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GMC Pot Limited-the Fun Place | A Profile

Welcome to the Fun Place – your one stop center for family entertainment in Kitengela. Come and experience fun at an entertainment center of its kind. Come interact with our different park features – slides and sand pits, swings and yes, bouncing castles and rides. A great family getaway for the young and the old… after all excitement does not get old! We welcome you to create memories and bond over great food and laughter. The Fun Place, is the place to be.
Take a detour from the hustle and bustle of the city, and indulge at the Kitengela Fun Place. Let your inner child step out, with sheer delight and excitement. Tantalize your taste buds with our African cuisine made fresh from the start. Take it down with your favorite drink in a relaxing ambience that is a mark of the Kitengela Fun Place.

So come over, there is something fun to offer for people of all ages. We can assure you of availability of diverse child friendly foods, and ample space for playing. As the kids do their thing, adults can relax and enjoy their free time without worrying. Explore and discover the newest fun space with exciting activities.
Senior Chef
Job Summary: As a head chef you will be responsible for everything that goes on in the kitchen. Not only will you be required to oversee all meals from start to finish, you will also be tasked with meeting health and safety standards and dreaming up new recipes for the restaurant.
Duties and Responsibilities:-
Customer Service:
·         To cook a variety of high quality items for a range of events including large functions, high end fine dining and day to day produce for all customers
·         To receive feedback from customers and actively make efforts to address any issues, seeking continuous improvements
Peoples Culture:
·         To supervise the work of kitchen staff team.
·         To participate in staff rosters which require a level of flexibility on working hours and days
·         To complete new employees inductions
·         Attend staff meetings on a regular basis
·         Inspire a diverse team through leading by example at all times to achieve the desired results
Financial Control:
·         To assist in receiving food and beverage stocks from reputable suppliers adhering to appropriate quality standards
·         To contribute towards achieving cost of goods targets through efficient control of portion sizes, utilization of seasonal produce, stock control and minimization of wastage for efficient production
·         To assist in carrying out stock takes of all food, beverage and equipment as requested
·         To ensure all food is stored and labelled in the correct manner
Business Process & Innovation:
·         To provide quality menus consistently for all customers and adhere to these standards at all times
·         Daily ordering of product, appropriate storage, food preparation, shelf display and presentation of product at a high level.
·         Ensure high standard of cleaning, hygiene and order throughout the restaurant
·         To follow Work Health and Safety guidelines for all products and working practices, including adhering to cleaning procedures, maintaining food and beverages at the correct temperatures, correct storage of goods, safe operation of equipment, and avoidance of spills, trips and slips.
·         To follow policy and procedures
·         To present oneself professionally and demonstrate clear communication
Work Health and Safety:
·         Ensure policies and procedures are implemented as required
·         Investigate workplace hazards and ensure corrective actions are implemented
·         Ensure areas of responsibility comply with Work Health and Safety policies and procedures
·         Ensure staff are appropriately trained in WHS, standard work method statements and risk assessment
·         Ensure standard work method statements are reviewed annually
·         Provide advice and assistance on Work Health and Safety issues within the unit and ensure workplace inspections are carried out as required
·         To carry out any other duties commensurate with the nature and level of the position
Qualification Requirements:
·         Relevant tertiary qualifications and/or relevant experience within hospitality sector.
·         Experience in managing a high volume banqueting environment and the ability to work in a calm manner
·         Demonstrated knowledge and passion for creative and modern food production in a high volume environment
·         High standard of professional and personal presentation
·         The ability to engage positively with customers and team members at all times
·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to deal with people at all levels within the organization
·         Possess excellent organizational, time management and communication skills
·         Information technology skills and knowledge of Microsoft suite
·         Understanding that this role will include flexibility as well as working for long hours due to business demands

We are looking for a Front of House Supervisor for our upcoming recreational facility to be based at Kitengela.
The desired person shall be managing the front-end operations, such as performing opening and closing operations, delegating tasks to front-end employees throughout the day, and ensuring each customer or client has an excellent experience.
Duties and responsibilities:-
·         Greet and build good rapport with customers through positive and professional interactions to make them become loyal patrons.
·         Develop optimal relationships and provide customer care service for all assigned tasks.
·         Monitor efficient product quality mechanism and ensure flawless professional behavior to all clients.
·         Manage all communication with customers and ensure optimal quality of products and provide excellent and high quality customer service to assist customers all through.
·         Evaluate floor and monitor all sales oriented programs by delivering assistance to employees and generate sales.
·         Monitor Establishment’s Financial Performance. I.e. Revenue generated by the establishment on a daily basis.
·         Works with the management team to supervise and train staff, maintain an excellent environment to provide support to training activities and provide technical backup.
·         Assist other departments to maintain and enhance better performance for company to ensure high quality production.
·         Monitor all sales at hourly basis and manage all communication with waitrons
·         Monitors service and dining areas for cleanliness through routine inspections and deploy custodial staff as necessary.
·         Directs staff in the cleaning of areas and equipment in accordance with the sanitarians recommendations
·         Responsible to ensure areas are running efficiently and timely
·         Actively work in all areas as needed
·         Perform other general kitchen duties
·         Actively contribute to the team by performing other duties as needed in support of the organization’s mission.
Required Qualifications – Experience, Education, Knowledge & Skills
·         Diploma in hospitality management or related from a recognized institution of higher learning
·         Progressively 3 years’ working experience in a similar position
·         Good knowledge of Microsoft office
·         Exhibit interest in industry trends.
·         Exhibit leadership and team building skills.
·         Be self-motivated, adapt to frequently changing priorities, and able to organize and prioritize multiple work assignments and meet deadlines.
·         Exercise sound judgement and make quick ,wise and consistent decisions
·         Possess solid problem solving and conflict resolution skills
·         Exude enthusiasm, and have a high level of integrity and customer orientation while interacting with a wide range of individuals.
·         An eye for detail
·         Experience providing excellent customer service
·         Ability to train new hospitality staff on the establishment’s policies and procedures
·         Maintain all health, sanitation, and safety standards.
·         Represent the department and its programs in a positive, professional courteous manner.
·         Ability to stand and move about for long periods of time

