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Massive Recruitment at the Kenya Institute of Management, Nairobi

The Kenya Institute of Management is the hub of management and leadership excellence providing the highest quality professional and institutional development programs for greater growth and expanded opportunities. Our mission is to steer and champion excellence, integrity and competitiveness in individuals and organizations throughout Africa and beyond. We achieve this through our service/product portfolio including: Membership Development Programs, Professional Diploma in Management and Certifications, Executive Short Courses, Management Consultancy, Research Solutions, Entrepreneurship and Business Skills Training, Business Advisory Services , Business Excellence and Recognition Awards (OPI/COYA/SMOYA) and Management Magazine.

Location: Nairobi
Job Description Position:
This position will be responsible for providing efficient and effective driving and clerical support services to help achieve the overall objective of the Institute.


·      Drive the attached vehicle safely and comfortably and must exercise defensive driving for the safety of KIM staff and all authorised persons.
·      Observe and enforce security of vehicles attached to you, securing vehicle keys and ascertain that they are safe, clean and are mechanically fit for use all the time.
·      Conduct routine check-up of the vehicle engine oil, break functions, water, light and ensure that all documents such as Vehicle insurance and NTSA are well updated.
·      Monitor expiration and renewal of driving license without causing any inconvenience
·      Collect and deliver institutes documents as directed by the supervisor
·      Liaise with the supervisor in monitoring and issuance and safety of institute office keys
·      Compile monthly report on your work progress such as fuel report, car hires and taxis and mails reports.
·      Complete various forms and records including updating route sheets, maintenance sheet, field trip forms, incident and accident reports etc
·      Ensure renewal of city council permits for the offices and parking on time

Key Qualifications and experience

The successful candidate for the above position must have
·      at five years’ experience
·      Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)
·      Valid Driving License Class BCE.

Procurement Officer
Location: Nairobi
Job Purpose
This position is responsible for the management of procurement services of goods, services and works for the Institute as per the Institute’s procurement policies and procedures.


·      Provide leadership in the automation of procurement process in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in liaison with ICT department.
·      Ensure adherence to procurement procedures and standards through creating awareness to the users on the processes to be followed.
·      Ensure availability of quality goods and services ordered and prompt delivery of the same to the user through timely processing of the requisitions placed.
·      Manage an efficient supply base through open tendering and prequalification process for all goods & services used by the institute.
·      Secretary to the procurement committee which oversees the large procurement for the institute.
·      Ensure cost rationalization by carrying out price surveys to determine price trends to help suppliers’ appraisal.
·      Manage supplier relationships through maintaining good communication and timely processing of payments for mutual benefit of the institute and the suppliers.
·      Production of management reports to inform the management on decision making.
·      Supervise and train staff in the department to enhance work efficiency.
·      Advise the management on internal control to be applied in procurement to enhance efficiency.


·      Minimum level of academic qualification, skills and knowledge required to perform effectively in the role:
·      Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Commerce or any other related field.
·      Minimum level of personal and professional experience required to perform effectively in the role:
·      Be a member a of Kenya Institute of Management or Charted Institute of Purchasing and Suppliers
·      Three(3) years of relevant experience

Finance Officer
Location: Nairobi
Job Purpose
Deputise the head of finance and admin to oversee accounts receivable management creditors management, taxation, treasury management and ensure compliance of finance statutory (maintaining internal control systems)


·      Management of credit control function to ensure the revenues are well captured in the system to manage cash flow.
·      Management of creditors to ensure that payments are done in a timely manner.
·      Ensure proper management of funds through preparation of monthly and weekly forecasts to maintain the institute’s sound liquidity and reputation.
·      Supervise bank reconciliations to ensure data is properly captured and all transactions are in order.
·      Management of fixed assets, policies and procedures to ensure employees have a conducive working environment and customer satisfaction. They can also be used as collateral in case the institute requires extra funding.
·      Carry out project related financial planning to ensure well utilisation of funds.
·      Train and develop departmental staff in liaison with Human Resource through carrying out a training needs assessment to enhance their skills and competence.
·      Deal with external customers such as auditors, banks, service providers and supplier to ensure compliance and seamless information flow.
·      Ensure all insurance policies are in place to safeguard assets and staff of the institute.
·      Supervise proper book keeping and filing to ensure all transactions are captured well.
·      Tax planning and management for compliance with the regulator to avoid penalties.


·      Bachelor’s degree from a recognised institution
·      Minimum level of personal and professional experience required to perform effectively in the role:
·      Be a CPA finalist and a Member of ICPAK
·      Minimum months or years of experience required to have to be appointed to the position : Five (5) years’ of relevant experience
Key Performance Indicators
·      Timely Financial Reporting
·      Internal Financial controls in place
·      Financial policies in place
·      Timely preparation and review of Institution Budget
·      Cost efficiency
·      Models experimentation and learning from trying new approaches.
·      Leverages on the strength of other to accomplish the set objectives.
·      Monitors clients’ satisfaction and makes/recommends changes to work processes or systems to improve results.
·      Empowers the team to be effective and champions continuous improvement.

