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NGO Jobs in Kenya – MESPT (Many Positions)

Micro - Enterprises Support Programme Trust (MESPT)

Contribute to poverty eradication

Are you looking for an opportunity to contribute to poverty eradication and at the same time love what you do? 

You are at the right place! 

Read on and see how you can become part of a leading development organization in Kenya that is focused on poverty reduction through sustainable micro-enterprise development activities.

Micro-Enterprise Support Programme Trust (MESPT) was established in 2002 by the Government of Kenya and the European Union to continue with the activities of the Micro-Enterprises Support Programme (MESP), previously implemented by the founders between 1997 and 2002. 

In 2012, the European Union relinquished its rights as a founder and passed those rights to the Danish Representation in Nairobi. 

The mandate of MESPT is alleviation of poverty and creation of employment through support of micro, small and medium enterprises.
Building on MESPT’s vision and our great success over the past 13 years, the organization has set its eyes on an exciting growth plan into the future as articulated through our new brand and strategy.
It is against this background that we are looking for high quality individuals to join our existing team of inspired and talented professionals at MESPT and be part of our growing and exciting future.

Procurement Officer
Ref: MESPT/PO/07
Overall Job Purpose: Reporting to the Head of Finance and Administration, the jobholder manages sourcing activities on a for entire procurement function day-to-day basis and executes standardized strategic sourcing processes focusing on value for money

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Provide advisory services to line managers and project teams on procurement of all goods; works; service and logistical matters;
  • Maintains and updates bi-annually an approved list of registered suppliers required by MESPT;
  • Prepare and implements a Procurement Plan;
  • Prepare, publishes and distributes clear technical specifications for procurement of goods and services including invitations to tenders; pre-qualification documents and invitation for expression of interest;
  • Coordinate the receiving and opening of tender documents; and coordinate the evaluation of tenders, quotations and proposals;
  • Prepare contract documents, variations and modifications in line with award decisions;
  • Develop and implement a mechanism for use organization wide for measuring and improving purchasing performance.
  • Participate in supplier qualification and selection process by developing a supplier evaluation system;
  • Ensure that MESPT has reliable and efficient suppliers with documented quality systems and a sound financial base.
  • Participate in the review and development of contracting strategies through analysis of the value chain and identifying new opportunities for procurement efficiencies.
  • Formulates Service Level Agreements in consultation with other departments to meet the expectations of internal customers;
  • Monitor Service Level Agreements management by user departments to observe consistency and ascertain that MESPT is getting value for money from procured services or products;
  • Pursue and develop cooperative relationships and interchange of information between the procurement function and other departments of the Trust with a view to giving exceptional customer service.
  • Ensure adherence to the procurement procedures as required by procurement policy and grant agreement.
  • Conduct market surveys and analysis which will assist in monitoring and forward planning for supplies
  • Ensures smooth supply chain procedures within the and coordination among staff to ensure successful requisition
Desired competencies and experience
  • Business degree or equivalent plus full professional qualifications is procurement or equivalent
  • Professional Membership in Purchasing and Supplies; CIPS or KISM
  • Five (5) years progressive work experience.
  • Pragmatic and honest behaviour
  • Knowledge of Public Procurement Regulations
  • Knowledge of relevant statutory laws e.g. Tax; NSSF;NHIF
  • Impeccable organisational skill and proven analytical ability;
  • A Strong team player with demonstrated experience in leading teams
  • Results oriented with proven track record of working to achieve targets

Head of Programmes
Overall Job Purpose: Reporting to the CEO, the jobholder is responsible for delivering all MESPT’s Programmes for achieving agreed strategic and operational goals by developing, expanding and refining existing programme structures, processes and procedures to ensure an efficient working environment.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Participate in formulation and implementation of strategic aspects of all programs;
  • Manage end-to-end project management of multiple large programs and projects;
  • Lead cross functional teams to complete projects or program deliverables within allotted timeline and budget.
  • Identify key internal/external stakeholders necessary for project completion and develops overall strategy for executive of high value projects/program;
  • Define project/program scope and objectives, guides activities of a project/program team including delegating tasks to team members, identifies resources, and establishes master timeline for deliverables;
  • Create work plans for complex Projects/programs spanning multiple business units and new concepts;
  • Prepare donor reports
  • Work with external vendors and internal stakeholders to champion project(s) across the entire organization;
  • Conduct project/program meetings and is responsible for project/program tracking and analysis;
  • Ensure adherences to quality standards and reviews project/program deliverables;
  • Manage the integration of vendor tasks and tracks and reviews vendor deliverables;
  • Responsible for each project process in the region, including the definition, resource mobilization, monitoring, closure and budget for all projects;
  • Provide technical and analytical guidance to project team; and
  • Recommend and takes action to direct the analysis and solutions of major problems.
Qualifications and Experience
  • A Masters Degree or equivalent in relevant area of study
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Program Management, Economics, Business or equivalent;
  • Demonstrated 13 years’ experience in program management, 5 years’ of which should be in leadership position.
  • A Strong team player with demonstrated experience in leading teams;
  • Demonstrated experience in managing multiple donor projects.
  • Results oriented with proven track record of working to achieve project targets
  • Demonstrated knowledge of devolution of functions of national vs. county governments and proven ability to create buy-in and build consensus among stakeholders.

