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NGO Jobs in Nairobi Kenya - CARE International

CARE International in Kenya is looking for a well organized and highly motivated individual who is result oriented to fill the following position:

Job Title:
 Project Manager

Department / Project
: Livelihoods (Agriculture Enterprise)
Ref: PM/3/2015

Supervisor: Sector Manager Livelihoods 

Location / Duty Station: Nairobi


 Reporting to the Sector Manager, s/he will design, pilot and scale up market-based initiatives to support CARE Kenya’s Agriculture Value Chain Projects.

The incumbent will provide guidance on the sustainable establishment & functioning of the producer groups and linkage to market. 

The Project Manager, with support from project staff, will provide training and capacity building to stakeholders and farmer groups / organizations in the development of business and agriculture enterprise skills. 

Job Summary & Purpose: The Agriculture Enterprise Project Manager will be a member of the Livelihoods Sector Team and will report to the Livelihoods Sector Manager. 

The Manager will manage and provide effective leadership and oversight to the agriculture value chain projects under the livelihoods sector. 

He/she will provide leadership in the identification and development of profitable value chains for small holder farmers to engage in and value addition technologies based on profitability analysis. 

He/she will design, pilot and scale up market-based initiatives to support CARE Kenya’s Agriculture Value Chain Projects. 

The post will provide guidance on the sustainable establishment and functioning of the producer groups and linkage to market. 

The project manager, with support from project staff, will provide training and capacity building to stakeholders and farmer groups/organizations in the development of business and agriculture enterprise skills, as well as for supporting households in developing profitable value chains in agriculture production. 

In addition to providing technical support to agriculture value chain projects, as a member of a multi-disciplinary livelihoods team, the post will provide appropriate and timely input to other technical teams on issues related agriculture-enterprise development in order to achieve overall Sector objectives.

The Project Manager will provide overall administrative management leadership to the agriculture value chain operations in areas of compliance management and budget management to ensure services are delivered.

He/she shall be in charge of all agriculture value chain operations on day to day basis and therefore shall supervise all agriculture value chain project staff. 

The Manager, together with the team will development work plans and Monitoring and Evaluation plans for effective and coordinated approaches that will stimulate local economies thus sustaining food and nutrition security of the community. 

The Project Manager will be responsible for developing and maintaining partnerships with private sector, government and other value chain actors.

Tasks and Responsibilities

R1: Management oversight of interventions on Commercialized Small holder agricultural production

  • Improve/develop the capacity of project staff/farmers’ associations to identify sustainable agro-based economic opportunities and understand and implement a demand-driven, commercialization approach to rural development based on access to markets.
  • Identify and assist in coordinating relevant workshops in agricultural marketing issues for project staff and project beneficiaries. 
  • Develop or facilitate training modules for project staff related to the key decision making tools for market analysis and program intervention design, including: - Value chain analysis - Participatory needs assessment - Participatory action planning. 
  • Assist with the preparation of training materials, guide and manuals.
  • Provide technical support in the establishment of a marketing database to keep farmers, consumers and buyers informed of the prevailing market prices of various agro-industrial products and commodities.
  • Maintain working relations with relevant government line ministries and private sector/research institutions to coordinate the adoption of new products and/or approaches in agriculture development and marketing.
  • Provide technical capacity to project beneficiaries to improve their understanding of business-related concepts such as: factors of production; costs of production; quality control/market standards; opportunity cost; gross margin and profit analysis; return on investment; credit/budgeting; and risk.
  • Establish linkages with private sector service providers and buyers for accessing new farm and non-farm enterprise opportunities and in the negotiation of market contracts and MOUs with selected private sector partners
R2: Project Monitoring and Reporting and documentation 
  • Plan for the Monitoring and Evaluation activities in consultation with M&E Coordinator – including baselines, mid-term, final and other surveys as per project design and needs.
  • Keep up to date Project Performance in line with Project targets
  • Jointly with M&E Coordinator, develop monitoring and evaluation tools responsive to each indicator, targets and approaches.
  • Oversee project’s M&E system, ensuring the provision of quality data on a timely basis for internal project management and external reporting purposes
  • Timely prepare project performance reports and ensure timely submission of monthly data, quarterly, semi-annual and annual project reports.
  • Document key lessons and best practices and disseminate them appropriately
  • Keep the Sector Manager informed of all significant development and issues.
R3: Financial, Administration, Procurement and HR 

