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Government Jobs in Kenya - NACC

The National AIDS Control Council (NACC) is a state Corporation whose mission is to provide policy and strategic framework for mobilizing and coordinating resources for the prevention of HIV transmission and provision of care and support to the infected and affected people in Kenya. 

In our efforts to fulfill this mandate, the NACC seeks to recruit a suitable candidate for the following position:

Job Title: Programme Officer, HIV Investments 
Reports to: Deputy Director, HIV Investments 
Grade: NACC 4 
Department: HIV Investments 

Business Purpose / Objective: Provide technical, administrative support and guidance to ensure that the Investments of the country’s HIV response are achievable through the principles of value for money, cost effectiveness; performance based funding and economic returns. 

  • Draft Annual Work Programme and Budget that support the HIV Investments Agenda 
  • Support the design, financial and econometric modeling on the Economic Returns on Investment to HIV 
  • Provide technical assistance to NACC on HIV resource tracking, needs, funding patterns, expenditure reviews, funding gaps and funding sources in a continuous manner 
  • Review proposed innovative funding sources and provide justification for its feasibility and policy implications
  • For the implementation and operationalization of the HIV Fund, develop a formulae for the Funding Allocation Criteria stating all key assumptions for the methodology as a key input in the Fund operationalization 
  • For the implementation of the HIV Fund, liaise with Governments’ Coordinating Agencies, Development Partners , which play lead/supporting roles in providing overall policy direction, coordinating and monitoring progress towards expected results of the HIVFund ; 
  • Develop sound mechanism for the HIV Investments ( giving a full account of the same from your understanding the sources of funding , the impact investment product and the mechanism of financing HIV and NCDs) 
  • Advises on new initiatives requiring NACC support and on potential opportunities for resource mobilization to enhance coverage and impact of HIV response; 
  • Masters level University degree in Business Administration, Finance, Economics or Actuarial Sciences with related Training in Programme / Project management 
  • A minimum of three (3) years’ professional experience in a national or international level or non-governmental organizations in macro economic analysis, economic and financial modeling, socio-economic development, public sector management, private- public partnerships among others. 
  • Strong analytical skills, ability to conceptualize, plan and execute innovative ideas, as well as transfer of knowledge and skills. 
  • Proficiency in Microsoft application 
  • Familiarity with the HIV response in the country will be an asset

Job Title: Senior Procurement Officer 
Reports To: Head Procurement 
Grade: NACC 4 
Department: Director 

Business Purpose / Objective: Procure quality products and services for NACC in order to maintain appropriate stock levels. 

Coordinate the procurement and supply chain function in NACC. 

  • Coordination of the day to day procurement programmes. 
  • Secretary to NACC Procurement Committee and responsible for implementing the decision of the Procurement Committee. 
  • Alternate secretary to the NACC Tender Committee. 
  • Preparation of bidding documents for tenders, request for proposals (RFPs), expression of interest (EOIs) 
  • Coordinate the carrying out technical and financial evaluations of tenders, proposals (RFPs), expression of interest (EOIs) 
  • Offer advisory services during technical evaluations 
  • Coordinate receipt and opening of tenders and quotations 
  • Facilitation of timely payment to suppliers 
  • Preparation of agendas and minutes of the Tender Committee 
  • Progression of orders 
  • Ensure tenders and quotations are issued to the target group as per the annual procurement plan. 
  • Participation in negotiations 
  • Preparation of quarterly procurement reports 
  • Coordination of market surveys 
  • Monitoring of stock levels and raising requisitions when stocks reach reorder levels. 
  • Ensure procurement personnel are rotated periodically. 
  • Responsible for progression of performance contracting targets and preparation of the reports.
  • Preparation of procurement reports to the Tender Committee, NACC Management, PPOA and other oversight agencies. 
  • Maintenance of contract register, tracking of status, implementation and advising on timelines for renewal. 
  • Safe custody of accountable documents and keys to tender /quotation box 
  • Ensure end of activity reports are compiled. 
  • Tracking / monitoring of running contracts and advising on when procurement process to start 
  • Any other role related to procurement that may be assigned from time to time.
  • Post graduate degree in a related field 
  • Bachelor degree in commerce, economics or business related studies
  • Professional qualification in purchasing and supply from a recognized university, preferably CIPS (UK) 
  • Have at least four (5) years experience in dealing with Public Procurement in a relevant sector 
  • Demonstrate competence and knowledge in supervising staff 
  • Demonstrable ability to work within strict timelines and deadlines.