Human Resource Assistant  
Location: Nairobi
Job Purpose
This position is responsible for coordinating overall administration of the department which a conducive working environment, data management, leave management and general cleanliness of the office.


·      Assist in data management and profiling by entering and updating employment and status-change data including appointments, probation, promotions, transfers, separations, confirmation dates, end of contracts and staffing changes for all the months and preparation of related periodic reports.
·      Manage all types of leave i.e. study, annual, paternity and compassionate for the entire institution including the branches, leave schedules and leave administration for all staff.
·      Supervise the tea and outsourced cleaning personnel to create a conducive working environment for the staff.
·      Provide general clerical and administrative support to the Human Resources Division; compose and type letters, memoranda, and other correspondence related to assigned human resources programs and activities; prepare a variety of reports including technical reports and status reports pertaining to human resource management program.
·      Assist in ensuring that all staff have up to date Job Descriptions and their files are neat and tidy, up to date and properly kept in safe custody.
·      Perform a variety of general office support duties; make copies; maintain calendar of activities, meetings, and various events for assigned staff; process mail including receiving, sorting, time-stamping, logging, and distributing incoming and outgoing correspondence and packages and order office supplies.
·      Set up the board room or any other designated room for Monday Sharing Sessions, interviews and other HR meetings.
·      Assist in analyzing staff needs and performance reports include appraisal, training needs analysis and general performance of employee including PIP.
·      Follow up with medical providers for KIM employees ensure they are covered and issue them with medical cards.
·      Process staff badges for all employees including new employees.
·      Assist in the development, communication and enforcement of the Institute’s policies, procedures and code of ethics to govern staff and stakeholders on ethical practices of the Institute.


·      Diploma in Human Resource from a recognised
·      Member of IHRM
·      Two(2)years of relevant work experience

Senior Officer Examinations Administration & Logistics 
Location: Nairobi
Job Purpose
This position is responsible administration of standardised exams, marking and release of credible results (CATs, WBA and end of semester examination) according to the institution policies and procedures.


·      Select suitably qualified examiners and suitable marking centres to ensure quality in the marking of examination.
·      Maintenance of an appropriate examiner data bank to facilitate timely examination marking and release of results.
·      Selection and training of qualified examinations temporary staff to assist in the data capturing and entry.
·      Establishment of standard policies, procedures, rules and regulations that govern exam administration, marking and release of examination results.
·      Manage the storage and safe custody of examinations material and disposal for reference purposes and maintain security measures.
·      Ensure accuracy in the marking process to uphold the quality of the process and standards of the institution.
·      Timely management of the examination administration, marking and releasing of results through rightful scheduling and timetabling.
·      Accurate and timely processing of payments for the temporary staff and examiners to avoid over claims and maintain a good relationship.
·      Establishment of efficient and effective communication channels with examiners and other stakeholders.
·      Coordination of the graduation meetings for planning to ensure seamless graduation ceremony.
·      Coordinate regular training of examinations temporary staff and examiners to keep them up to date.
·      Coordination of examination results awards meetings to ensure fairness in awarding of grades.


·      Bachelor’s degree from a recognised institution
·      Minimum of  4 years’ experience
·      Leadership skills
·       Communication skills
·      Interpersonal skills

Assistant Librarian 
Location: Nairobi
Job Purpose
The job acquire, organize, control and disseminate relevant and timely information to library users, also performs technical services involve processing and classifying newly acquired information materials.


·      Oversee and coordinate newly acquired information materials to update the library collection and meet the needs of the user.
·      Coordinate the updating of library holding database, shelf list and accession register.
·      Coordinate weeding of information materials from the library shelves.
·      Participate in stock taking exercise and preparing of quarterly stock taking reports.
·      Ensure accuracy of data on KOHA especially when checking out to provide accuracy of information.
·      Identification and selection of relevant information materials in regard to the current market needs.
·      Ensure security of information materials against loss/theft, mutilation.
·      Conduct e- resource training, OPAC training and literature search to users.
·      Organize library materials in shelves and racks for easy access.


·      Degree in Library and Information Science from recognised institution
·      Member of Kenya Library Association
·      Two(2) years of relevant work experience
Key Performance Indicators
·      Library users abide by the rules and regulations as stipulated in the library policy.
·      The library is opened to users in good time as per the rules
·      Library users access and retrieve information with ease.
·      Information materials are processed on time.
·      Ensure security of all the information materials in the library.
·      Library housekeeping practices are adhered to.
·      People Management
·      Knowledge on Enterprise Resource Planning
·      Record Keeping
·      Report writing
·      Marketing skills
·      Public Relations
·      Basic Accounting skills
·      Library Management
·      Knowledge of an Integrated Library system(ILS)
·      Knowledge of Open source Software process and applications

Examinations Officer & Logistics 
Location: Nairobi
Job Purpose
This position is responsible for the management of all the examination administrative and logistical


·      Advice and provide information regarding to all matters of examination administration and regulations.
·      Coordinate and manage examination sites, this includes booking of the marking halls and arranging access requirement to ensure smooth execution of the marking process.
·      Produce an accurate candidature schedule.
·      Coordinate the examiners logistics and ensure they have all the required stationery to facilitate the marking process.
·      Ensure secure storage of completed examination scripts and arrange remarking requests in accordance with awarding examination policy.
·      Coordinate the examination logistics in preparation of examination sitting from labelling, packaging of examination to receiving of scripts from exam centres in a timely manner.