Budget Management
  • Ensure strict adherence to the approved project budget 
  • Working closely with the program accountant, develop a budget tracking tool in line with approved budget and as per activity expenditure categories as approved. Undertake monthly reviews and updates and advise technical staff on potential budget under and overruns.  
  • Review financial expense reports on a monthly basis and on reporting schedules as per contractual requirements to ensure contract compliance related to timely reporting.
  • Review all project financial reports submitted by finance on a monthly basis while providing timely feedback on all aspects to enhance proper and efficient utilization of program funds, explaining budget burn rates against planned activities/expenditure plans
  • Ensure there is timely preparation of donor financial reports and that all expenses incurred are dully accounted while ensuring that all taxation matters are addressed and that there is harmony in program and financial reports before submission of reports
  • Timely respond to budget questions raised by management, finance counterparts and program teams.
  • Ensure effective implementation of all CARE financial and administrative policies and procedures.
Administration and Procurement 
  • Safeguard project assets and maintain inventory registers
  • Carry out administrative functions as delegated and ensure compliance to CARE and donor financial procedures, human resource and administration guidelines.
  • Undertake Procurements of goods and services as per CARE Kenya operational guidelines and standards based upon the price and quality 
  • Any other duties assigned by senior management
  • Ensure proper utilization and maintenance of CAREs property.
  • Ensure safety of all CARE property in your possession.
  • Ensure proper utilization and maintenance of CARE resources.
Staff Management and supervision

  • Promoting staffs’ teamwork and team spirit and jointly develop a common program vision.
  • Ensure timely, consistent and adequate compliance with CARE-Kenya’s performance management system including midterm and annual performance appraisal processes.
  • Participate in hiring and firing the program staffs as appropriate or necessary.
  • Responsible for promoting gender sensitivity, equity and rights within the program set up.
  • Ensure the new staffs are properly oriented to CARE principles and guidelines at the program onset or time of joining the organization/program.
  • Facilitate the staffs to develop their job descriptions (JDs) to meet the job and program requirements, individual operation plans (IOPs) and Annual operation plans (AOPs).
  • Prepare Staffing Plan and manage and mentor Project Staff team in line with Human Resource policies and supervisory requirements
  • Initiate and conduct staffs confirmations and issuance of CARE mandatory identifications
  • Ensure the program staffs have appropriate technical support, equipment, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and communication systems to facilitate their daily chores.
1. Spending Authority:    
  • Budget holder   
  • Approval up to Kshs. 400,000   
2. Supervision: The incumbent supervises the positions of Project  Officers, Field Officers, and Drivers    
3. Decision Making: Incumbent has the authority to either make decisions or participate in decision making in the following areas;
  • Budget utility approval
  • Employee request approval
  • Staff recruitment process
  • Financial expenses approval
  • Leave approval
  • Staff deployment etc.
Contacts / Key Relationships (Internal & External):

External Relationships:
1.    Donors
2.    External Program Technical Advisors
3.    Local Organizations, Stakeholders, Government Key Ministries – Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Water, Environment and Natural Resources, Planning and Devolution, Horticultural Crops Directorate (HCD), East African Grain Council (EAGC), Private Sector- Markets/Buyers, Input suppliers, Insurance companies, service providers.
Internal Relationships:
1.    ACD - P
2.    SSM – Livelihood Sector
3.    Project Managers- Climate Change Adaptation and WASH
4.    Other Program/Sector staff
Working Conditions: The incumbent will be based in Nairobi with 50% time travel in the field.

  • Master’s degree in agricultural economics, marketing or business administration, or related field
  • 5-7 years international experience in agro-business development, preferably in farm planning and economic analysis
  • Demonstrated capacity to work with private sector players (financial institutions, exporters, buyers, traders, transporters, input suppliers or processors) 
  • Familiarity with commonly used tools for market analysis and program design such as sub-sector analysis, gross margin analysis and business planning 
  • Experience with community-based programming 
  • Experience in small to medium scale agro-enterprise management
  • Experience with externally funded development programs would be desirable, preferably with experience in market-oriented projects 
  • Experience in dealing with local  actors (local NGOs, government ministries), preferably in an African context
  • Fluency in English.

Deputy Director Safety & Security

Ref: DDSS/3/2015

Department / Project: CARE Kenya Country Office            
Supervisor: Country Director        
Location / Duty Station: Nairobi    

Job Summary:
 Reporting to the Country Director, the incumbent will be in-charge of the overall management of the CARE Kenya safety and security function, provide security guidance, liaison & emergency support to CARE offices and staff based in Nairobi.

S/he will provide safety and security training to CARE Kenya staff and country security briefs to CARE Kenya visitors and consultants.