ICT Manager
Overall Job Purpose: Reporting to the CEO, the jobholder manages, delivers and evaluates a wide variety of IT infrastructure, systems, and applications and advises the management on strategic IT solutions to improve MESPT performance and efficiency.

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Participate in formulation and implements an Information Communication and Technology Strategy
  • Evaluate user needs and system functionality and ensures that MIS/IT facilities are aligned with the organizational goals.
  • Coordinate implementation of all computerized information systems within MESPT network.
  • Implement computer systems in accordance with the business strategies.
  • Liaises with the policy makers to determine hardware, software and access requirements for staff members.
  • Consult with the Management Team; advises and assists in design and training of MESPT staff in the implementation of new MIS/IT procedures, software or MIS/IT changes within the Trust’s core business.
  • Create computer usage best practices for MESPT staff and coordinating sensitization on the same.
  • Introduces new online platforms and technologies such as credit online applications, online customer interaction platforms, e-learning, online staff discussion forums, conference registration to digitize the Trust.
  • Coordinate the development, implementation and expansion of social media strategy to raise the Trust’s profile and market its activities.
  • Ensure that all systems are integrated and operates efficiently in accordance with global IT guidelines.
  • Co-ordinate training activities in office automation, hardware and software installation in consultation with the Resource center.
  • Participate in preparation of budgets and implementation of effective controls to achieve financial targets.
  • Responsible for the provision of MIS/IT infrastructure services including desktop, laptops etc
  • .Formulate and reviews disaster recovery plan.
  • Ensure proper maintenance of all electronic records.
  • Arrange for software maintenance services for packages and application systems as well as repairs and servicing of hard wares.
  • Formulate and implements MIS/IT Policy
Desired competencies and experience
  • Masters degree in Information Technology; an MBA or related field of study
  • A minimum of 10 years work experience in a similar set up of which 5 years should be in a managerial position
  • CISA Certification
  • Pragmatic and honest behaviour
  • Good analytical skills
  • Independent thinker

Internal Audit & Risk Compliance Manager
Overall Job Purpose: Reporting to the Audit, Risk & Governance Committee, the jobholder will provide independent assurance on the effectiveness of the governance, risk management and internal control processes.

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Develop annual internal audit plans for approval by appropriate authority and ensuring that routine audits are carried out as per agreed plan.
  • Review all Trust policies and other statutory requirements to ensure compliance with the laid down internal controls;
  • Review operations and programs activities to ensure they are consistent with established objectives and goals.
  • Check the soundness of accounting procedures and reliability of financial records and reports.
  • Conduct audit reviews of policy and compliance to standards/regulatory requirements;
  • Regularly inspects Trust records and transactions and evolve scrutiny methodology to ensure compliance;
  • Carry out audits and investigations and recommends remedial actions as per operational procedures requirements; 
  • Audit the utilization of donor funds disbursed to various projects.
  • Responsible for Business Continuity Plans for MESPT
  • Develop and ensure implementation of a risk and compliance framework on the Trust’s overall risk management strategies and annual work plans;
  • Report to the Board Audit Committee in a timely manner on any risk related threats and advice on risk mitigation plans of identified risks;
  • Create risk awareness to managers and staff on risks relevant to their departments and at individual level to enhance understanding of their accountability for their departments’ risks;
  • Assist in developing policy, procedure and systems for the departments, including documentation where necessary, revise operations, accounting, procurement, HR and IT manuals in order to ensure they cover all possible risks at the Trust
  • Ensure appropriate controls and procedures are established in the key departments of organization;
Qualifications and Experience
  • Bachelors Degree in Finance, Accounts, Actuarial Science or equivalent;
  • A CPA (K) holder or equivalent;
  • 8 years in internal or external audit position;
  • 3 years’ experience in a managerial position;
  • Impeccable organisational skill and proven analytical ability;
  • Conviction and confidence to make recommendations based on findings.
  • High integrity personality
  • A Strong team player with demonstrated experience in leading teams;
  • Demonstrated experience in managing multiple donor projects.
  • Results oriented with proven track record of working to achieve project targets

Finance Manager
Ref: MESPT/FM/06
Overall Job Purpose: Reporting to the Head of Finance and Administration, the jobholder provides leadership and guidance to the Central Finance function by implementation of sound accounting, budgeting and financial control systems and procedures in accordance with International Accounting Standards and the policies approved by the Board of Trustees.

