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NGO Jobs in Kenya - World Vision

Senior Finance & Administration Manager

Candidates must be legally authorised to work in Kenya. No relocation assistance available.
Only local candidates will be considered.
Purpose Of Position:
To provide overall management of the WV East Africa Regional (EAR) Office Finance and administration functions. The role will ensure financial stewardship, accountability, reliability and accuracy of financial information, and strategies, systems and skills to support the operations of the office.
The position will also ensure effective and efficient administrative support to the EARO staff, hosted units, Global Centre (GC) and national offices and adherence to the law of the land and representing WV’s interests in legally binding contracts.
Communicate World Vision’s Christian ethos and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others.

Key Responsibilities:

Finance & Administration Management:
·         Manage the finance and administration units in EARO and ensure smooth running efficient delivery of services.
·         Identify gaps in financial, administrative and procurement policies and provide appropriate recommendations for development and review.
·         Ensure adherence to partnership policies and guidelines including International Financial and procurement Manuals.
·         Manage RO budget, cash flow and project funding.
·         Facilitate the budgeting process as per budget guidelines.
·         Prepare quarterly analysis of the financial performance of the Regional Office(RO) and provide appropriate recommendation.
·         Ensure effective operation of the RO to ensure optimal use of resources.
·         Supervise all aspects of supply chain from tendering, procurement, logistics and stores.
·         Ensure implementation of new partnership initiatives involving Finance and Administration.
·         Ensure that staff in EARO have a safe work environment in accordance with the OSHA standards.
·         Contribute to the development of supply chain strategies and approaches.
Finance & Administration Accountability and Reporting:
·         Design systems, policies and procedures that provide appropriate levels of security and control of EARO assets, resources and operations.
·         Ensure implementation of efficient and effective internal control systems.
·         Submit timely and accurate periodic reports.
Cost Efficiency and Effectiveness:
·         Lead in the negotiations, preparation and ensure execution of contracts.
·         Promote benchmarks for determining effective resource utilization at all levels.
·         Ensure competitiveness in procurement process.
Risk Management and Controls:
·         Ensure that appropriate financial systems and controls are in place to minimize risk.
·         Ensure that management responses to audits performed are sent on time to the Audit Department , and that audit recommendations are implemented.
·         Ensure adequate preparation and participation in internal and external audits.
·         Monitor the Financial Risk Matrix and act accordingly.
·         People Management & Capacity Building:
·         Identify capacity gaps and ensure appropriate development interventions for finance and administration unit.
·         Facilitate operations and other non-finance staff in understanding and interpretation of financial policies, guidelines and reports.
·         Ensure roll out of finance and procurement initiatives relating to EARO.
·         Set and monitor performance standards for Snr. Finance & Administrative officers and provide overall mentorship and coaching to the department staff.
·         Perform any other duties as assigned by the supervisor.
·         Representative in special task forces and committees.
·         Active representation strategic regional meetings and forums.


·         Degree in Finance, Accounting or related field. MBA is preferred.
·         Certified Public Accountant.
·         8 years’ experience in Finance and Administration roles preferably in the humanitarian sector, 4 of which must have been in management level.
·         Solid knowledge of accounting principles, financial systems, budget/cash-flow monitoring and internal accounting controls.
·         Good knowledge of procurement processes and internal control systems.
·         Working knowledge of the WV Partnership is preferred.
·         Must have good working knowledge of computerized accounting software, preferably Sun Systems & Vision and literacy in using Microsoft Office programs.
·         Ability to work in a cross cultural environment.
·         Able to solve complex problems and to exercise independent judgment.
·         High professional ethics and integrity.
·         Good interpersonal skills.
Work Environment/Travel:
·         Work environment: Office-based with occasional travel.
·         Travel: Domestic and international travel may be required
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Regional Resource Development Director
To lead the region and support the National Offices efforts to drive growth in EAR region for private non-sponsorship and public/institutional grants income in alignment with regional and NOs strategy.
To support the National Offices in increasing and diversifying bilateral, multilateral, major foundations, private public partnerships, GIK non-food items, corporates and grants income, by providing over strategic direction in line with Regional and National Offices strategies.
To build relationships, capacity and collaboration to effectively grow the portfolio, ensure effective pipeline and win rate to meet programming needs.
To support productive engagement and retention of governments, multilateral and private sector donors through successful grants implementation and strong donor relations with the aim of maximizing and diversifying the funding base.