Job Summary & Purpose:
1. Overall management of the CARE Kenya safety and security function based on CARE Kenya policies and procedures.  This includes direct, technical management of all Safety and Security Managers, Coordinators, Assistants, guards, focal points and staff.
2. Overall management of the Safety and Security Management Plan, including ensuring that its policies, procedures and systems are implemented, regularly reviewed and updated every 6 months.
3. As a member of the Core Senior Management Team (CSMT) in Kenya, the Deputy Director of Safety and Security shares in the overall responsibility for the direction and coordination of the Country Office. The overall objective of this position is to mitigate the risks posed to the programmes, personnel and assets of CARE Kenya through the provision of specialized, coordinated and focused security management support.
4. Provide safety and security training to CARE Kenya staff and country security briefs to CARE Kenya visitors and consultants.
5.  Provide security guidance, liaison and emergency support to CARE Somalia and the East, Central and Southern Africa Regional Office (ECSARO) offices and staff based in Nairobi.

 As a member of the Emergency Response team; Ensures the safety, security and well-being of CARE personnel who work under circumstances that are frequently difficult, dangerous and sometimes life-threatening.  Ensure all reasonable steps are taken to safeguard CARE’s assets and operations.

Tasks and Responsibilities
R1. CARE Kenya Core Senior Management Team (CSMT): As a member of the CARE Kenya CSMT, contribute substantially to the following:
  • Assist in setting the strategic direction of the Country Office and achieving its vision and purpose.
  • Participate in the development of the Annual Operating Plan (AOP) and the achievement of annual objectives.
  • Participate in Emergency Preparedness Planning, and in emergency response activities.
  • Lead the development and revision of security policies, procedures and systems with the CSMT and extended SMT.
  • Be a role model for all staff by exemplifying CARE’s values and providing leadership.
  • Support the development of an organisational culture that reflects our dual mandate values, promotes accountability and high performance, encourages a team culture of learning, creativity and innovation, and frees up our people to deliver outstanding results for children and excellent customer service for our Members and donors
  • Help design and implement a coherent organizational structure that is consistent with agency practices and appropriate to programme needs.
  • Provide support as required to the Crisis Management Team in case of security-related crisis
R2. CARE Kenya Security Management:  By guiding CARE Kenya head office and sub-office staff, ensure the following:
  • Develop, implement and monitor the Country Office Security Management Plan, contingency plans, evacuation plans and Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Supervise and manage the security staff of the head office, sub-office, and international residences. 
  • Perform physical safety and security assessments of new field offices and international staff residences and provide recommendations as appropriate.
  • Monitor security issues within the CARE Kenya operational areas and prepare a weekly Security Report for Nairobi, Dadaab, Garissa, Kisumu, Siaya, Homabay, Kisii, Turkana, Marsabit, Embu to include incidents, and monitor security throughout the country to identify “hot spots” and “no-go” areas.
  • Provide security briefings to visitors, consultants and new staff.  As required, revise the Visitor’s Brief. 
  • Develop and implement access control procedures, visitor policies, building evacuation planning, etc.
  • Perform background checks on new employees as required.
  • Liaise with police, NGOs and agencies to gather and disseminate security information.
  • Ensure adequate emergency preparedness the provision of adequate equipment, materials and training in fire fighting, evacuation and first aid.
  • Assist in the development of the Annual Operating Plan (AOP) related to security issues.  Also, prepare personal Individual Operating Plans (IOP).
  • Manage CARE head office security budget ensuring effective tracking and utilization.
R3. CARE Somalia and Regional Management Office security management:  By liaising with the CARE Somalia security point person and CARE USA Regional Security Advisor, provide the following:
  • Monitor security issues within Nairobi and provide a weekly Security Report to include incidents, “hot spots” and “no-go” areas.
  • Hold monthly meetings with CARE Somalia security point person and CARE USA Regional Security Advisor so as to support and work together as a team in regards to information sharing and contingency planning.
  • Provide SMS blaster alerts to all CARE Somalia and Regional management office staffs based in Nairobi.
R4. Policies and procedures
  • Develop and maintain country-wide security plan that is consistent with the acceptance model and CARE International standards.
  • Ensure that all staff understand country-wide security plan and agree to abide by its policies and procedures.
  • Monitor the security environment and adjust Standard Operating Procedures accordingly.
  • Undertake reviews of policies and procedures; identify opportunities to enhance safety and security.
R5. Assessment and analysis
  • Ensure that incident report forms are properly compiled by staff and distributed to Country Office.
  • Monitor events, review incidents and coordinate analysis, follow-up actions and recommendations.
  • Provide security update, which includes situational analysis, actions taken and actions recommended, to CARE Senior Management Team on a regular basis.
  • Submit written weekly staff security updates to all CARE Kenya staff.
  • Monitor HR/Finance/Logistics working practices within context of safety and security and alert Country Director if inappropriate decisions are impacting safety and security of the team or external perception of the organization, thereby creating security risks
  • Work with the HR manager and the Deputy Director Finance Administration and Support to ensure that the staff and assets of CARE Kenya are safe and secure
  • Ensure that all safety and security minimum operating standards are being met in all operational areas.
  • Coordinate preparation and implementation of staff security guidelines and support sub-offices in implementing recommendations and addressing issues brought forth by security spot check that is carried out by Audit and Compliance Department.
R6. Programme implementation
  • Advise on safe movement of staff, e.g. proper vehicle fleet management policies, adequate safety and communications equipment in vehicles, and training of drivers in established procedures and requisite skills
  • Assist with programme proposal development to ensure adequate consideration of safety and security needs and inclusion of safety and security costs.
  • Undertake security assessments of and field missions to programme areas and potential programme areas; report on findings and design necessary improvements.
  • Provide safety and security support and advice to Officers in Charge and other field managers.
R7. Communication and training
  • Liaise on a regular basis with UN, government, diplomatic and consular officials and community leaders in the process of gathering and verifying security information.
  • Coordinate the gathering and flow of security information with other relevant actors; classify security information according to its reliability and accuracy.
  • Maintain and review incident reporting and database ensuring that it is up to date.
  • Ensure that appropriate systems are in place to effectively disseminate security information and updates of the security system to staff.
  • Coordinate and manage the proper use of CARE Kenya telecommunications systems.
  • Ensure that regular security meetings are conducted with relevant CARE Kenya staff.
  • Develop and implement security training plan for all staff; develop and apply evaluation processes to determine whether training competencies are met.
  • Facilitate security management training with staff in the country office and at project locations
  • Build capacity of security focal points to conduct threat assessments
  • Provide recommendations to CARE staff as to ways in which they can effectively reach out to, gain acceptance from and improve their image in host communities
  • Provide crisis management training to SMT members
R8. Vehicle Tracking
  • Ensure that all CARE vehicles are fitted with vehicle trackers.
  • Ensure that all CARE vehicles are tracked at all times through the NOVACOM and Cartrack platforms.
  • Ensure that CARE staff and drivers adhere to SOP movement in regards to speed limits and night travel.
  • Liaise with CARE Kenya administration unit to ensure that subscription payments are done in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that tracking units in all vehicles are regularly serviced and in good working order.
  • Spending Authority: Signatory authority Per Appendix K of the CIK Procurement Manual. 