We are seeking a detail-oriented, reliable, experienced restaurant supervisor to join our growing team.
In this position, you will play a key role in managing all aspects of our restaurant business.
You will be expected to deliver a high-quality experience to our customers and motivate our staff to ensure excellent customer service.
Duties and Responsibilities:
·         Oversee all front of the house restaurant operations
·         Ensure customer satisfaction through promoting excellent service
·         Respond to customer complaints tactfully and professionally
·         Maintain quality control for all food served
·         Analyze staff evaluations and feedback to improve the customer’s experience
·         Project future needs for goods, kitchen supplies, and cleaning products; order accordingly
·         Oversee health code compliance and sanitation standards
·         Look for ways to cut waste and decrease operational costs
·         Generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports
·         Ensure that new employees are trained and provide ongoing training for all staff
·         Supervise the team and act as the main liaison between customers and hotel staffs
·         Assigning duties and coordinating operations to ensure customers are happy
·         Perform any other duty as may be assigned from time to time
Requirements and Qualifications:
·         Diploma in Hospitality Management, Food and Beverage or other related field preferred
·         A minimum of 2 years’ experience in hotel or hospitality industry as a supervisor.
·         Front and back of house experience is a plus
·         Strong working knowledge of food and beverage service
·         The ability to manage in a diverse environment with focus on client and customer services
·         Ability to communicate effectively with clients, senior management, and all staff
·         Ability to respond effectively to changing demands
·         Computer literate
·         Strong supervisory and leadership skills
·         Planning and reporting skills
·         Decisive and critical thinker
·         Honesty and high level of integrity

Job Vacancy: Cashier
The Cashier shall be responsible for controlling flow of cash in the restaurant.
Job Responsibilities
·         Ensure all bills are handed in and settled by waitrons / customers.
·         Check bills to see if the correct amount has been displayed to be presented to customers
·         Inform customers about available modes of payments

·         Record totaled amounts, including expenses in restaurant’s database
·         Maintain record of monetary/payment activities
·         Ensure security and confidentiality of information
·         Ensure no cash is disbursed without authorization.
·         Submit all daily collection to the manager.
·         Conduct proper handover before leaving shift.
·         Count cash in the cash register at the end of each shift and ensure that it tallies
·         Calculate total payments received during a time period, and reconcile this with total sales
·         Communicate in a positive, professional style
·         Develop positive relationships with customers and co-workers
·         Promote continuous customer centric culture and values thus maintaining high standards of customer service.
·         Report any customer concerns to the management.
·         Maintain cleanliness and neatness at the workstation.
·         Take care of company equipment and tools
·         Performing any other duties as assigned from time to time.
·         At least CPA II from a recognized institution
·         Proficiency in MS Office Suite and Accounting software
·         KCSE grade C (Plain) or its equivalent; and
·         Two (2) years of restaurant service experience in similar capacity
·         2 years’ experience in cash management
·         Good book keeping skills.
·         Must be willing to work on shifts, weekends and holidays
·         Good organizational skills
·         Excellent communication skills
·         High level of honesty and integrity
·         Certificate of good conduct