Key Responsibilities:

Strategy and Leadership:
·         Provide day to day leadership and management to the Regional Resource Development Function in supporting National Offices (NOs) grants acquisition and management.
·         In conjunction with Regional Office of Strategy Management and the Regional Leader (RL), and National Directors (NDs), provide strategic direction for grants acquisition (both public and private) in the region in alignment with NO needs, strategic initiatives and contribution to Child Well Being (CWB) targets.
·         In accordance with Global GAM processes and the NO Business Planning Cycle, assist the RL and NDs in setting annual grant income projections to be used in the NDs Performance Agreements.
·         Lead team planning, ensuring efficient and effective deployment of time and talent to effectively support NOs.
·         Lead capacity development planning with Regional Office (RO), NO, Suport Office (SO). Lead efficient issue resolution across NO/SO as needed.
Grants Acquisition:
·         Assist NOs in setting up vibrant Grant Acquisition Management (GAM) teams and structures and ensure that competent staff are recruited by NO GAM teams.
·         Enable NOs to manage opportunity pipeline tracking planning (i.e. regional/country level donors mapping, strategic direction and areas of alignment, etc) maintaining an overview of regional grant funding and resource development in aligment with NO strategic directions and Our Promise 2030.
·         Ensure in coordination with SOs and the RO, cross functional team support to NOs for proposals development.
·         Support the NOs in the development of consortia whenever necessary in preparation for upcoming opportunities.
·         In collaboration with the global center and SO technical and ministry specialists, support the prepositioning of unsolicited proposals and the development of a pipeline of innovative products.
·         In line with Global GAM facilitate and ensure the use of a key grants database for performance monitoring and portfolio management in SAP region in place. This database includes past grant performance (All grants – US, EU, DFID, JICA, Global Fund etc.).
·         Provide background information to facilitate readiness for concept/proposal development.
·         Support NOs to understand and use the Grants Risk Assessment Form to facilitate the Go/No Go Decision.
·         Depending on size of grant, profile and donor requirement, work with P&C and relevant SOs to hire high performing staff (i.e. chief of party, etc).
·         To stimulate and provide strategic direction for NOs to pursue non-traditional funding sources, identifying emerging or untapped high potential donors and new emerging models.
·         Lead engagement with Learning Centers and SOs to build shared ownership and engagement in Resource acquisition.
·         Support local Resource Development and branding, in conjunction with Communications.
Pre-positioning & Donor Engagement:
·         Identify key relationships to strengthen national and regional positioning and elevate WV’s profile with peer agencies, government, foundations, multilateral, private sector and donors.
·         Work with and through National Offices and in collaboration with SOs IPG colleagues, to cultivate and maintain strong donor relationships at regional and country level, developing engagement strategies for each donor or a group of donors.
·         Monitor the donor competitive landscape, and circulate funding forecasts to NOs to enable them to organize prepositioning meetings with donors.
·         Provide support and guidance to NOs in development of capacity statements to be utilized during prepositioning meetings with donors.
·         Maintain an up-to-date record of the requirements of current potential regional donors and be proactive in the lookout for opportunities for regional donors etc.
·         Research, analyze, develop, and track relationships with new and current donors at regional level and share information with NOs.
·         In conjunction with Regional Communications department, develop key marketing material and external audience mapping to assist RO/NOs to preposition WV in East Africa.
·         Participate in strategic regional donor meetings with foundations, bilateral and multilateral institutions etc.
Grants Management & Compliance:
·         Mobilize cross-RO functional support to NOs for GAM performance (RL, finance, operations, P&C, strategy, technical, QA).
·         Ensure significant Grant audit / implementation issue are brought to the attention of NDs, RL/ SDO. Coordinate with SOs, NOs and the ARFDG to ensure key grant document as per the agreement are tracked. (semi & annual reports, mid-term and final evaluation reports, quarterly financial report etc.) and a successful close out of large scale grants.
·         In conjunction with finance ensure compliance in key grant areas (e.g. eligibility, CAL, match, grant decision making powers, etc). Flag critical policy or systems issues needing resolution by GC.
Collaboration and Learning:
·         Support capacity building of GAM units at RO/NO level, including technical staff and LCs to build their GAM capacity. Prioritize NOs to support.
·         Strengthen capacities in grants-related and resource mobilization areas at regional and country level through capacity building, mentoring, coaching etc.
·         Lead, manage and provide capacity building support to employees in the RDU department, & seconded staff by ensuring clear goals and accountabilities are established and achieved.
·         Ensure individuals’ performance and development needs are met, and employees are high performing and engaged.
·         Engage in NO GAM staff hiring processes. Depending on size of grant, profile and donor requirement, work with P&C to hire high performing staff (.i.e. chief of party, etc.)
·         Identify capacity gaps at NOs in grants acquisition and management and other factors leading to poor win rates and grants implementation and work with SOs and the RGM to address them.
·         Lead capacity development planning with RO, NOs & SOs (i.e. identification of capacity gaps at NOs in GAM, capacity building initiatives for National Directors in Grants acquisition, grants management training in various government and multilateral donors’ regulations, training in common areas leading to poor grant implementation, as well as partnering and innovative programme design).
·         Lead with the SOs, the roll out of the partnership grants acquisition training software (i.e. Proposal Pro) and the use of Horizon for opportunity tracking.
·         Support/initiative innovative funding streams, e.g. work with global capacities to enhance Local Marketing and fundraising, International contracting and tendering, grants leveraging trough foundations, match (cash or in kind).
Engage in respective working groups to support:
·         NRDs in planning a sustainable funding base.
·         FC, Response offices identify and develop new products to match or bridge grants.
Regional representation at various fora:
·         To ensure appropriate representation of the region at strategic fora that could lead to resource acquisition and enhanced programming collaboration.
·         Represent the region in the grants community fora (internal and external to WV).
·         Participate in WV internal grant communities-GAM Hubs and Global Grants Compliance Unit.
·         Carry out additional responsibilities as assigned by the Senior Director Operations/Regional Leader (SDO/RL)
·         Attend and participate in devotional meetings.