Job Title: Principal Accountant, Receivables 
Reports: To Head Finance 
Grade: NACC 4 
Department: Finance and Administration

Business Purpose / Objective: To manage the accounts receivable function within the organizations established policies. 

Also responsible for arranging and overseeing completion of all work including posting, processing, and verification of receipts, credit claims, refunds, interest charges, or other similar records. 

Manages the accounts receivable function within the organization's established policies. 

  • Manage the accounting for funds received by NACC from government and donor organizations.
  • Put in place procedures and processes for funds disbursements to eligible programme. 
  • Ensure all funds received by NACC are posted and applied correctly to relevant accounts daily 
  • Ensure zero variance. 
  • Communicate with various levels of management and programme personnel.
  • Report all examples of system/process situations which have potential to cause lost revenue
  • Coordinate day, week, month and year end closure for the section. 
  • Prepare daily, weekly, monthly and annual receivable statements 
  • Produce regular or special written reports. 
  • Suggest improvements in processes to increase effectiveness of section and division at large. 
  • Master’s degree in a relevant area 
  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting or its equivalent from a recognized institution
  • Full professional qualification- CPA (K), ACCA or its equivalent; 
  • Five (5) years in a related function in a large and reputable organization
Key Competencies 
  • Have in depth knowledge of GOK and development partners’ financial procedures; 
  • Demonstrate proven experience from a public sector
  • Excellent working knowledge of such as spreadsheets and accounting packages;
  • Be committed and open to new working techniques;
  • Be able to produce reports within strict deadlines.

Job Title: Programme Officer, HIV Prevention 
Reports to: Head - Technical Support 
Grade: NACC 4 
Department: Coordination & Support 

Business Purpose / Objective: Provide Technical Assistance to support the HIV Prevention Activities of the NACC 

  • Participate in national prevention initiatives and in development of national policies and guidelines 
  • MOH liaison person on technical working groups 
  • Technical guidance on KASF delivery 
  • Facilitate technical input into strategies, county and MDA HIV plans and strategies 
  • Facilitate assessment and implications of new technical guidelines. 
  • Develop methodology for evaluation of HIV response programmes 
  • Facilitate capacity building of the NACC team to offer technical assistance to counties 
  • Technical guidance to the delivery of priority initiatives
  • Have a Masters degree in a relevant field Have a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences, Management / Business Administration, Public Health or Medicine from a recognized institution or its equivalent 
  • Have served for a minimum period of five (5) years in a similar role in a reputable organization 
Key Competencies 
  • Have strong interpersonal, leadership, networking, training, reporting and communication skills; 
  • Have proven initiative, flexibility and reliability; 
  • Be computer literate; 
  • Advocacy and resource mobilization skills 
  • Ability and willingness to travel on a frequent basis

Job Title: Programme Officer, (PLHIV) 
Reports to: Head Stakeholders Coordination 
Grade: NACC 4 
Department: Coordination and Support

Business Purpose / Objective: Ensure effective and coordinated participation of People Living with HIV (PLHIV) Networks and Support Groups in the HIV response, both at National and County levels 

  • Mobilization and facilitation of PLHIV effective participation in policy development, strategic planning and budgeting for the HIV response.
  • Enhance the application of the GIPA principles in the nationally and County level HIV response. 
  • Support networking and institutional strengthening of organizations working with/supporting PLHIV.
  • Support capacity development and linkages between existing programmes for enhanced efficiency and responsiveness in meeting the needs of people living with HIV. 
  • Facilitating forums that enhance partnerships, networking and linkages between and among networks of PLHIV and other stakeholders and development partners 
  • Provision of necessary leadership and support in the development and design of the PLHIV’s programs in the HIV response guided by the KASF. 
  • Organizing consultative and planning forums for PLHIV Networks and support groups Facilitating capacity needs assessments among PLHIV organizations and liaising with relevant units within NACC and its partners for necessary support; 
  • Preparing reports to the Head - Stakeholder Coordination on progress in HIV and AIDS prevention and control in the sector; 
  • Performing any other duties assigned by management. 
  • Possess an advanced degree in Public health or Social sciences from a recognized institution or its equivalent. 
  • Have a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in multi-dimensional HIV prevention work in a multi-actor setting; three (3) years of which should be experience in working with PLHIV targeted interventions. 
Key Competencies 
  • Should have good understanding of Human Rights based approaches. 
  • Possess good understanding of the combination prevention approaches. 
  • Should have experience of working within partnership/networks. 
  • Have good facilitation skills and computer literate. 
  • Have demonstrated a high degree of initiative, flexibility and reliability;

Job Title: Head Research 
Reports to: Deputy Director, Policy Monitoring and Research 
Grade: NACC 3 
Department: Policy Monitoring and Research 

Business Purpose/Objective: Coordinate development, implementation and review of the Research Agenda and Strategy in support of the HIV strategic framework across all levels. 