Job Vacancy: Child Minder
Job Summary: The eligible person will be responsible for the care of the children in the GMC-Fun Place facility. She will ensure that she provides high quality childcare, within a positive, safe and happy environment.
She will also be responsible for planning and preparing a programme of play based activities and in the completion of all relevant record keeping, paperwork and administration.
Responsibilities and duties:
·         Plan, provide and take part in play based activities that stimulate and support children’s intellectual, physical, social, emotional and language development.
·         Listening to, encouraging, enabling, stimulating and engaging children in relevant conversation.
·         Creating risk assessments for each area that is used by children and for any other situation or activity that could pose a potential hazard to children.
·         Ensuring equipment is safe, well maintained and age appropriate.
·         Following all safety procedures.
·         Build and maintain positive and professional relationships with parents/guardians
·         Deliver a high level of customer service at all times.
·         Report to the management about any repairs and other things that may be required at the children’s play grounds
·         Look after the needs of the children, including helping them when necessary
·         Ensure there is enough food and refreshments for children; encouraging healthy eating and promoting a healthy lifestyle
·         Attend to any emergency or crisis and inform the relevant persons accordingly
·         Ensuring good hygiene and overall cleanliness of the children play areas is up to standards
·         Assist the management in the children’s programmes when necessary.
·         Monitor children’s movements in all the corners of the facility
·         Assist the children’s guardians or parents to organize celebrations of birthdays or other events with the children
·         Be a good role model for children.
·         Perform any other duty as may be assigned
·         College certificate, Preferably ECDE
·         Additional training about children is an added advantage
·         The ability to engage positively with customers
·         Ability to multitask
·         Excellent communication skills
·         Have patience and a sense of humor
·         Good understanding of Health, Safety and Hygiene
·         Excellent time management skills
·         Good understanding of Children
·         Positive attitude
·         Professionalism

Cook / Chef
Job summary: To development menus & recipes, food purchase specifications and all food production used for restaurant and maintain highest professional food quality and sanitation standards.
·         Preparing food for clients
·         Assisting devise new methods of cooking and new menu items
·         Streamlines work from back of house to front of house.
·         Cleans food preparation areas as required.
·         Prepares foods to the specifications of the customers
·         Prepares food before the arrival of guests/customers when need be
·         Makes adjustments to food items to accommodate customers with allergies or specific diet concerns
·         Manages other employees in the kitchen
·         Acts as liaison to front-of-house employees to ensure proper food service temperature
·         Seasons food according to recipes or company needs
·         Orders ingredients and spices as needed
·         Operates various kitchen appliance such as a blender, oven, grill, or stand mixer
·         Portions, arranges, and garnishes food based on client preference
·         Assists other cooks during the food assembly process
·         Estimates expected food consumption and organizes preparation
·         Keeps records and accounts of food purchases
·         Orders new menu items for specials deals
·         Meets with customers to ensure a great meal experience
·         Prepares any necessary sauces or accompaniments before meal service begins
·         Offers a creative menu to compete with other local restaurants
·         Cleans up after business hours
·         Alters dishes based on consumer suggestions or requirements
·         Perform other related duties as assigned by the Kitchen Manager or manager-on-duty.
Qualifications for the Cook
·         Certificate/diploma in Food Production from a reputable culinary institute.
·         A minimum of 2 years’ of experience in kitchen preparation and cooking preferably in a high volume quick service environment
·         Conversant with food and beverages trends and practices
·         Up to date Food Safety Certificate from the City or town council health inspection department.
·         Must be able to communicate clearly with the chefs, managers, and kitchen team.
·         Passionate about food, and customer service
·         Be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time
·         Be able to work in hot, wet, humid and loud environment for long periods of time.
·         Basic Computational Skills
·         Kitchen Equipment Knowledge
·         Organizational Skills
·         Culinary Arts
·         Knowledge of International Cuisines
·         Creativity
·         Interpersonal Skills
·         Professionalism

Entertainment Supervisor
Job Function: The Entertainment Supervisor will be the logistical anchor for all events and will be the liaison between the venue and the artist’s operations management.
Specific duties and responsibilities:
·         Work passionately as a team to create a fun environment to work in.
·         Advancing production, hospitality, and transportation for all events.
·         Calendar management for all shows, events, and other uses.
·         Manages contracts, following up on payments, and allocations for performers and presenters.
·         Coordinate with staff, artists, and contractors to ensure all activities are fully supported.
·         Schedule specific needs according to shows (lighting technicians, fulfilling riders, security, etc.).
·         Maintain an upbeat and positive atmosphere for internal and external guests.
·         Communicate technical needs (specific lighting, audio) from artist to Entertainment Technicians.
·         Always anticipating and paying attention to guest’s needs and concerns using empathy and demonstrating heart steps when necessary
·         Understand and actively participate in Environmental, Health and Safety responsibilities
·         Periodically represent the Entertainment Department as the Manager on Duty for a specific operating day.
·         Schedule and lead a team of people.
·         Perform other duties as assigned.
Qualifications; Skills and experience requirements;
·         At least a one year certificate from college or technical institution
·         Prior theme park or entertainment or like management experience.
·         Previous leadership and show production experience is preferred
·         Must be at least 30 years of age
·         Ability to communicate ideas, concepts and instructions both orally and in writing.
·         Strong conceptual and creative abilities as they pertain to show development.
·         Ability to stand and walk for extended periods of time in all types of extreme weather
·         Available to work flexible hours including evenings, weekends and holidays
·         Ability to work in an environment with high levels of noise and vibrations
·         Willingness to be exposed to alcohol, smoke, bright lights, and noise environments
·         Enthusiastic, friendly and outgoing personality.
·         Professionalism
How to Apply
Applicants who meet the above are required to send their applications to with “ENTERTAINMENT SUPERVISOR” being the subject of the email with detailed CV names & addresses of three referees.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Note that GMC-Fun place does not charge any fees.

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