·         Master’s Degree in Development, Social Science, Management or other field applicable to developing country context preferred.
·         Bachelor Degree in International Development, International Relations, Rural Development or any related field.
·         Leadership capabilities that includes coaching staff to high level of performance & engaging in effective cross cultural & cross functional working to achieve shared goals and effective indirect line management.
·         Experienced networker with an ability to maintain a good up to date knowledge of the grant opportunities and trends in the humanitarian sector.
·         Excellent knowledge and experience of project management with government and multilateral agencies grant funded projects and experience of grant compliance procedures for major bilateral and multilateral donors.
·         Demonstrated track record in proposal development, funding acquisitions and grant management for major government donors preferred.
·         Strong organization and delegation abilities; high performance and quality standards; negotiation skills; ability to motivate teams and inspire teamwork.
·         Track record of successfully training, developing/mentoring and supervising grant staff.
·         Ability to engage at a strategic level with bilateral and multilateral donors, IO and INGO etc.
·         Ability to manage donor expectations.
·         Strong budgetary and financial management skills.
·         Strong understanding of systems design and implementation protocols.
·         Strong inter-personal skills, and proven team-player.
·         Excellent written and spoken English.
·         Proven ability to manage competing priorities.
·         Able to solve complex problems and to exercise independent judgment.
·         Able to work in a cross-cultural environment with a multi-national staff.
·         Must be a committed Christian, able to stand above denominational diversities.
·         Perform other duties as required.
·         Working knowledge of the WV Partnership preferred and ability to interface sensitively with people from various departments in both field and support offices.
·         Proven experience in development work with a thorough understanding of sustainable development and sectoral interventions.
·         At least 5 years of team management experience, preferably from a National Office.
How to Apply

Project Officer
The position is responsible for the successfully implementation of local level advocacy project in Mwala Area Program that contribute to child wellbeing outcomes.
Specifically the Project Officer will lead the implementation of initiatives that strengthen engagement between citizens, Non state actors and Government officials to enhance governance processes and public service delivery.
In order to successfully do so, the Project Officer must be able to effectively communicate World Vision’s Christian ethos and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that serves as an example to others.