  • Facilitate partnerships with HIV research institutions in Kenya and internationally, to fast track & monitor implementation of the HIV research agenda 
  • Coordinate documentation and dissemination of HIV research findings and best practices in HIV programming 
  • Coordinate mobilization of resources for implementation of the research agenda and strategy
  • Oversee effective functioning of the HIV research coordination mechanisms. 
  • Develop quarterly briefs on HIV research, new findings & regularly update stakeholders 
  • Track, document & file for public to access HIV research in Kenya
  • Establish & manage the Kenya HIV research Hub 
  • Provided Divisional stewardship
  • Advise the NACC on research studies, surveillance & evaluations to prioritize and commission 
  • PHD in relevant field with publication experience or Masters with Publication experience, including being a primary author in at least 2 peer review publications. 
  • 3 years management experience 3 years’ experience in leading research teams as a PI/CO-PI in health related research. 
  • Demonstrated experience in data analysis & writing study reports. 
  • Demonstrated experience in writing funded research proposals. 
Key competencies 
  • High level understanding of HIV research, policy and strategy issues in Kenya 
  • Fluency in written and verbal communication including in cross-cultural contexts. 
  • Ability to lead teams
  • Ability to review literature & turn information into briefs.

Job Title: Head Monitoring and Evaluation 
Reports To: Deputy Director, Policy Monitoring and Research 
Grade: NACC 3 
Department: Policy, Monitoring and Research 

Business Purpose / Objective: To facilitate implementation of Kenya HIV Monitoring & Evaluation frame work, oversee continuous review of the HIV response for Kenya and produce annual performance reports for Counties, Sectors and Partners. 

  • Oversee & facilitate regular reporting by MCDAs as outlined in the M&E framework 
  • Develop& disseminate performance reports to Stakeholders, Ministries, Counties & Development Agencies & Government, in line with targets as set out in the Kenya AIDS Strategic Framework. 
  • Continuously update reporting tools and systems of stakeholders, counties, public sector & private sector to the one M&E framework 
  • Develop Annual HIV estimates for each County and for the Country.
  • Ensure routine reporting for Kenya`s international commitments including to UNAIDS.
  • Oversee continuous review & updating of the Kenya HIV& RMNCH to the one M&E framework dashboard- “situation room” 
  • Undertake quarterly analysis of HIV trends & present to stakeholders & NACC management for tracking of progress.
  • Oversee the functioning KASF Monitoring Committee to review routine reports on performance for targets. 
  • Masters degree in Public Health, Statistics, Epidemiology, Social Sciences relevant field. 
  • Demonstrated experience in developing M&E systems and overseeing their functions.
  • 5 years management Experience. 
  • Demonstrated expertise in statistics or data analysis. 
  • Strong analytical and administration skills. 
  • Capacity to manage teams

Job Title: Head County Support 
Reports to: Deputy Director Coordination & Support 
Grade: NACC 3 
Department: Coordination and Support 

Business Purpose / Objective: To facilitate coordination of implementation of the Kenya AIDS Strategic Framework strategy & County HIV plans in counties.

  • Collaborate with County Governments to ensure the delivery of Kenya AIDS Strategic Framework goals & targets in the Counties. 
  • Facilitate implementation of County HIV strategic plans. 
  • Facilitate functioning of County HIV structures.
  • Support Counties to undertake continuous monitoring & evaluation for the HIV response for each county. 
  • Continuously provide information to Counties, facilitate capacity assessments, capacity building and resource mobilization for counties to fill their gaps. Act as a liaison for implementation of policy with other NACC Departments/ Divisions 
  • Advise management on all matters pertaining to attainment of HIV and AIDS prevention and control in counties. 
  • Review targets, work plans, budgets, reports, from Regional Offices while prompting teamwork among them. 
  • Provide technical, financial and logistical support, enhance capacity building, oversee funds management and evaluate performance of regional teams. 
  • Master's degree in Health Sciences, Biological Sciences, Social Sciences, Business Administration, Public Administration or a related field from a recognized institution is an added advantage. 
  • 6 years’ experience in management of programs and teams. 
Key Competencies 
  • Sound knowledge of HIV and health both globally and in Kenya. 
  • Demonstrated capacity to manage teams, execute plans & deliver results 
  • Good understanding of governance, health community systems.
  • Strong analytical and administrative skills. 
  • Be computer literate.