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Work with the Head of Finance and Administration to formulate the Trust’s financial strategy and ensure it is properly implemented;
  • Support in preparing budgets and periodic financial performance reports;
  • Coordinates the preparation of departmental budgets and provide technical support/advice to line managers on budgeting.
  • Develop and ensures compliance with the existing policies and procedures.
  • Maintains controls on spending to ensure budgetary limits are met;
  • Advise Management on matters relating to financial management;
  • Ensure that all finances and appropriate financial regulations and controls are in place, properly administered and monitored.
  • Liaise with Internal and External auditors and responding to queries, observations and recommendations.
  • Controls costs and enforce adherence to financial plans and projections as approved by the Board of Directors
  • Liaise with professional and relevant authorities on any developments on accounting regulations and international financial reporting standards and facilitate implementation;
  • Advise management on matters relating to loans disbursements;
  • Prepare Monthly quarterly and annual financial reports;
  • Pay suppliers and contractors in accordance with payment terms spelt out in contact documents
  • Monitors and reporting all cash and bank activities ensuring timely processing of all wire requests forecasting future cash requirements and managing activity on various debt agreements.
  • Participates in the development of fundraising strategies
Desired competencies and experience
  • A Degree in Finance, Commerce or related field;
  • Must CPA (K) or ACCA finalist;
  • Ten (10) years relevant working experience;
  • Must be an ICPAK Member
  • Knowledge of relevant statutory laws e.g. Tax; NSSF;NHIF
  • Impeccable organisational skill and proven analytical ability;
  • A Strong team player with demonstrated experience in leading teams;
  • Demonstrated experience in managing multiple donor projects.
  • Results oriented with proven track record of working to achieve project targets

Head of Credit & Business Development
Overall Job Purpose: Reporting to the CEO the jobholder is responsible for the continued growth of the business, targeting new and existing clients; new and existing programs to increase revenue streams, sustainability and programs success. 

The jobholder plays a key role in continually advancing MESPT’s thought leadership in key segments using data driven insights, understanding the needs of Microfinance environment; decision makers and transferring that knowledge into opportunities.

Key Duties and Responsibilities
  • Develop and implements a Resource Mobilization Strategy for MESPT
  • Lead the MESPT’s Business Improvement Service ensuring that critical services such as resource mobilization and business development support are delivered.
  • Oversee the management of current business services roll out to achieve the intended goal and objectives.
  • Manage the successful implementation of MESPT products & services ensuring surplus and develop new products and their transition.
  • Develop frameworks and recommend tactics for strategy alignment to ensure MESPT growth and sustainability, Marketing, and Product Management teams are successful.
  • Prepare departmental budget and ensures the stated business objectives and strategies are implemented in accordance with approved budget.
  • Support the Credit Manager to come up with tactics for additional products and services to existing customers (within intermediary portfolio)
  • Develop financial and market performance KPIs to allow for program monitoring against strategic corporate and operating goals.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of the credit and business development strategies and results.
  • Responsible for creating mindshare for MESPT solutions, and creating a pipeline of new business opportunities.
Qualifications and Experience
  • A relevant Master’s degree such as Finance, Business, Commerce or equivalent
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies or equivalent;
  • 10 years relevant working experience of which 5 should be in developing and recommending Fundraising, Business Development, Resource Mobilization and/or Credit Strategies; Product Analysis and at a managerial level.
  • Results oriented with proven track record of working to achieve project targets
  • Demonstrated knowledge of identifying new growth opportunities and developing and implementing strategies to generate incremental revenue;
  • Knowledge of business case development and leading projects
  • Strong ability in developing market insight and conclusions based on available information and data
  • Ability to develop cost/benefit analyses and forecasting models
  • Strong written and oral presentation skills.

Head of Finance and Administration
Overall Job Purpose: Reporting to the CEO, the jobholder provides strategic financial leadership and has P&L responsibility including forecasting, analysis and reporting. 

Responsibilities also include monthly close, compliance, cash flow and cash call management, fund management, special projects and overseeing finance team.

She also provides strategic leadership to Human Resource and Administration functions.