Effective Project, Planning and Implementation 60%
·         Develop and roll out the Project’s detailed implementation plan and ensure project effectiveness and efficiency
·         Ensure timely and effective community & partner mobilization for meaningful involvement in project implementation
·         In liaison with partners develop monthly project work plans with clear targets, budgets and detailed implementation plans.
·         Undertake participatory training of community members and partners on public planning, budgeting and monitoring service delivery using various advocacy approaches.
·         Manage the project budget and ensure regular review of project expenditure
·         Establish effective cross-functional linkages with other WVK projects in Mwala Area Program.
·         In liaison with project accountant track project implementation expenditure levels and budgets
Monitoring, reporting and documentation 20%
·         Develop project monitoring plan jointly with communities and partners
·         Conduct monthly monitoring of indicators as per M&E plan
·         Ensure data collection is conducted in accordance with the monitoring plan and standards in line with the Project M&E plan and ITT
·         Develop quality reports such as weekly briefs, monthly reports, in-line with WV and donor(s) reporting guidelines;
·         Clean, organise and archive the project data according to the monitoring system guidelines; and store data in a safe, secure and accessible location
·         Facilitate regular reflections on monitoring practice and make improvements as may be appropriate
·         Review the learning and monitoring reports developed during the reporting period
·         Document best practices, human interest stories and work with Area Program manager and Knowledge Management officer to refine the stories for publication
Engagement and networking 15%
·         Undertake comprehensive annual external context analysis identifying all key local level institutions and stakeholders for engagement
·         Establish, maintain and update database of all the strategic institutions and stakeholders (e.g. community groups, Government, Civil Society Organizations and the Private Sector)
·         Effectively represent of WVK in stakeholder meetings and forums at county, sub-county levels and other relevant platforms
·         Support the development of Engagement Agreements / Memorandum of Understanding with Strategic local level institutions as may be appropriate
·         Ensure WVK visibility in the local level Public Participation for a
Other duties 5%
·         As assigned by the Supervisor


The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:
·         Degree in Political Science, Sociology, Community Development, Law or a related field.
·         A minimum of 3 years (Degree level) experience in working/programming in community development and leading advocacy initiatives
·         Experience in conducting Advocacy related trainings
·         Experience in providing technical support to communities and partners to engage in discussion with the government, duty bearers and service providers.
·         Experience in engagements with government departments and decision makers in policy dialogue, as well as networking and collaborating with other non-government stakeholders
·         Experience in project design, proposal writing, needs assessments, surveys, and information management
·         leaders and other stakeholders
Other Competencies/Attributes:
·         Must be a committed Christian, able to stand above denominational diversities.
·         Excellent English communication skills (both oral and written).
·         A team player, capable of building staff and community capacity Advocacy.
·         Cross-cultural sensitivity, flexible world view and emotional maturity.
·         Ability to maintain performance expectations in diverse cultural contexts, psychologically stressful environments and physical hardship conditions with limited resources.
·         Commitment to World Vision Core Values and Mission Statement. Ability to exhibit exemplary lifestyle as interpreted in specific local cultural context.
·         Other responsibilities: While this job description is intended to be an accurate reflection of the duties involved in this position, WVI reserves the right to add, remove or alter duties when necessary.
·         Must be willing to perform other duties as required.
How to Apply

National Coordinator – Building & Construction
To coordinate and ensure the successful implementation of all building and construction works and related activities being implemented by WVK. Ensuring proper civil engineering, contracting & construction guidelines are followed with all stakeholders’ participation in enhancing good engineering practices that will result to and directly contribute to the attainment of child wellbeing outcomes. Specifically, the incumbent will undertake capacity building of staff, supervise implementation of structural engineering works and support efforts to mobilize appropriate resources.
In order to successfully do so, the National Building and Construction Specialist must be able to effectively communicate World Vision’s Christian ethos and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that serves as an example to others.

Major Responsibilities:

Quality Assurance (25%)
·         Available guidelines for implementation of building and construction activities in the program areas and in use;
·         All building and construction works initiatives within the WVK’s area of influence meet or exceed planned outcomes and are implemented in full compliance with GOK, SPHERE and other relevant partnership and international standards and structural engineering guidelines;
·         Review designs for all Building and Construction projects including drawings, bills of quantities and necessary documentation for works contracts above KES 3,000,000 for the Regions. Provide technical support in analysis of tender documents.
·         Provide technical support to Communication and DME in documentation of initiative and in review of DME reports.
·         In collaboration with M&E specialist, develop, monitor and evaluate structural project indicators and standards for use by Regions and IPAs;
·         Collaborate with Ministry of Public Works and other relevant departments in providing technical support and assistance to all Structural interventions;
·         Documentation and dissemination of best practices on completed structural initiatives and projects;
·         Participate in structural engineering intervention coordination and other related meetings as may be required;
·         Support P&C establish, coordinate and/or consolidate the necessary systems, procedures and support services (including but not limited to recruiting, staffing, training, supervision, performance monitoring, procurement and administration) required to achieve or surpass performance targets;
·         Support the establishment and consolidate a working culture – based upon results based management principals – that consistently achieves and/or surpasses established targets and standards;
Design Building & Construction Projects (25%)
·         Coordinate and Develop detailed engineering designs buildings supported by WVK at ADPs and National office.
·         Coordinate and Develop bill of quantities, specifications and tender documents for building and construction projects.
·         Update the standard designs to match with upcoming market trend
Capacity Building for Quality Programming (10%)
·         Capacity of WV staff built in Building and Structural activities through training and mentoring;
·         Appropriate mentoring, coaching and supervision done in order to equip, motivate and empower a new generation of structural engineering specialists within WVK;
Technical Support (30%)
·         Support ADPs in customization of standard designs
·         Supervise construction of buildings works at DPs and National office on need basis;
·         Participate in quality review and capacity building meetings;
·         Participate in the annual program planning and budgeting review exercises;
·         Management of contracts, review of bids and tender documents for projects more than Ksh 3 million;
·         Participation in the Central Tender Committee (CTC) as an alternate member;
·         Have ultimate responsibility for arbitration, mediation and disputes for all building & construction contracts together with team at the Regions.
·         Effectively support Programme Areas (APs) and other sectors staff to carry out assessments, designs, measurements, monitoring and evaluation efforts in relation to building and construction works and in accordance with established standards, policies and procedures;
Engagement and Networking with Strategic Stakeholders (5%)
·         Establish and maintain contacts with both individual and government donors (e.g. USAID, DFID, EU etc), for resource acquisition;
·         Make deliberate efforts to establish contacts with government line ministries and institutes, UN Agencies and NGOs to identify areas of possible collaboration and partnership;
·         Work closely with the Communication department in production of high quality and professional updates for submission to donors and for marketing purposes;
·         Participation in Partnership Meetings/Networks as maybe appropriate.
Programs Reporting (5%)
·         Review project reports when called upon
·         Prepare quarterly, semi-annual and annual Building and Construction sector report


The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:
·         The holder of this position must have a minimum of a Bachelors degree in a relevant field from a recognized University preferably in Civil Engineering or Building & Construction;
·         They must have a minimum of 5 years experience with regard to the designing, planning, implementation, supervising and reporting on integrated development works in building and construction;
·         The holder must have a wide experience in constructions and contracts management;
·         They should have at least 3 years experience as a manager or senior leadership position;
·         The holder of this position must be a results orientated leader who can handle a heavy work load as well as manage and satisfy multiple and at times conflicting organizational, donor and other stakeholder demands and;
·         He /she must also have ample experience in public relations and be a strong team player.
·         Knowledge and application of auto/arch CAD and GIS will be an advantage.
Other Required Competencies/Attributes:
·         Must be a committed Christian who is able to stand above denominational and cultural diversity challenges;
·         Must be able to provide spiritual leadership within but not limited to chapel and daily devotions;
·         Must have outstanding oral and written communications and relationship skills and;
·         Must be willing to perform other duties as required.
How to Apply

International Recruiter
World Vision International ( is looking for an International Recruiter, motivated by their Christian faith, to find great talent to help us in the relentless pursuit of our vision for every child: life in all its fullness and our prayer for every heart, the will to make it so. We will do this until girls and boys:
·         Enjoy good health and are protected from disease
·         Are educated for life and enabled to fulfil their potential
·         Are cared for, protected and participating
·         Experience the profound security of the love of God and others
We need an experienced International Recruiter with knowledge of how to extensively source for talent globally in relief and development contexts, the know-how to reach them, and the experience to land and bring them onboard. You will have experience in recruiting high volume middle level management and technical positions, as well as all aspects of the sourcing, selection and offer process ensuring a positive candidate experience.
World Vision is a Christian humanitarian, development and advocacy organization devoted to improving the lives of children, families and their communities around the world. Our 42,000+ staff members working in more than 90 countries are united through our ethos, mission and shared desire for all individuals, especially children, to overcome poverty, inequality and injustice.