Job Title: Deputy Director, HIV Investments 
Reports to: Director 
Grade: NACC 2 
Department: HIV Investments

Business Purpose / Objective: Provide leadership for execution of Kenya`s strategy for sustainable financing for HIV 

  • Develop innovative options and undertake Resource Mobilization that will lead to sustained financing for the HIV response. 
  • High level advocacy for resources with Treasury, Counties, MDAs and Development Partners. 
  • Provide advisory to Government and carry out negotiations on HIV Investments for optimal returns to fund HIV response in the long term.
  • Carry out regular costing and expenditure analysis to inform GOK and Counties expenditure on HIV. 
  • Oversee implementation of a strategy to integrate ARV treatment into NHIF. 
  • Provide technical guidance on results based financing models for County and sub- granting to partners. 
  • Identify and promote linkages with key NACC stakeholders, (WB, UNST,GF,PEPFAR) in HIV & health initiatives 
  • Develop & oversee PPP`s for increased & long term HIV resources in liaison with the CRA. 
  • Develop, review and apply a National HIV Investment criterion for County financing.
  • Execute resolutions of the HIV Investment Advisory Committee. 
Generic Duties 
  • Responsible for the timely delivery of quality Performance Contract indicators & the NACC strategic plan indicator assigned to the Department.
  • Give oversight for work plans, prudent management of budgets, execution of activities, customer service. 
  • Set targets, appraise and evaluate staff performance; improve staff motivation and progression. 
  • Execution of Government Directives within the Department and resolutions of the Executive and Senior Management Committees. 
  • Implementation of ISO requirements, corruption prevention and audit recommendations relevant to the Department. 
  • Promotion of a culture of national values, NACC values within the Department. 
  • Participate in the recruitment and selection of staff in the Department.
  • Execution of duties as assigned by the Director from time to time. Educational Masters Degree or above in Economics, Environmental Studies, Engineering, Social or Natural Science, or another field that is related to the Development, or the Evaluation of operations and policy. 
  • At least ten (10) years managerial experience in Planning / Finance / Research in government Departments / Corporations / Boards. 
Key Competencies 
  • Demonstrated capacity to execute plans and deliver results 
  • Demonstrated strategic and analytical skills and capacity to guide development of policies and strategies 
  • Intellectual leadership in economics/financing involving work at an international level in multilateral and/or bilateral organizations. 
  • Proven ability to manage large and diverse business units or a major function with institution-wide impact. 
  • Experience and demonstrated results in designing and managing policies and programs, establishing strategic, national and/or international partnerships and resource mobilization.
  • Demonstrated ability to operationalize partnerships and maintain good relations with key partners
How to Apply

The above positions are on three (3) year renewable contact basis subject to satisfactory performance through a formal appraisal. 

The individuals recruited shall be of high integrity and able to work within a team. 

If you fulfill the above requirements, you are invited to apply by submitting an application together with an up to date CV, copies of certificates, testimonials, names and contacts of three professional referees in a sealed envelope by 5:00 p.m on Friday, October 9, 2015 to the address provided below. 

NACC is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate any applicant on the basis of their ethnic background, sex, religion, disability, HIV or marital status yet is attentive to gender, regional and ethnic balance. 

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

Canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification. 

In addition to the indicated requirements all candidates will be required to meet the expectations of Chapter 6 on Leadership and Integrity and get clearances as follows:
  1. Certificate of Good Conduct
  2. Clearance from the Ethics and Anti – Corruption Commission on Integrity for Public Servants
  3. Certificate of Compliance from the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB)
  4. Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Tax Compliance Clearance
  5. Certificate of Clearance from the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB)
The Director 
National AIDS Control Council
Landmark Plaza 9th Floor 
P.O. Box 61307, 00200 
Nairobi Kenya

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