Contacts / Key Relationships (Internal & External):
1.    Police
2.    CARE Attorney
3.    CARE insurance agents
4.    Regional Management Unit (RMU) and CARE Somalia/South Sudan
Working Conditions: Based in Nairobi with 40% travel to Sub-Offices.

  • Degree in Police Sciences or equivalent or degree in a related field
  • Formal security qualification or advanced security management training
  • Advanced level of understanding with the philosophy and mode of operation of NGOs
  • Recommended a minimum of 7years of field based experience and at management level in complex and insecure settings, preferably with large teams of staff.
  • Experience in liaising with civilian, police and military government authorities, as well as with regional, national and international institutions
  • Experience of incident reporting, incident mapping, intelligence collation and analysis functions, set up and execution of an incident warning system (warden system), compilation of security reports and assessments
  • Strong analytical capacity, resourcefulness and creativity in developing the role of security within programmes and ensuring the most effective support to line management
  • Ability to balance demands of beneficiary and security actors while maintaining appropriate contextual NGO security advice and coordination
  • Highly developed interpersonal and communication skills including influencing, negotiation and coaching
  • Highly developed cultural awareness and ability to work well in an international environment with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures
  • Ability to present complex information in a succinct and compelling manner
  • Excellent planning, coordination and reporting skills, with the ability to organize a substantial workload comprised of complex, diverse tasks and responsibilities
  • Ability and willingness to dramatically change work practices and hours, and work with incoming surge teams, in the event of emergencies
  • Willingness to work and travel in often difficult and insecure environments
  • Competency in Internet and Microsoft Office systems including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and other database/mapping systems
  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken. Ability to speak Kiswahili and other local languages an advantage
  • Willingness to travel to CARE Kenya’s field offices and operational areas on a regular basis
  • Understanding of CARE Kenya’s vision and mission and a commitment to its objectives and values
Qualified candidates are invited to send their application letters indicating the reference number, title of the position along with an updated CV and email & telephone contacts of three professional referees to; 

The Human Resources & Development Manager, 
CARE International in Kenya, 

so as to be received not later than 6th April, 2015. 

Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

CARE is an equal opportunity employer and promotes gender equity. 

Canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification.

CARE International in Kenya does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process. 

(Application, interview, meeting, processing, training or any other fees).

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