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Perform strategic analysis including cost reduction tactics and business analysis.
  • Oversee accuracy of the accounting records and financial systems
  • Ensure budgets of MESPT are implemented and progress regularly reported;
  • Prepare financial statements and other financial reports
  • Design, monitor and supervise internal financial control measures and systems to safeguard the resources.
  • Facilitate the formulation and implementation of sound financial and accounting policies, procedures and systems which are compliant with acceptable accounting policies; legal requirements and grant agreements;
  • Provide operational financial support and guidance to the senior management team on budgeting and financial performance;
  • Formulate the overall MESPT budget and lead departmental budgetary process;
  • Coordinate visits of external auditors in auditing financial statements and other specific audits commissioned by donors and the Board of Trustees;
  • Custodian of company documents and maintains an inventory of fixed assets;
  • Ensures financial reporting complies with prevailing laws and regulations and international financial reporting standards (IFRS);
  • Oversees the Trust’s payroll and ensure it is in conformity with the staff establishment
  • Responsible for the bank accounts, including opening/closing/ operational profile/signature authorizations.
  • Responsible to ensure that treasury operations meet all relevant control and compliance requirements.
  • Oversee MESPT’s Human Resource & Administration functions;
  • Prepares Investment reports
Desired competencies and experience
  • A Masters Degree or MBA or equivalent in relevant area of study
  • A Bachelor degree in Finance, Accounting, Commerce, Business Management or related field
  • Must be a CPA (K) holder or equivalent
  • Must be an ICPAK Member
  • A minimum of 12 years relevant experience.
  • Excellent knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Knowledge of relevant statutory laws e.g. Tax; NSSF;NHIF
  • Impeccable organisational skill and proven analytical ability.
  • A Strong team player with demonstrated experience in leading teams
  • Demonstrated experience in managing multiple donor projects
  • Results oriented with proven track record of working to achieve project targets

Chief Executive Officer
Overall Job Purpose: Reporting to the Board of Trustees of MESPT, the CEO shall provide overall management and strategic direction towards achievement of the Trust’s objectives and goals as outlined in various operational and development plans.

Key Duties and Responsibilities
  • Implement and monitor decisions of the Board of Trustees and apprises the Board continually on progress made. 
  • Ensure effective communication between the Management and the Board of trustees as well as between different levels of management
  • Spearhead, review and implement MESP’s Strategic Plan, while ensuring it complies with organisational vision, mission and values
  • Provide overall guidance, leadership, and direction to the Management Team in order to facilitate the achievement of MESPT’s mandate
  • Provide strategic linkages with the corporate world, community, government agencies and other social partners for the benefit of the Trust’s growth.
  • Oversee the preparation of the Trust’s annual work plans, budgets and reports by the relevant head of departments
  • Coordinate and prepare business-related proposals and resource mobilization
  • Provide leadership and fosters teamwork among Management and all employees
  • Provide leadership in developing, implementing and reviewing management policies, strategies, systems to ensure quality service delivery to various stakeholders
  • Link the Board of Trustees with the employees at MESPT, by ensuring high corporate governance and infrastructure to achieve the organizational goal.
  • Oversee effective management of human capital for optimal productivity.
  • Ensure compliance with the Trust Act, KRA, GBK, GMA, Co-operative Act, Rules, By-laws and any applicable laws and advice on the formulation of policies and procedures and ensure their implementation of and adherence
  • Oversee the management of the Trust’s credit portfolio.
Minimum Qualifications and Experience
  • A Relevant Masters Degree such as development, economics, or business University degree in relevant areas of study
  • A minimum of 15 years of related work experience, of which 10 years should be in extensive executive-level management.
  • Strong visionary with proven leadership qualities.
  • Professional expertise and financial orientation
  • Knowledge of Performance-based Management
  • Strategic initiative with organization astuteness and team spirit
  • Individual of unquestionable integrity, credibility, and noble character
  • Fundraising skills
  • Strong written and oral presentation skills
  • Results oriented with proven track record of working to achieve project targets
Important Note:
For all positions, successful candidates should meet the following requirements:
  • Police Clearance Certificate from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (CID)
  • Clearance Certificate from Higher Education Loans Board (HELB)
  • A Tax Compliance Certificate from Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)
  • A Clearance Certificate from Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC)
  • A Clearance Certificate from Credit Reference Bureau (CRB)
Application Procedure
Interested and suitably qualified candidates should forward their applications in PDF format via email clearly quoting the job title and job reference number in the Subject Area as well as the cover letter. 

The application should include a cover letter, detailed curriculum vitae indicating telephone contacts, mail address, names and contacts of three (3) referees and current remuneration to email address to reach us by 13th November 2015.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

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