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Customer Service Advisor & Supply Chain Coordinator

Code (1292 & 1398)


Customer Service:
·         Welcome all customer on the phone.
·         Telesales of the Group’s products

·         Management of day-to-day relations with distributor and/or user customers.
·         Follow-up of customer orders.
Supply Chain:
·         He/she carries through Cie Supply Chain objectives (Quality of forecast, stock policy)
·         He/she is the guarantor for the application of Supply Chain standards in local operations,
·         He/she is the correspondent concerning all the Supply Chain topics.
·         He/she participates in the development and validation of D2C service offer deployments
·         Coordinate to support commercial activities, inventory effectiveness, report KPIs follow up
 Key Expected Results
Customer Service:
·         Take into account and respond to customer commercial requests, by proposing – if necessary – alternative solutions
·         Record customer orders
·         Selling distributed Michelin group products in the country by phone
·         Ensure order processing and monitoring of customer portfolios
·         Answer technical questions under control or transfer to the most competent service
·         Ensure liaison and additional action of field commercial teams
·         Customer complaint management: invoicing, accounting, credit
·         Integrate logistical complaints
·         Follow up of back orders by customer
·         Satisfy and ensure customer loyalty
·         Reliability and solidity of data entered
·         Contribute to commercial objectives
·         Reliable and timely processing of orders
·         Reliable and solid processing of product entries
·         Complaints are processed with the relevant services, the problems solved and customers informed
·         Reporting data accuracy (regular basis, and time to time based on business request)
Supply chain
·         Manage the Bib Export tool.
·         He/she is the contact point for Mi supplier (transityres).
·         Demand forecasting and Sales Planning process .
·         Responsibilisation and involvement of those concerned in the building of the forecast.
·         Any incoherences in the forecast (argumentation and result) are identified.
·         Any difficulties encountered (arbitration,…) during the forecasting process are dealt with or referred to management.
·         Action plan applied and monitored.
·         Commercial actions launched locally are validated
·         Local SC indicators meet objectives
·         Corrective action plan put in place if bad results persist
·         Identification and propose to management , new service offers which are relevant to the needs expressed by customers.
·         Follow-up of products importation status with logistic cie.
·         Challenge internal and direct shipment customers’ requirements
·         Local problems (D2C, Log, Marketing) are taken well into account when new SC service offers are developed.
How to Apply

Account Development Manager 
Code (1285)
Develop his business portfolio (geographical or segmentation, etc) through the sales of offers (product/service/solution) to Customer (Direct, Indirect, Professional  End User, Dealer, Fleets, OE maker)


Account Management
·         Gathers information from the customer to understand their needs and detailed requirements.
·         Oversees monitoring of relationships including lessons learned and appropriate feedback (close the loop).
·         Develops/generates new leads by monitoring trends, conducting research, identifying opportunities, cold calling and making appointments.
·         Educates and develops rapport with internal and external customers, promoting partnerships, seeking feedback and proactively addressing customer needs and requests.
·         Expands customer buying centers and use cases, while leading the customer account planning cycle and ensuring that all customer needs and expectations are met.
·         Develops communication and training programs to inform sales and marketing teams of new product launches and changes in organizational strategy.
·         Develops processes and procedures to optimize account management efforts and ensure sales goals are achieved.
·         Monitoring of the credit of the customer following the policy of the company.
Opportunity Management
·         Develops sales action plans for targeting leads, converting them into sales.
·         Manages own territory by allocating time and resources.
·         Develops and maintains mid-term territory plans.
·         Gathers and disseminates competitor market intelligence.
·         Maintains and updates customer target list.
·         Participates in strategic lead generation and development of target markets.
·         Identifies new, profitable business potential in specific markets.
·         Monitors partnership arrangements to ensure that the objectives of the partnership remain on target.
·         Influences various partnerships to meet multiple goals.
·         Analyzes complex information, identifies patterns and implications; understands that the root cause of an issue may initially appear to be unrelated to the issue.
Product, Service & Industry Knowledge
·         Pitches own organization against competition in generic terms.
·         Identifies related industries that may have an impact on own industry
·         Matches product knowledge to the implicit needs of the customer.
·         Troubleshoots product related problems.
·         Reaches mutually acceptable solutions in straightforward, formal negotiations with internal or external stakeholders (e.g., negotiates with external contractors on straightforward service delivery; negotiates with other departments on cost sharing).
·         Selects an approach to negotiation based on an understanding of each party’s interests and priorities.
Customer Value Management
·         Develops and executes channel and customer promotions/programs that leverage national brand ideas/thinking and consumer insights to drive increased consumer preference and customer activity.
·         Works with sales strategy and planning partners to ensure forecast accuracy, maximization of opportunities and development of plans to deliver against organization’s objectives.
·         Identifies business opportunities based on knowledge of clients, markets, products and services.

·         Coordinates planning activities with other functions and stakeholders within the organization.
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Marketing Manager B2B, B2C & Digital 
Job code: 1296 + 1842
Capture/gather and analyze information relevant for the entity to help  facilitate the pilotage commercial  for accurate and confident decision-making in determining market opportunity, market penetration strategy and business performance
Manage the deployment of the products and services offer in line with marketing plan and the territory’s commercial launch agreement that address the market and target segment needs to extract full value.
Organize and implement an effective Brand presence supporting the brand communications, implement e.commerce platform including web-to-store  for Distributors.
Launch and develop digital tools supporting sales force activities.