·      Bachelor’s degree from a recognised institution
·      Three(3) year of relevant work experience
Key Performance Indicators
·      Exam results (timely, no errors, reduction of enquiries)
·      Minimal errors in certificates
·      Accurate reports
·      Reduced query response time
·      Data Analytics
·      Knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning
·      People Management skills
·      Computer literacy

Learning & Admission Assistant
The job holder is responsible facilitate student training in Certificates, Diploma and certification courses through student admission

Main Responsibilities Of The Jobs

·      Facilitate implementation of the semester timetable to be able to monitor classes and be able to allocate the class venues.
·      Monitor the lecturers’ class attendance in liaison of with the class representative and use of lecturer attendance list to ensure that they attend classes.
·      Maintain a lecturer’s performance management system through conducting performance evaluation and communicate the results from to the lecturers.
·      Responsible for proper utilization of space and control class sizes for conducive learning environment.
·      Assist in CATs and Work Based Assignment (WBA) through implementation of the schedules/timetables for the CATS, Supervising Data Entry of WBA/CAT marks, attending to student’s problems by liaising with lecturers in relations to CATS/WBA, Effective management of the WBA/CAT data and receiving CATs and WBA marks from lecturers.
·      Conduct student orientation at the beginning of the semester to acquaint on course offered and the rules and regulations of the school.
·      Conduct admission of the new students and registration of continuing students for new semester.
·      Issue of CATs cards and gate passes to students to be able to monitor fee payment and clear students for CATs as per the rules and regulations.
·      Receive and file score sheets for WBAs and CATS from lecturers for data entry
·      Coordinate the issuance of nominal roles to be able to monitor student’s registration.
·      Process lectures claims and act as the first point of contacts for the lecturers when they have queries.
·      Responsible for coordination of certification courses.
Responsibility for physical assets
·      Computer
·      Officer Desk
·      Office Furniture
·      Telephone
Nature of Decision Making
·      Operational

Knowledge, Skills And Experience

·      Minimum level of academic qualification, skills and knowledge required to perform effectively in the role: Diploma in a relevant field from a recognized Institution.
·      Minimum level of personal and professional experience required to perform effectively in the role: N/A
·      Minimum months or years of experience required to have to be appointed to the position : Three (3) years of relevant work experience
Key Performance Indicators
·      Number of complaints
·      Number students
·      Timely submission of score sheets
·      People Management
·      Knowledge on Enterprise Resource Planning
·      Knowledge on Research and Projects
·      Record Keeping
·      Report writing
·      Marketing skills
·      Public Relations
·      Basic Accounting skills
·      Human Resource Policies
·      Computer Literacy
·      Continuously seeks new ways of doing things.
·      Gives and receives feedback from peers or other team members in order to perform the task.
·      Makes concrete attempts to add value to client expectation.
·      Find creative ways to improve client product experience with the institution
·      Actively pursue own development on relevant knowledge to enhance skills set and knowledge base.

Learning and Admission Assistant -Examination 
Location: Nairobi
Job Purpose
This position is responsible to provide administrative support in the examination department to maintain an efficient process and smooth running of Examination matters at the branch.


·      Keep updated records of exams related issues and filling all exams documents under the supervision of the Exam manager for future reference
·      Responsible for safe custody and issue of academic certificates and transcripts for all the Diploma and Certificate courses.
·      Handle all exams related enquiries and queries to ensure customer satisfaction.
·      Prepare notification letters for the needy clients and including sick students for special consideration.
·      Registration and clearance of students for exams to ensure compliance to set rules and regulations
·      Book transcripts and certificates for students who had postponed or had supplementary examination or had rectification.
·      Liaise with exams department for confirmation letters for the students who have made written applications.
·      Facilitate replacement of certificates and transcripts as per the existing policies and regulations.
·      Liaise with other branches for exam documents for students who have transferred to or from other branches


·      Diploma in Business Management and Administration
·      Two(2) years of relevant experience
Key Performance Indicators
·      Ensure that the exam data base is well updated.
·      Ensure that all exams documents are well maintained.
·      Ensure that students get a quick service at the exams desk.
·      People Management
·      Knowledge on Enterprise Resource Planning
·      Knowledge on Research and Projects
·      Record Keeping
·      Report writing
·      Marketing skills
·      Public Relations
·      Basic Accounting skills
·      Human Resource Policies
How to Apply
Interested candidates are advised to visit and apply at and copy Send your application to reach us by 28th March, 2018.
In addition please attach a curriculum vitae that contains details of your qualifications, experience and positions held relevant to this role. Include your day and evening telephone numbers, email address, names and address of three professional referees.

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