Management Accountant Job in Kenya

Job Title: Management Accountant

Job Purpose:
Responsible for Cost control, Inventory control and Financial analysis for the Bottling plant operations 

Reporting Lines:
Post holder reports to: Plant Financial Controller
Staff reporting to this post: Inventory Accountant 
Staff significant for this post: Operations Manager, Production Manager, Warehouse Supervisor, Group Financial Controller
Education and Experience:
  • Bachelor degree in Accounting, Business Administration or similar
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Practical experience of working with an ERP
  • Hands on experience in manufacturing environment
  • Five years’ experience in FMCG or busy commercial environment
  • Experience in a Group environment will give a distinct advantage
Main Responsibilities
  • Prepare monthly management accounts
  • Carry out monthly variance analysis on management accounts
  • Prepare reconciliation of revenues  to volumes and prepare KO reports to financial reports
  • Value chain management, recommendations on margins, discounts and retiring of non- profitable SKUs
  • Co-ordinate physical stock counts (daily, monthly, annual etc)
  • Carry out detailed analysis on factory KPIs, reconciling to the general ledger highlight anomalies and opportunities and propose counter measures.
  • Review and analyze inventory and margin reports, conduct research and perform analytical studies in regards to cost analyses and profitability
  • Prepare, analyze and report weekly, monthly, quarterly gross margin analysis by brand by customer type
  • Analyze actual manufacturing expenses and prepares periodic reports comparing standard costs to actual production costs.
  • Coordinate product cost process including calculating, reviewing and analyzing machine and labor hours, overhead costs and allocations, production rates, raw material costs and manufacturing process changes
  • Assist in the budgeting and forecasting process by coordinating and consolidate information from different sources.
  • Decision support – prepare business case, payback follow up and budget versus actual follow up
  • Ensure compliance with Company  policies, procedures, guidelines and chart of authority
  • Support business process  improvement initiatives  through benchmarking
  • Support  enhancement of the  of ERP
  • Assist in preparation of management reports  and ad hoc reports for HOD’s
Key Skills and Competencies:
  • Job Knowledge and Skills [Level of competency required for effective job performance.  Consider the understanding of basic principles, techniques and the ability to apply that knowledge to solve a wide range of job related problems and stay abreast of new developments]
  • Initiative and Problem Solving [Ability to identify problems and generate alternative solutions.  Consider the amount of supervision required and the ability to work independently.  Is the employee a self-starter and creative in handling difficult and demanding clients.  Also the ability to represent the organization’s best interest]
  • Quality of Work [Ability to perform work duties correctly and consistently within established standards.  Consider the quality of output and delivery of service.  Does the employee project a professional attitude?]
  • Quantity of Work [Ability to perform work duties correctly and consistently within established standards.  Consider the quantity of output and delivery of services.  Is the employee willing to take on additional assignments without complaining?]
  • Care for organization’s resources [Demonstrated ability to take care and maintain organizational resources.  Does the employee effectively utilize available resources without undue wastage?]
  • Interpersonal Relationships & Communication [Ability to relate to other members of the work team including internal clients and convey and obtain correct information persuasively both verbally and in writing.  Consider the ability to deal with difficult and demanding clients.  Also the ability to represent the organization’s best interests.]
  • Leadership and Training Skills [Ability to provide an example for others to follow.  Consider the ability to train others and achieve results through teamwork.  Also consider the ability to inspire confidence and motivate others to perform their job effectively]
  • Teamwork [The ability to participate effectively as a member of a work team.  Consider how well the employee supports other team members and covers for them in order to achieve organizational objectives.]
  • Dependability & Reliability [The ability to do required jobs properly and accurately without supervision.  Consider how well the employee can be trusted and relied upon to take on extra responsibility and to work beyond regular working hours in order to complete important and urgent work assignments]
  • Time Management [Consider the employee’s ability to manage time effectively and to attend meetings and other engagements on time.  Also consider the concern for arriving to work on the agreed time and to be available whenever required].
Functional Competencies
  • Accounting Policies & Procedures [Consider the employee’s understanding of the organization’s accounting policies and procedures and annual accounting cycle]
  • Business & Functional Knowledge [The employee’s awareness and understanding of the organization’s business, customers and suppliers and how the Finance function adds value to the business]
  • Accounting & Numeracy [Consider the employee’s understanding and application of professional Accounting standards]
  • Statutory Requirements [Consider the employee’s understanding of Company Law and statutory requirements.  Consider the ability to prepare returns and ensure compliance]
  • Financial Forecasting & Control [Consider the employee’s ability to apply financial modelling, forecasting and planning techniques.  Also consider the ability to support the business in the budgeting and budget review processes]
  • Management Reporting [Ability to generate, assess and provide functional reporting systems and to provide strategic insight into content of report
How to Apply
If you are qualified and up to the challenge  send your application to with the subject Management Accountant – October 2016