Advertising and Promotion
·         Manages the generation of creative concepts and ideas.
·         Keeps up-to-date on trends and developments in design, materials, techniques and technology
·         Initiates and manages discussions with sponsors
·         Participates in agencies brief.
 Branding & Positionning :
·         Ensure the coordination and the deployment of the portfolio of products/service through the brand deployment strategy.
·         Balances the needs of the individual product launches and prioritizes across the branding portfolio to achieve overall objectives.
·         Ensures that the value propositions as a strategy to achieve desired market position.
·         Prioritizes resources for target segments that are most profitable as well as best aligned with the organization’s long-term strategy.
·         Manages integrated marketing communication strategies and budgets.
·         Sets and monitors all aspect of the marketing mix (i.e. integrated marketing communications, customer loyalty, product content for marketing communications materials)
·         Ensures that marketing communications are consistent with brand and organizational standards.
·         Tailors marketing communications for target audience.
·         Uses customer data to segment the market and identify the ones to pursue
·         Monitors brand awareness/performance to identify possible changes in brand strategy.
·         Insight Management and Industry knowledge:
·         Identifies customer/end user trends and the different types of insights.
·         Collects & synthesis data from multiple sources in order to inform the creation of customer/end user insights for the BSM.
·         Identify main competitors’ product/services positions in the market.
·         Identifies high impact opportunities for enhancing the customer experience.
·         Supports ongoing product literacy efforts to inform employees and customers about the latest customer experience innovations.
·         Utilized the selected data modelling solutions needed to meet business requirements and root cause analysis.
·         Applies Pilotage commercial approach to facilitate the achievement of business results. Content Marketing
Content Marketing
·         Monitors content consistency across all properties and between the sales and marketing departments.
·         Collaborates with design team to create new assets that embodies the brand.
·         Works closely with marketing team to write user stories, training and requirements.
·         Performs basic content development activities under direction (e.g., product updates, brand reviews, partner information).
·         Applies integrated content principles, practices and tools to own work when developing simple digital marketing communications products.
·         Multi-Channel Marketing
·         Implements the multi-channel annual plan in collaboration with the marketing and sales teams.
·         Provides inputs for all campaigns.
·         Identifies and develops metrics to measure success of enablement platform and identifies opportunities to increase conversion and value.
 Marketing Planning
·         Drives strategic growth in defined consumer targets by aligning product and appropriate distribution channels including wholesale, e-commerce, and retail.
·         Assesses the potential impact of wider environmental forces on the marketing strategy e.g. culture, ethics, economics, politics, legal frameworks and sustainability.
·         Coordinates with departments, segments, and organization’s counterparts to ensure continuous alignment between organizational strategies and investments.
·         Builds effective leadership accountability in utilizing consumer insights by creating consumer-focused strategic plans and respected decision-making.
·         Produces realistic and achievable work plans
·         Develops back-up plans to handle potential obstacles.
·         Renegotiates commitments or deadlines as circumstances dictate, ensuring “no surprises” at the expected completion.
·         Evaluates objectives  against business plan
Marketing Strategy & metrics
·         Identifies the need for additional information to support marketing strategy development.
·         Makes initial recommendations on appropriate methodologies and tools to operationalize the marketing strategy.
·         Identifies trends in market and consumer research and seeks possible causes and rationales regarding opportunities and problems.
·         Regularly measures market, competitive, and business performance in order to anticipate trends.
·         Analyzes measurement data to inform the evaluation of the marketing strategy.
·         Interprets outputs from organizational control systems to inform the monitoring of the marketing strategy.
·         Participates and guides the review of marketing activities using established measurement criteria.
·         Develops metrics and Key to Performance Indicators assist in the evaluation of marketing activities
·         Pricing and Profitability Management
·         Monitor price competitiveness and identifies business issues and opportunities by analyzing financial and non-financial data.
·         Achieves revenue management goals and aligns with budget.
·         Performs appropriate profitability analyses(Pilotage Steering) and makes recommendations to support short- and long-term decisions(corrective/optimization) actions.
·         Demonstrates an understanding of the relationship between pricing and the overall financial, marketing and strategic objectives of the organization.
·         Strategic eCommerce
·         Launching a platform for eCommerce .
·         Describes key performance indicators and their importance to manage marketing performance across digital commerce platforms and communicate results/value to leadership team.
·         Describes key digital commerce strategies at a basic level (e.g., B2B vs. B2C, auctions, portals, classified, mobile payments, etc.).
·         User Experience
·         Defines basics of usability testing to evaluate the experiential world of the customer.
·         Defines the concept of key consumer groups based on their value-add to the organization.
·         Locates key touchpoints within the customer journey map.
·         Launching and implement TyreCheck for EU Fleet
·         “ in.Bill” offer to be study.
·         Supporting and monitoring “” implementation in the country.


·         Branding & Positioning
·         Insight management
·         Integrated Marketing Communications
·         Marketing Planning
·         Multi-Channel Marketing
·         Marketing Stategy
·         Pricing & Methods
·         Digital Marketing
·         Strategic eCommerce
·         User Experience Management
·         Profitability Management
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