Huruma
Main Purpose Of The Job
This position is responsible for performing routine administrative functions such as drafting correspondence, scheduling appointments, organizing and maintaining paper and electronic files, and providing information to callers and answering administrative enquiries.
Key Objectives
·         Effective office management
·         Timely message delivery
·         Safety of office equipment
·         High customer service
·         Arrange conferences, meetings, and travel reservations for office personnel.
·         Compose, type, and distribute meeting notes, routine correspondence, and reports.
·         Attend to visitors and callers, handle their inquiries, and direct them to the appropriate persons according to their needs.
·         Locate and attach appropriate files to incoming correspondence requiring replies.
·         Maintain scheduling and event calendars.
·         Make copies of correspondence and other printed material.
·         Open, read, route, and distribute incoming mail and other material, and prepare answers to routine letters.
·         Schedule and confirm appointments for clients, customers, or supervisors.
·         Operate office equipment such as fax machines, copiers, and phone systems,
·         Any other duties assigned by the supervisors.
·         At least Secondary School Education (KCSE).
·         Diploma in Business and Office Management with 3 years in the same position
·         Secretarial training
·         Excellent typing skills
·         Computer training
·         Excellent Communication skills
·         Confidentiality and integrity
Competencies/Abilities/Skills Required
·         Good communication skills
·         Flexible
·         Reliable
·         Able to work under minimal supervision.
How to Apply
Qualified and interested candidates should download the NCCK Job Application Form(Click Here to Download). Candidates are advised to STRICTLY send the application form ONLY, duly filled in PDF format to  indicating job title in the email subject line. The application forms to be received not later than 12.00 noon on 15th February 2019. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.
The Public is advised that NCCK does NOT charge any fee whatsoever for application, processing, interviewing or securing employment.

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