Key Responsibilities:

Stakeholder Management, Customer Service & Strategy Development:
·         Conduct thorough Position Brief (intake meeting) with hiring manager for each position posted.
·         Coordinate with Regional and National office leaders/hiring managers to forecast hiring needs and create a diversity sourcing and recruitment strategy as needed.
·         Develop, build and maintain relationships with hiring managers and People & Culture (P&C) staff in a designated group of hiring offices in order to fill all international assignee vacancies in a timely manner.
Candidate Sourcing & Screening:
·         Develop and maintain multiple channels and networks to build a deep, diverse, and reliable sourcing pools from a specified country, group of countries or technical or functional areas. Proactively identify and develop effective sourcing strategies (e.g. networking contacts, system queries/searches, religious institutions, College/Universities presentations).
·         Source potential candidates on LinkedIn and DevEx and also on other platforms. Work with assigned Sourcing Specialist on hard to fill roles as needed.
·         Craft and send personalized recruiting emails with current job openings to passive candidates. Create advertisements and job postings using WVI guidelines and templates.
·         Maintain knowledge of and sensitivity to the constantly changing environment of the marketplace relative to the sourcing and recruitment of qualified professionals in the development sector.
·         Work in close partnership with hiring managers to achieve service level agreements and recruitment objectives for assigned positions by verifying appropriate position requirements, budget and target source.
·         Conduct effective screening, interviewing, and assessments for the best candidates for a position match using behavioural interviewing techniques.
·         Develop, build and maintain candidate relationships through ongoing communications regarding questions, updates and status during the interview process.
Recruitment Administration and Systems Support:
·         Negotiate offer with selected candidate within limits specified by hiring office and issue contract for candidate selected.
·         Initiate PAF (Payroll) paperwork based on candidate acceptance.
·         Coordinate with International Staffing Administrator to ensure appropriate orientation/on-boarding support is provided to new hires.
·         Manage/coordinate new hire relocation with support from administrator.
·         Support staff and Regional or National P&C in process of relocating new hire to new assignment/location (salary & benefits administration changes, logistics, Visa/travel arrangements).
·         Utilize OurPeople recruitment tool appropriately and efficiently to ensure consistent, timely and accurate data entry and management.
·         Maintain current knowledge of applicable laws, regulations and trends in recruitment, WVI organizational policies, benefits and compensation, relocation and repatriation.
·         Conduct recruitment responsibilities in a professional, service-oriented, responsive, innovative, ethical and cost effective manner in accordance with WVI goals and Christian principles.
·         May work on other recruitments other than those of their clients Will attend regular and monthly team meetings and training conferences.
·         Maybe required to travel for official matters as required and other duties as assigned.


·         A minimum of 5 years of experience of recruiting and working in a high volume organizations.
·         Bachelor’s degree or equivalent of 7 years of on the job training in recruitment.
·         Experience in recruitment of professional and technical positions.
·         Demonstrated ability to use creative sourcing and networking skills to connect with talent in different professions.
·         Successful skills and ability to prioritize effectively and manage multiple projects in a fast paced and ever-changing multinational organization.
·         Full-cycle recruiting experience.
·         The ability to operate within a geographically dispersed organization.
·         Experience in international/global workforce in Middle East/Europe and Africa context and possess cross-cultural sensitivity, knowledge of and ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds.
·         A deep understanding and passion for recruitment, aware of the latest trends and global talent market.
·         Proficiency with Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes.
·         Certification in Internet Recruiting, Social Talent or equivalent certification.
·         Targeted Selection certification or behavioural interviewing training.
·         Working knowledge of Humanitarian INGO’s and knowledge of relief contexts such as, Afghanistan/Pakistan/South Sudan/Sudan/Somalia is highly desirable.
·         Experience in forecasting of workforce/staffing needs.
·         Demonstrated computer literacy to include experience in tracking recruitment outcomes/metrics.
·         Expertise in advanced internet searching, candidate research, and cold-calling.
·         Confidence in all settings when advising/partnering with business partners, hiring managers and other stakeholders.
·         Must be in full agreement and support of WV’s Core Values, along with spiritual maturity to evaluate candidate’s motivational fit for the organization.
·         Solutions-oriented with strong problem-solving and follow-up skills.
·         A self-starter who is driven to find the best candidates for the positions and can work in an environment with minimal supervision; team player, collaborator, and able to effectively network amongst all levels within and outside of the organization.
·         Must have strong interpersonal, negotiation and oral/written communication skills – ability to provide exceptional customer service.
·         Second language such as Arabic, French or Portuguese is highly desirable.
Work Environment:
·         The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 5% of the time. Travel is minimal, is whenever required.
How to Apply

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