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The final punch line …………..How to close an interview

There are many ways to finish an interview - many are good and are directly dependent on the nature of the person. However, the best ways to finish an interview has a few basic ingredients, which I will try to discuss here.
·         Summing up: The most important aspect of the exit line of the candidate is summing up. When you sum up, you highlight what you want the interviewer to remember about you after you have gone. List a few of your best traits and how these would really add value to the job at hand.
·         Show interest: The best time to really show how interested you are to join the company is the time at the end on the interview; however remember not to go overboard about it or it will backfire

·         Ask follow-up questions: The questions should aim at finding out information about when best to follow-up for the results, whom to get in touch with, or where to check for the decision/ status of the interview. Be sure you know the next step in the interview.
·         Offer references: Ask whether the interviewer(s) would like to have any additional information from you, such as references on the past jobs.
·         Thank the interviewers: The best way to finish an interview is still the polite way of taking their leave by shaking hands (if appropriate as custom) and thanking them for the opportunity and time given to you.

There are also a few strong 'don'ts' for the end of the interview:
·         Do not be aggressive: Unless the job really requires some really aggressive marketing people, do not end with 'when can I start' and 'I am looking for the appointment letter'. Confidence is good almost always, but in this case it can be a massive put off.
·         Do not ask about money: Never end an interview asking what the pay will be. In case you need to ask, do so only when the interviewer offers you to ask him questions; in that case the salary maybe negotiable. Otherwise, best way to find out about the salary is from outside sources.
·         Do not slink out of the room: At the end of the interview, the interview is still watching you. Do not leave the room as a worried person - as long as you are in the interviewer's sight, have a good and confident posture and body language (whatever you feel inside should be kept there).

The best way to finish an interview is by showing a positive attitude that is complemented by poise and confidence. Your exit is as important or may be more important than your entry, since the interviewer too is summing up about you in his/her mind, and the last picture of you in his mind will carry a lot of weight. He will be watching your body language more than what you say hence, be careful how you carry yourself out of the room. Like a good lawyer, the closing time is the best time to make your point and sell the audience your point; in this case the point is you!
We at HCC wish you all the best in your interviews and job searches.

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